Paypal Confirm Receipt (what It Means + How To Do It)

PayPal does its best to help and protect its users and one of the ways PayPal protects its users is by confirming that they are receiving the payment.

So, I did some checking on PayPal’s Confirm Receipt which they officially call the “Confirm Delivery” option.

What Is the PayPal Confirm Receipt Option In 2022?

PayPal’s Confirm Receipt feature is a great feature if you forgot to include the item in your cart, or if you accidentally ordered too much stuff. Confirming the purchase clears the hold on your order, allowing you to move forward with the transaction.

If you want to learn more about PayPal, and how it works, then you should keep on reading for more information.

What Is “PayPal Confirm Receipt”? 

If you have a PayPal account, you can confirm if you’ve received an item or service via your account.

The update feature is used when you are updating an order in-flight to notify the merchant about the price correction.

An intangible good means a good that does not physically exist or have an actual material property. Intangible goods are not subject to taxation by government officials. Examples can be seen in a restaurant, gas station, or a gas station attendant.

The main reason PayPal introduced the Confirm Receipt is to prevent the buyer from sending money to someone he/she hasn’t verified yet.

The exchange will have to refund you your money if there is a problem with an order.

It also helps protect sellers from fraud. The seller is not able to change the order and buy more or sell something else until there are no issues with the order.

Instead of having to pay the money back, they get to keep the money.

it gives the buyer a chance to get the money sooner if it is willing to pay up or have it as long as they like.

How do I Confirm Receipts on PayPal?

In the ‘Delivery Information’ section, enter the date and time of delivery in the Delivery Date and Time fields.

If you access the Wallet tab from the navigation bar on the iPhone or iPad, you may find the app is in alphabetical order instead of the order in which it’s used, making it difficult to find.

The process for both mobile and online is the same: sign up, verify your mobile number, enter the amount you would like to donate, read the terms and regulations, click the button and make sure the transaction is successful.

The button will also be there but it’s not enabled.

You’ll see that the confirm receipt button is missing from your PayPal Profile settings if you have been trying to sell or buy on eBay.

Why Is PayPal’s Confirm Receipt Button Missing? 

If you don’t see the button, it’s because you haven’t yet confirmed your order.

The seller needs to update the order status to show that it has been processed by the order processing system.

From the seller’s point of view, when the order status is changed, the status is changed, and this changes the order information in the database.

If the buyer has been notified that the transaction has been completed, PayPal should send the buyer a notification email. They should also check their PayPal account to see if they received a notification of the transaction and if there are any issues.

The new PayPal Express Checkout has the feature of “Confirm Receipt.”
You can confirm the receipt by clicking the button.

How Can I Confirm a Receipt on PayPal Before 48 hours?

Please don’t expect the PayPal confirmation process to last forever without any delays.

Once you place an order you can view the status of your order. You can also send an email to the seller about the order status.

When the “Confirm Receipt Button” appears on the buyer’s side, it will trigger a payment notification.

The buyer can select the number of copies and also the format to be used. Then they can confirm the receipt of the copies within 48 hours.

PayPal will never notify you that your first payment is successfully completed so you can then log into PayPal and make a second payment.

Additionally, you will receive full access to the app within 7 business days of receiving your payment (it will be sent via PayPal).

To learn more about the difference in the various “banking” and PayPal solutions, if you can cancel a PayPal payment, and what is PayPal Payment Key.


PayPal’s Verify Receipt feature is straightforward to use and helpful for both buyers and sellers; furthermore, it provides protection for the buyer in case there are any issues with their order.

It also provides speed to the buyer, as he/she can now receive the money right away once the item or service has been received, instead of waiting for the 21-day holding period.

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