Does Usps Leave Packages In The Rain? (waterproof Packaging, Outside + More)

You can’t see clearly outside when it starts to rain.

But its worst to look outside, see a never ending downpour, and realize you were expecting a package that day, particularly if you’re at work and the package is arriving at home.

This might make you wonder: Does U.S. Postal Service leave packages in the rain? Here’s what you need to know.

Does USPS Leave Packages In The Rain In 2022?

United States Postal Service will mail packages if they fit in a mailbox but other shipping services will not. The USPS will not mail packages if that package is wet. Additionally, it is the USPS’s policy to put packages in a dry location when possible.

To learn more about whether USPS delivers big packages on rainy days, if USPS delivers big packages if it rains, and what you can do if your package is ruined by rain; keep reading!

Why Does USPS Leave Packages In The Rain?

If your U.S. Postal Service mail carrier can’t put your package in a mailbox, they might have to leave it in the rain.

When it’s not raining, packages can often be left outside when it’s not too cold. When it is freezing, the driver might go inside the house.

It is usually a good idea to put the mail directly by the door of the house where it will be most often used. This way, when you need to go inside you can grab the mail right away rather than having to pick it up off the porch or street, or take care of the mail at the end of the day.

However, although it has no alternate location, if your home does not have one, and you have not left any instructions via Delivery Instructions, the package will have to stay in the rain.

Rain that doesn’t inhibit vehicle mobility and doesn’t create “undeliverable” conditions is the best kind of rain.

The postman has no reason to return the package with him to the post office since it was delivered to the correct address and it shouldn’t have been returned.

Are USPS Packages Waterproof?

I think this has nothing to do with your cat.

It’s not the water resistance of the bags that determines if we can send an item. It’s the USPS guidelines for water resistance.

If you’re going to sell something made out of cardboard, you should know that you’re not going to sell it at the most competitive price.

While this material is very quick to get waterlogged, it is also very inexpensive. It is great for packaging and shipping, but it is quick to get wet when you’re making things in damp conditions.

Does USPS Leave Packages Outside?

Unless you request otherwise, your post office does not know whether or not your mail is outside.

You can tell your mail carrier to leave your package wherever they want.

To see if you can track the package, go to the USPS website,, and enter your order number in the search bar.

If you see “Change Delivery Instructions” listed on the page, you can add a note about where you would like the item placed.

**Note:** The delivery instructions must be provided at checkout.

Your home could be vulnerable to hacking if it has an open WiFi connection and a router vulnerable to a network attack.

Some countries have strict quarantine laws that require you to show paperwork upon entry.

You can also ship or deliver your package to the nearest post office.

Does USPS Deliver Big Packages On Rainy Days?

USPS does not forget about making deliveries on bigger packages if the weather does not interfere. But if the package is not there when you arrive, it could be a huge waste in your expenses.

Preventing the spread of infection is worth more than curing it later.

If not, or if you still need to track your package, you can ask FedEx to re-ship your item. Contact FedEx Customer Service at 1 800-GO-FEDEX (1 800-463-3339) or you can email

If you have access to this feature, you can leave a note on the Delivery Note when the shipping carrier picks up the package.

After you add a product to the cart, you’ll continue through checkout, using your cart as normal.

What Should You Do If Your USPS Package Is Ruined By Rain?

Some of the responsibility of receiving damaged or not delivered items should be on the shipper. I think they should be aware of the conditions under which the items are shipped.

 The USPS is more on the hook for situations like lost packages…except in extreme cases, where the damage is excessive and clearly the fault of USPS.

A customer should contact the shipper if they receive an item that is ruined after sitting out in the rain.

The message boards say that if you ship a gift for someone, and they don’t like it, and you ship it back, then this is a golden opportunity to make things right.

They suggest that if you have a home that is not in the country that you don’t be surprised at receiving packages that have been left inside and have some kind of disease.

Of course, the seller has the onus to provide shipping materials for items that are obviously not going to fit in a mailbox; and which might sit exposed to the elements. But if the seller is a small-business owner, and if the seller is a small-business owner, and if the seller is selling something that is obviously not going to fit in a mailbox, it is the seller’s obligation to make a reasonable effort to ship the item.

To gain more knowledge about USPS delivery services, please read about whether or not USPS delivers on Sundays, whether or not USPS delivers to door, and whether or not USPS sends text messages.


The USPS in Texas is doing an admirable job in all weather conditions, but unfortunately, if there is no other option for your carrier, they will leave a package in the rain.

If you provide Delivery Instructions and/or a dry place to leave packages, the Amazon Warehouse workers will not be able to accidentally damage the package.

As a shipper, you should verify that your shipping materials can take the elements, especially in cold, snowy conditions or during wet spring times.

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