How Many Days Early Can I Refill A Prescription At Cvs? (Updated 2022!)

CVS, a well-respected health solutions company, helps millions of people navigate their health care system.

CVS makes it easy for patients to get the care they need, whether that’s in-home kidney care or telehealth services. You can refill or transfer prescriptions online, and locate a CVS pharmacy near you.

It is best to wait until the due date for your refill. However, there are some circumstances that may require you to request an early prescription refill. This raises the question: Can CVS refill a prescription earlier?

This article answers this question and discusses the CVS policy regarding filling prescriptions.

What is the earliest I can refill a prescription at CVS?

CVS allows controlled substances for refills two days before due date. Only exceptions to this rule are in rare cases and for legitimate reasons. You can make exceptions if you are traveling or have lost your medication.

Continue reading to find out more about CVS’s rx refill policy.

CVS Can Refill a Prescription Early?

Yes, CVS will refill your prescription up to two days before the due date. CVS can refill your prescription earlier for several reasons:

CVS recognizes that patients may need to travel for work or long vacations.

They should fill prescriptions promptly because of this. CVS will need to contact your prescription insurer in such instances, asking for a vacation exemption that will cover your initial refill.

If you prefer to pay cash for prescriptions, the pharmacist will need to be informed and may request an early refill. To ensure that you have enough refills, the pharmacist will check your prescription. If that is the case, your refill will be sent to you for all non-controlled medications.

If you don’t have any refills, it is a good idea to call your provider and request a new prescription.

It is not uncommon for patients to lose or drop their medication. These situations require prompt refills to ensure you don’t miss a dose.

The pharmacist will call your prescription insurance company to request a call-override in order to provide coverage for the early refill. This is important to note that most insurances only allow overrides once or twice per year.

If you pay cash for prescriptions, inform your pharmacist. They will give you an early refill of non-controlled medications.

What is the CVS Policy on Filling Prescriptions

CVS states that only prescriptions that can either be renewed or refilled (i.e. those that have expired or are no longer refillable) can be submitted to CVS for refill or renewal.

How to Refill a Prescription without the Rx Number

Although prescription labels contain a lot of information it can be difficult to navigate the vast web of prescriptions. Every prescription needs a label. Although the format of information may differ for different prescriptions. However, it is important that you can see the key fields.

  • Rx#: This is the number pharmacies give to each prescription they receive. It is also known as a transaction number.
  • It indicates when the pharmacist placed the medication into the bottle.
  • Refills: The number of refills that the doctor has written since the original prescription was written
  • Qty is the quantity of pills in the bottle. This helps you determine the dosage.

Let’s return to the original question: Can you refill a prescription with no Rx number? Yes. Although the pharmacist will need to search your prescription on their computer for it, the refill process will be much quicker if you have this number. It is your prescription’s shortcode.

What should I expect when I refill my CVS Specialty prescription?

You will be notified by email if your refill is due before the due date. You have three options to order your refill. You can call CVS, log in to, or use our CVS Specialty App.

These are the questions you should expect when you call or email to request a refill.

  • Would you rather have your medication delivered to a CVS Pharmacy near your home, office, or at your convenience?
  • What date should your medication arrive at you?
  • Are you experiencing any changes in your medication allergies?
  • Are you taking any new medication?
  • Are you a pharmacist and would you like to ask questions?
  • Are you experiencing side effects, either mental or physical?

CVS may ask additional questions depending on what type of medication you take. You may also need to verify your contact information such as your address and telephone number.

Is it possible to refill all my prescriptions at once?

Yes. Sign in to your account, navigate to the “Refill all” column at top of “My Prescriptions”, and follow the instructions.

Why can’t I see the prescription I want to fill?

This could be a prescription for medication you already take. It is worth noting that only eligible refills of medications will be displayed in your online account.

However, if your new medication is urgent, make sure that your doctor has submitted the prescription to CVS specialty. Then ask them to follow-up by phone.

What prescriptions can I refill online?

Once your prescription is ready to be filled, you can refill it. They will be located under “My Prescriptions”, with a “Refill” button right next to them. You will see the most recent prescriptions that you have filled but not yet refilled.

You may see the message “Please call for refill” which could mean that your medication requires special handling. It may not be possible to order a refill online in this instance. You will need to look at your prescription label to find the number you will dial.

Is it possible to refill prescriptions online?

No. Online refills are only possible for CVS Specialty patients who have registered at with eligible prescriptions.

Is it possible to track my order?

You can track your order. Sign in, then tap on “My Prescriptions”. Once your order has been tracked, you can go to the shipper’s site and find out more about your shipment. It may take a while for the shopping details to appear.

You can also receive alerts regarding the status of prescription orders sent to your mobile phone. Sign in to your account and tick the box “I want text alerts”


Healthcare has been revolutionized by ventures such as CVS. All your prescriptions can be accessed online, so you don’t have to wait in long lines at the local pharmacy.

CVS offers an option to refill your prescriptions early, as if it were not enough. You can travel while still getting your medication.

Refilling prescriptions online is not possible for everyone. This service is available only to those who are registered with

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