Amazon Fresh Vs. Whole Foods: What’s The Difference?!

Shopping for groceries and food is an essential part of most people’s daily lives. We start to wonder about the two largest grocery chains in the country as we become more conscious of where our food comes from, how it is made, and what the price tag is.

There are more options than ever as more online retailers move to the internet. Many people are curious about the differences between Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh, following Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. Which option is right for you?

Let’s take a look at the differences between Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh.

What are the Differences between Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh?

You may be asking yourself why Amazon would acquire Whole Foods, when it already had Amazon Fresh in its pipeline. They could compete against each other.

It’s not. These markets are not intended to be direct competitors and are targeted at different customers.

Whole Foods sells high-quality, organic groceries at a higher cost to consumers who are more health-conscious. Amazon Fresh, on the other hand, is for those consumers who want to have more options at all price levels.

Amazon plans to target a wider audience through these brands.

You can also shop from Amazon Prime if you’re a member. Amazon Fresh was originally an online service that allowed you to order groceries and fresh vegetables from local and international companies.

Amazon Fresh now has brick-and-mortar stores. This is slowly changing. You can order both Whole Foods online and Amazon Fresh online.

Amazon Prime members will enjoy many perks when you order online. Prime members get 2-hour free delivery on orders above $35, but this is not available in all locations.

If you are a prime member, you can choose to pick up your order. The best part is that there is no minimum purchase requirement.

Amazon Fresh is a great option for those who are tight on budget and don’t care much about organic food.

Whole Foods is the place to shop if you’re really concerned about your health and don’t want anything that isn’t organic.

What are the Advantages of Shopping at Amazon Fresh?

Another difference between Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh was the absence of brick-and mortar stores for Amazon Fresh. If you ordered something from Whole Foods earlier, it would have been picked up at the local Whole Foods store and delivered directly to your door.

However, if you ordered anything from Amazon Fresh it would be picked-up from one of the Amazon Warehouses or registered local sellers.

Last year, Amazon opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Woodland Hills, CA. This concept store was intended to integrate online shopping with physical stores and could lead to a new generation in grocery stores.

Amazon stated that it intends to open more Amazon Fresh Stores across the country and internationally. The main feature of these stores is the way they integrate and use technology.

High-tech features such as auto checkouts, Alexa kiosks, and Amazon Dash carts are all available in physical stores. Let’s take a look at each one.

The addition of Alexa kiosks to grocery stores is one of the most important improvements in your grocery shopping experience. Alexa kiosks can be asked in the middle to direct you to the right aisle.

You can ask Alexa for dinner ideas and pairing suggestions, as well as specific food facts such the nutritional value or health benefits of certain foods.

The features don’t stop there. You can also start a grocery list with Alexa at home and continue adding items in the store using Dash Carts.

As you continue to add items to your cart, they will automatically get crossed off your list.

This brings a new dimension to grocery shopping that cannot be found elsewhere.

Do you get tired of waiting in long lines at checkout? This step can often take longer than actual shopping. Amazon Fresh Stores will handle this for you. Amazon Dash carts can be used to skip the checkout line.

The Amazon Dash carts use algorithms and sensors to identify items in your carts. They then keep adding them to your Alexa shopping list. The giant screen allows you to see what items are in your carts and can be applied coupons directly to them.

You don’t need to wait in lines for Dash carts in any of the stores. The final amount will be automatically charged to your registered credit cards when you leave the store.

You can use Amazon Dash carts by simply opening the QR code in your Amazon app and scanning it with your dash cart. Simply scan the QR codes to add the items you want to your cart.

If the light becomes orange, you’ll need to scan the item again. After you’ve placed the items in your cart you need to verify the weight before you can simply walk out of the store.

Amazon Fresh stores aren’t just grocery stores. They also function as an Amazon warehouse. You can pick up orders you have placed through Amazon and return the merchandise.

Returning the item is possible without the original packaging.

You can complete your grocery shopping, pick up your Amazon orders, and return your items to Amazon in one easy move. You can order your items online, even if there isn’t an Amazon Fresh store in your area.

You want to know more about Amazon Fresh? These next pages will tell you if Amazon Fresh is part of Prime and how to return Amazon Fresh t-shirts.


It is evident that Amazon wants to be a one-stop shop for all of your needs. This is clearly working.

Amazon owns Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh, so you can buy almost anything from either of these stores.

Your shopping preferences and budget will determine which option you choose. Both of these places are great for getting your daily groceries.

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