Meijer Return Policy (no Receipt, After 90 Days, Electronics, Videos Games + More)

As one of America’s favorite stores, Meijer prides itself on offering customers an easy method to process return products. Also, the company promises to provide timely refunds and exchanges, so customers can use their money for other things.

In order to return a product or exchange a product, simply call customer service at the store you purchased it from.
They will ask to scan your barcode and they will give you the option to exchange it.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy In 2022?

Meijer has a clear return policy. When you purchase a product, you have up to 90 days to return any item purchased from Meijer and its affiliated stores. All returns must be in original condition and may be subject to a restocking charge. Items purchased at are eligible, while items purchased in retail stores are not. Items purchased online and at cannot be refunded or exchanged. Meijer has no policy for when an item purchased in store is damaged or broken after being returned.

You can get more information on returns, how to make returns, how to make returns after 90 days, and electronic returns if you keep reading!

Can I Make a Return to Any Meijer Store?

Luckily, you can return if you are unsatisfied with the product.

You can submit a refund request for a product purchased from [link]. You can choose any of the following options: return merchandise, exchange, refund or credit your bank account.

However this may impact the warranty. If you have a warranty, we recommend getting the part replaced directly to ensure getting a good replacement for your system.

The policy is intended to help customers return general merchandise and groceries they did not complete their purchase of.

One of the reasons the company might refuse to accept returns and offer refunds is because the company has a strict policy regarding warranty claims.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy for General Merchandise?

When you buy from Meijer, you can return anything else you bought there as long as you haven’t worn it or used it.

So if you’re not satisfied with what you purchased, you can return it and request an exchange or a refund.

Once 90 days are up on your product, there is usually a warranty on the item. But, because we want to make sure that you’re satisfied with your purchase, our store accepts the return of merchandise without a receipt.

You must not return products for refund or exchange if they are damaged, not in the original packaging, or if you have removed any packaging from the products and failed to include the original packaging.

In return for the right of return, Meijer is entitled to make certain conditions apply.

In addition, if you purchased your product through eBay or a PayPal
allotment, your product must be returned to the seller within 30 days
of the original transaction date.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy on Electronics?

The first category is electronics that are not damaged and can be sold for more than their value on the store’s website.
The second category are electronics that are damaged or broken and can only be sold for what is on the store’s website, even if the store pays for shipping.

You may return it within 14 days after purchase if it is not as described or doesn’t work properly. No returns are accepted if the item is damaged during shipment.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy on Video Games?

If you would like to return a product that you have purchased from Meijer, you can return it within 90 days.

You may return the item for a refund, or exchange it for the same item and receive credit for the difference. If you do make a refund, you may be charged a restocking fee.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy on Groceries?

When the first supermarket, Meijer, was created in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it was the first store to accept returns, providing customers with the opportunity to bring in food that could not be sold.

Under the company’s return policy, customers can get a full refund of all consumable food items with a receipt as long as the item is not WIC-approved food items.

Meijer does have two stores that provide refunds for WIC items for certain conditions.

however, the WIC transaction number is required to get a refund for the food items purchased at Meijer.

To view the WIC transaction form for transactions in July, click here.

To view the WIC transaction form for transactions in August, click here.

What Other Conditions Does Meijer’s Return Policy Have?

Although Meijer’s return policy accepts returns within 90 days, what the customer needs to have is a receipt and the store offers many conditions, especially for items with promotions and coupons.

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How Do I Return Items to Meijer?

The company also allows the return of merchandise and grocery order through physical stores and at – at stores where the product was returned by you, or from a third party.

For items purchased at our store, customers can return them to the store and we will issue a refund or exchange as long as the request checks all terms and conditions.

Customers can return the items to FedEx, a Meijer store, or another FedEx Ship Center if the products were delivered by FedEx or another carrier.

The customer can provide a confirmation number and an order number for shipments delivered by a carrier. Also, the confirmation number and the order number should be printed on the packing slip or the shipping confirmation email.

If you have any questions, please call 1-877-MEIJER (363-4537) and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Thank you for choosing the MEIJER Store!

After placing an order with Meijer, the customer must first call 1-877-E-MEIJER (363-4537) and explain that they would like to have the product delivered by Special Delivery and have it picked up at the store.

 When calling, you must have your order number with you. This number can be found on the shipping confirmation email or the packing slip.

For more information about returning orders, check out the Return Authorization Details section on your account. You can also contact Support to get further instructions.

Do I Have to Pay for Shipping When Returning Online Orders to Meijer?

If you’re sending your returned items back via FedEx, you’ll receive a free prepaid label.

For returns where a return fee is charged, the return fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Meijer will not honor any order for which you have already paid.

How Many Returns Can You Do Without a Receipt at Meijer?

Customers can make returns without proof of purchase to Meijer as long as it is not more than three returns.

Customers should go to their stores to confirm that they are able to return the game.

Can You Return Unopened Prescriptions to Meijer?

If you have a prescription for a controlled substance, you can bring it to the pharmacy and we will dispose of it.
You can also bring any medications you do not want to take anymore.
By doing so, we will help keep your communities safer.

Can I Return an Air Mattress to Meijer?

For a mattress to be included in the return policy, you will need to return it in a good condition, but the customer is not allowed to use the mattress until it is returned to the store.

Even for opened air and foam mattresses, Meijer only exchanges the item with an identical item.
For closed air mattresses, Meijer will do a storewide exchange.

Can You Return Gift Cards at Meijer?

Unfortunately, you cannot return gift cards to Meijer. This applies to gift cards as well as to items that are only purchased to be gifts.

When Can I Expect My Refund From Meijer?

You should expect your refund within 14-21 business days from the time you return the item to Meijer.

Meijer will notify you of your refund via email once they have processed the return request. The refunds will be credited to the original credit card or gift card account used during the purchase.

Contact Meijer Customer Care with any questions.

Meijer does not stock on weekends, and they do usually restock on a weekly basis – but not always. They will also often restock on a daily basis and sometimes more than just on a daily basis. The best way to check if Meijer has any stock in a specific location is to check in the store and enter your zip code or city/county.


Meijer sells its groceries on a “no questions asked” basis; they will not ask for receipts, proof of purchase, or other proof of purchase. However, the store associates will ask for identification in such cases.

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