Does Trader Joe’s Sell Gift Cards? (Everything To Know!)

Social media and new technology are rapidly changing the world of gift cards. Digital gift cards are being offered by major brands, along with additional options for gift cards in-store.

Gift cards are a great option if you are looking for the perfect gift, but don’t know where to start.

Customers may be confused about where to buy gift cards at stores such as Trader Joe’s.

Is Trader Joe’s able to sell gift cards?

Trader Joe’s sells gift cards. They do not sell gift cards online. You will need to buy a gift card from Trader Joe’s in-store if you want one.

Continue reading for more information about Trader Joe’s gift cards and where to get them.

Are Trader Joe’s gift cards available online?

Customers can use digital gift cards to buy, store and redeem gift cards. Digital discount codes are offered by many major brands. These digital codes can also be used to purchase actual digital cards, which can then be stored in digital wallets. Trader Joe’s has a slightly different policy regarding gift cards.

You can’t buy gift cards from Trader Joe online. You cannot purchase gift cards online from Trader Joe’s. They don’t sell any products.

This is because physical gift cards are more secure. They are generally not easily “hacked” or compromised by illicit online activity. This is a good thing, as online frauds involving gift cards has increased in recent years. This page will provide more information about gift card frauds and how you can protect yourself from them.

Trader Joe’s is only able to issue physical gift cards so any requests for digital gift cards are most likely fraudulent. This fraud is why Trader Joe’s doesn’t deal with digital cards.

Although physical cards are more secure than digital cards, it is easier to lose them than digital ones. It is important to be careful not to lose your card and to give it to the recipient immediately to prevent losing your hard-earned money.

How do I buy a Trader Joe’s gift card?

Don’t be discouraged if you are still looking for a gift card from Trader Joe’s. It is easy to purchase a gift certificate.

You can purchase Trader Joe’s gift cards at any brick and mortar Trader Joe’s location. You can inquire at the counter, or at the customer support desk.

Gift cards available at Trader Joe’s come in a variety designs. You can check the balance of a card at any Trader Joe’s location or load it with cash. This allows the card recipient to continue using the card after the balance has been exhausted.

You can search for Trader Joe’s gift cards by using their store locator. You will also find information about the hours of operation at each location and directions to it.

Where can I buy a Trader Joe’s gift card?

Customers may be curious about where they can purchase physical gift cards from Trader Joe’s since they do not sell gift certificates online. It is quite easy to answer.

You can purchase Trader Joe’s gift cards at any brick and mortar Trader Joe’s location. Third-party retailers selling gift cards for Trader Joe’s may be fraudulent and will not be honored by Trader Joe’s.

Additionally, all digital cards or promotional codes that are sold online by Trader Joe’s may be fraudulent. Trader Joe’s does NOT sell digital goods, promotional codes or digital gift cards. You should avoid any listing online for digital Trader Joe’s gift cards.

Gift cards from Trader Joe can be used for any goods purchased in-store at their brick-and mortar locations. You can buy fresh produce, ready-made items, and any other goods in the store. They cannot be bought online, so that is the only restriction on the cards.


Privately owned grocery store chain Trader Joe’s has made its way into many major cities across the US. While they don’t offer digital gift cards yet, physical cards can still be purchased at any brick and mortar Trader Joe’s store.

These cards are the perfect gift considering recent increases in food prices. It is frustrating that digital cards are not available, but this makes sense when you consider all the potential risks associated with digital gift cards.

You can find more information on Trader Joe’s gift cards policies and other frequently-asked questions on their website.

Feel free to ask questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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