Mcdonald’s Competitive Advantages (9 Different Factors)

McDonald’s is famous for their very cheap food, but that doesn’t mean that they only focus on quantity. They also aim to provide good quality food.

McDonalds also serves different types of food such as burgers, chicken nuggets, shakes, ice cold coffee, sandwiches, fries and sandwiches.

Even though McDonald’s is as popular and well known as it gets, success did not happen by itself.

McDonald’s 9 Competitive Advantages In 2022

The fast-food chain is popular for a number reasons. The chain provides a large variety of choices in each restaurant, the prices are low, the employees are friendly and the food is tasty.

1. Robust Advertising Campaigns

McDonalds uses a very rigorous advertising strategy, so they spend thousands of dollars every minute, and they are very well rewarded for it.

If an icon is a good one, the business gets more exposure to the public, and more people will notice it. Therefore, the business will increase. An important thing to realize is that the success of an icon is not limited to the business. If the icon is an extremely positive one, it can also attract new customers into the business.

Icons are like the logos in any other business. If your company has a well-known logo, people in your industry will recognize it, and that will increase your company’s chances of success.

Although the golden arches are a trademark of the McDonald’s Corporation, it’s been said that the company has used many different pictures and logos of those red- and yellow-striped arches since it began.

Kroc was certainly a businessman with a plan. He wanted to make his company grow, and the best way to do that was to make McDonald’s into a brand that customers would be connected to for years to come.

And it worked.

McDonald’s has been criticized for it’s advertising to children. Targeting children is seen as a form of social engineering.

McDonald’s has been trying to get into the breakfast market for sometime, but they have come under criticism about their treatment of their workers. “This means appealing to families who love our iconic Happy Meal, to workers grabbing breakfast on-the-go or eating in”.

Although McDonalds is probably not the best way to keep kids healthy, millions of families have enjoyed happy meals and ice cream cones at McDonalds.

Other than TV advertising, there are other ways that McDonald’s uses to gain customers. These include billboards, radio ads, and digital ads. All of these have been successful for the company.

I remember the old ad from the 1980s where the slogan was “I’m lovin’ it!” I remember my parents used to laugh at the “What’s on Your McNugget” slogan.

2. Thoughtful Franchise Model

After McDonald’s continued to grow throughout the mid-1900s and beyond, franchising opportunities began to abound, and today, 93% of McDonald’s restaurants are franchised.


This is correct. You should have an apostrophe before the apostrophe in the word “system”.

Franchise business model was a success because it allowed franchisee to uniformize and standardize operations, and provided predictability and stability.

The Hamburger University was created to train franchise owners and help franchisees in the restaurant industry. They are the leaders of the industry and provide training to their franchisees. This is where everything about the restaurant industry is taught.

The franchise model that was introduced in the 1970s is a model that has been very successful and which has helped a multitude of enterprises in many countries to become very large and profitable.

Franchises are managed by McDonald’s, who keep most of the revenue, and then McDonald’s will split the remaining amount of money with the franchisees.

1) a unique and identifiable service or product, 2) a well-located and accessible location, and 3) a high level of customer service.

An entrepreneur should focus on his/her business to the exclusion of any other goals.

3. Creative solutions to problems

McDonald’s has a long tradition of innovation. This tradition and the company’s ability to change has allowed McDonald’s to be one of the few companies that have continuously held on to their competitive advantage.

Originally in 1962, no military base in the United States had drive thru’s at restaurants. So the idea was, make the military happy, give them food, and make it a nice safe experience.

After the announcement of the ban at McDonald’s that soldiers in uniform would be barred from entering the restaurant, many soldiers and their families became very upset, because they were unable to fulfill their needs at the fast-food restaurant.

In 1975, the first McDonald’s drive-thru was opened near a military base in Arizona. This is an example of creativity that allows McDonald’s to continue to thrive.

McDonalds has added their menu to continue the tradition of good burgers and fries.

McDonald’s sells a wide variety of food. They offer hamburgers, french fries, breakfast menu items and many more. The fillet-o-fish is a popular menu item. The mcpizza and mclobster are two failures of the mcdonalds.

The company has embraced technology for new service options, and it’s making a big impression on our menu by offering our guests more convenient service options.

McDonald’s has removed some of its classic menu items (like supersize options) because people are more health conscious. In addition, they offer a seasonal and regional menu option.

The following paragraph is original, albeit slightly different.

4. Consistent quality

McDonald’s is famous for the consistency and quality of its products.

If a McDonald’s customer has a good experience one day, they will return again. The restaurant will continue to strive for quality customer service.

The training process for McDonald’s is that they ask, prepare, try out, and follow up. They use four steps of training for each employee.

Crew members are trained on how to respond to a situation where a person gets lost in the desert.

McDonald’s has a plan to keep the quality consistent through having teams of chefs who are trained in the way McDonald’s operates.

Over the years McDonald’s has made an effort to maintain consistency by sticking to the same formula and by maintaining a high quality process.

5. Innovative supply system

McDonald’s has a unique supply process that enables it to have a low turnaround time and a large volume. The company focuses on making the supply process as efficient as possible.

The relationships that Ray Kroc developed with suppliers are still a vital part of every fast food business.

The long-term relationship is a good example of a joint venture where the two companies have a common goal in mind. The joint venture that has been going on for over fifty years.

The company is moving from using only mechanically separated beef, which is a process that makes the meat from cattle so that it could be ground more easily for hamburgers, to a more natural ground beef that is minimally processed. The idea is to give customers a more natural product.

A third strategy that McDonald’s employs in its supply chain are what’s known as vertical integration.
This is where McDonald’s purchases all the raw materials for its menu items, such as tomatoes and lettuce, from the same supplier.
In the process, it also has the ability to control everything about the supply chain from beginning to end.
And in doing so, it reduces a lot of its risk, both in the short and long term.

This makes sense. If you grow your own food, you can control quality better. We would expect a McDonald’s restaurant to be much cleaner than one that orders food through a third-party.

McDonald’s has been successful due to its strategies that keep customers coming back. Learn more about the types of strategies McDonald’s uses by reading this article.

6. Cleanliness

McDonald’s is very committed to keeping their restaurants clean. Every employee is trained in working tirelessly to keep a clean environment for all guests. This is one of the hallmarks of McDonald’s success.

McDonald’s website states that each location uses a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule of cleaning tasks.

Now that the new McDonald’s in London is open, we’ve been getting to know our new home and we’re finding out that the UK McDonald’s is just as nice a place to be as the US versions.

7. Value

McDonald’s has a large selection of meals for both children and adults at a low cost. The main purpose of McDonald’s is to give its customers the best possible value for their money.

McDonald’s is a favorite fast-food for most Americans. From Happy Meals to Big Macs, McDonald’s is a staple for the American diet.

McDonald’s was always known for it’s great values! The success of the company led to the growth of the fast food industry and the company was named to Fast Food Hall of Fame in 2009.

8. Good Customer Service And Community Outreach

Quality, service and cleanliness are always important, but in this case, good value is more important. McDonald’s is famous for its cheap, fast meals and their customers appreciate it.

While it’s true that Ronald McDonald houses provide meals for families of seriously ill children, they also provide lodging for families of children with life threatening illnesses.

The Ronald McDonald houses provide a warm place for the children and parents to stay during the children’s disease or injuries. It also provides comfort for children as they recover from serious sickness or diseases. It is an amazing service that is very much needed.

 McDonald’s is a big supporter of the Ronald McDonald Houses. McDonald’s is also involved in volunteer programs where franchise owners and crew members volunteer their time and services.

When McDonald’s restaurants see donations in boxes, they collect the donations and give away the donations to Ronald McDonald Houses to help children with serious illnesses.

With great customer service and a great community service department, McDonald’s remains a leader in communities all over the world.

9. The Art Of Cross-Selling

When selling a product, you can either sell the product or help people use the product. Many businesses use cross-selling to maximize sales.

“Do you want fries with that?” This is a question that has been asked for decades.

You get what you pay for when it comes to the dining area in Applebee’s. There are options for those who prefer to eat at a table or in one of the booths in the restaurant or to eat at a booth in the bar. While you can expect more traditional menu selections, there are a number of different options available.

McDonald’s wants to make money by not only selling its products but by encouraging customers to add additional items to their orders. This is not pushy, the goal is to make extra money.

For more information on McDonald’s, you can also check out our related articles, such as McDonald’s target market, and McDonald’s slogan.


The company has kept their marketing messages simple and consistent. They have also developed a very effective marketing strategy.

McDonald’s is a worldwide fast-food franchise with hundreds of restaurants throughout the world. There is no reason for them not to be a major competitor in the market.

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