Is Meijer Gas Top Tier? (is It Any Good, Who Supplies It + Other Faqs)

By learning about different types of fuel available in the petroleum industry, customers have been keen to learn about the various types of gas and their compatibility with vehicles.

We at Meijer have conducted in-depth research to learn if our gas contains more carbon monoxide or other harmful gases than other major gas companies. After we reviewed the results, we concluded that Meijer gas is actually cleaner than your average gas.

Is Meijer Gas Top Tier In 2022?

Meijer gas stations will sell Top Tier gasoline in 2022. They do it now, but only in some markets. The store sells Top Tier gasoline because their fuel meets the requirements set by engine manufacturers. The gas station also offers discounts when customers shop with Meijer credit cards and fleet cards.

If you want to learn more about Meijer’s top tier gas, what it is, how to choose the top tier gas at Meijer, and much more, keep reading!

What Kind of Gas Does Meijer Sell?

While other companies may sell Cleaner and running engines, Meijer is very proud of the clean engines we sell.

The top-tier gas stations are proud to be a part of Texas’ number one market, which is the TOP TIER(tm), a gasoline market with high standards.

This means that the gas you will purchase meets the specifications for being a Top Tier licensee.

The store has also been designated as a LEED-certified store by the US Green Building Council due to its variety of fuels alongside gasoline fuels.

This selection includes alternative fuels such as natural gas.

Natural gas can be used to fuel vehicles in various ways, but it works best when it is added to E-85 to make a mixture called bi-fuel. The bi-fuel is similar to what you find at stations that have both natural gas and E-85 pumps.

What Makes Meijer Gas Top Tier?

This gas is considered as Top Tier, since it meets the very high standards of the Top Tier program.

The gas tests showed that the gas in the station was not contaminated and would not cause the problems that the station owners had suffered.

Top Tier gasoline has much less detergent than regular fuel. It is for protecting engines from carbon buildup and deposits on the intake valves.

Generally, once oil companies receive bulk fuel from refineries, they mix detergents and additives to increase fuel mileage.

Because gas is more expensive than regular gasoline, the manufacturer added an additive package to make the gas more effective than the minimum standard for additives set by the government.

So gasoline sold at Meijer gas stations becomes a Top Tier gas because it meets specific gasoline additives that surpass the requirement of the EPA.

Is Meijer Gas Good?

The gasoline sold at the station is a good one because it improves the longevity of your car and also improves the performance.

Top Tier is recognized by professional automotive and heavy-duty truck repair shops as the highest level of quality and service standards within the repair industry.

In the case where your vehicle has been left off the road for a long time, the coolant needs to be changed.

This may cause hesitation, or possible an engine knock.

The top tier gas is usually the most expensive gas, so it is usually priced high to give an incentive to producers to move the gas to other markets. It is commonly used for long distance transport pipelines.

While the main benefits of using a Top Tier vehicle are increased efficiency and decreased harmful emissions, owners of the vehicles with Top Tier gasoline also enjoy: improved safety in the event of an emergency, increased acceleration, better handling, increased fuel economy, and a number of other advantages.

With the Top Tier Gas, new vehicles will benefit by keeping the engines clean and running optimally, while old vehicles will benefit from increased engine performance as well as prolonged vehicle life, and will be able to perform up to an additional 20% better than before on the same amount of gas.

How Much Does Meijer Gas Cost?

Gas prices at Meijer range from slightly less than $3.50 to $3.99 per gallon. The Meijer website indicates the price of gas at Meijer will be updated weekly.

How Can You Save on Meijer Gas Prices?

Meijer Fuel Card is for savings on fuel costs with Meijer, and can be used to purchase groceries, prescriptions, merchandise, fuel, and any other purchase at participating Meijer stores.

By using the Meijer Fleet Card, the customer’s business can save up to 5 cents per gallon with a monthly rebate that is available for all gallons consumed.

You will receive 10¢ discount for 100 gallons of gas whenever you fuel at any Meijer gas station.

and get a $10 reward for each $750 spent on my Meijer card, plus an additional $10 for each $10 spent on this card, and so on.

Since such rewards are not included in the gas price, they are not a cost, and therefore, they are not deducted from your gas price.

What Time Does Meijer Gas Stations Close?

You can be sure that the gas station will be open and taking your money no matter what day of the year you need to buy gas.

The stores are open for business from 6 am to 12 am, and some open as early as 5 am and don’t close until noon.

Meijer starts early in the morning so they will close early at around 9:00 pm.

A service turnstile for an ATM machine can be used to pay for the fare of the rider, or to allow the rider to exit the vehicle.

Does Meijer Top Tier Gas Require Membership?

Fortunately, Meijer doesn’t require customers to sign up for a membership in order to buy gasoline at any of their gas stations.

The store does not offer warehouse-style membership and is not a warehouse club.

Hence, gas station customers can go inside and pay for their gas without worrying about whether they’ve paid for their membership.

What Other Gas Stations Sell Top Tier Gasoline?

I only found one store that sells Top Tier gas. It’s at Meijer, and they only have a limited selection at only one store. Most of the licensed brands also only have a single store selling their product.

The Top Tier logo along with the logo of the Top Tier Program, are proudly displayed at all of the retail locations within the Top Tier Program.

These logos are displayed on the sides of the station pumps or in the station window.

To learn more you can also read our post on whether Meijer accepts Google Pay, and can Meijer lookup receipts. You’ll be able to find more about Meijer’s propane exchange on Meijer’s website.


The Top Tier gas helps in improving the performance of automobiles since it provides a longer mileage or more energy than regular gas.

Meijer Mastercard has a great signup bonus. It’s easy, you don’t have to provide lots of information and there are no fees involved.
Meijer Fleet card has a great signup bonus. It’s easy, you don’t have to provide lots of information and there are no fees involved.

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