Does Aldi Take Credit Cards? (types Of Cards + Other Faqs)

The traditional credit card in its early days (at least the one that came with a charge account) was very difficult for retailers to make money off of.

But, credit cards are not accepted everywhere, and fewer people carry cash than they were before.

The first thing to know is: Aldi accepts all major credit and debit cards and that includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club and JCB.

Does Aldi Take Credit Cards In 2022?

Aldi does not take credit cards. It does not even have an online web form for customers to make payments via credit card. The closest customer payment option is to use the Aldi app which is only available through Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.

So, what are the different types of Aldi credit cards? They have 3 types of cards, one of which is the “normal” credit card, and two of them are linked to the Aldi debit card.

What Kind Of Credit Cards Does Aldi Take?

We accept a range of payment options such as cash, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), Link cards, SNAP, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

What I find is that the American Express is the most popular, probably because it is associated with luxury.

Aldi has many special offers and deals for their customers, and many of these deals work on the Aldi card, as well.

Does Aldi Charge A Fee To Use A Credit Card?

I have had experience with both WF and Aldi, and in my experience, Aldi does not charge a fee to use credit cards.

It’s true, some retailers pass the cost of fees onto the consumer. However, Aldi’s business model stands for passing the savings to their customers.

If you see a fee on your credit card bill, you should call your credit card company and ask them about it.

Can You Use Tap-And-Go Credit Cards At Aldi?

As for the actual checkout process, the POS terminals have touchscreens and they offer in-store navigation. At this point, there is no mention of Aldi’s checkout software, Aldimoney, which would be required to manage credit card payments.

The tap-and-go credit card takes the place of the credit card that comes with your phone. You don’t need to swipe your card. You press the NFC symbol and you’re ready to go. It takes about half a second.

It is a matter of fact that card reader readers equipped with NFC technology will be able to verify that it is the reader of a device outfitted with NFC technology. If it is approved, you are good to go!

Can You Use Your Credit Cards Via Apple Or Google Pay At Aldi?

The two online payment services make it possible to purchase items without having to carry a wallet.

Use your mobile device to load your credit card info onto your Apple or Google Wallet. You can then use your mobile device to pay with that card at the register.

You hold your phone up near the NFC symbol and wait for the transaction to go through. You cannot hold it up closer than an inch away.

Can You Get Cash Back With Your Credit Card At Aldi?

Discover users don’t know if individual stores will actually give them cash back on their purchases, but they just know that Discover will.

Aldi participates in the Discover card cashback program, but the cash back amount is capped at $100 and the maximum cashback that can be earned is $10, $20, $40 or $100 (no multiple of $5).

Does The AMEX Blue Cash Preferred Work At Aldi?

With Aldi you can take advantage of the Blue Cash Preferred program. This is a card that reimburses 6 percent of your total back, based on your supermarket purchases, but Aldi is considered a supermarket.

Multiple people confirmed on the r/CreditCards subreddit that the store BCP cards were providing them with six percent back from their Aldi purchases.

Can You Use Credit Cards To Shop With Aldi Instacart?

But not for everything! The credit cards you set up through the Instacart app or website can’t be used to buy groceries sold by Instacart or sold with coupons through its service.

When Did Aldi Start Accepting Credit Cards?

So, you can imagine the surprise of the new Aldi stores that opened in the Washington D.C. metro area last month.

Before that, Aldi US stores only took cash or debit cards – and never checks. Checks were offered to customers in some states, but they were not accepted.

While I’m not sure about Aldi’s reasons for accepting only certain forms of payment, the chain’s acceptance of payment cards in 2016 appears to be rooted specifically in a desire to prevent its suppliers and distributors from paying its top executives with cash.

Maybe Apple is trying to get away from credit cards. They might not be as profitable for the company.

But of course Apple is also dealing with a much bigger crisis: declining sales of its devices, particularly the iPhone.

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Aldi accepts many of the same cards that you’ll find at other stores, including Visa, American Express and MasterCard. You can also apply some of the perks associated with grocery shopping at Aldi.

If you’re looking for the best savings, buying with cash or using your debit card is the smart way to go!

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