How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions?

Walmart holds customer prescriptions for several reasons, and in most cases, the inability of customers to retrieve such prescriptions when due is the primary reason.

Sometimes, some customers do forget to pick up their medication, prompting Walmart to hold onto such. When prescriptions are not picked up as when due, Walmart will reverse the order and cancel the claim electronically.

Certain prescription medications may become unhealthy and dangerous after a while, Walmart may decide to take permission to dispose of them but not to the original recipients.

So, How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions?

Walmart holds a ready prescription for nine days.

What Does Walmart Prescription Holding Means?

 Walmart prescription holding means it can only hold a ready-to-be-picked-up prescription for a maximum of nine days.

At the expiration of nine days, Walmart will put the prescription on hold on the patient’s profile, where they can request the prescription to be refilled as long as the script is still valid.

Some Walmart Prescription Regulations You Should Know

The following are some of the vital information on Walmart’s regulations on prescriptions;

3. Filling a New Prescription or Refilling for Someone Else

If you are a guardian, parent, or caregiver for someone or pet, you can refill any prescription on their behalf as long as you have their information with you.

This information includes; Names, addresses, and birth dates. The new prescriptions can be refilled by phone, mail, or any Walmart Pharmacy outlet near you. If you have a pharmacy account, you may also add new individuals or pets.

2. Having Someone Else Picking Up Your Prescription

You can always send someone to pick up your prescriptions on your behalf as long as they have the online refill confirmation page printed out. In some states of the nation, anyone picking up prescriptions or any other controlled substance must provide a valid photo ID.

3. Finding Your Prescription Number and Expiry Date

You must know the expiry date of your prescriptions along with your prescription number for administrative reasons. Walmart operates a 7-digit prescription number, and you can find this by looking up the label on the last prescription you filled with them.

Typically, the prescription label is always located on the left side of the label and near the top. The prescription refill expiration dates are generally listed as part of the refill information near the bottom of the refill’s label. If you are unsure of when your medication expires, contact your local Walmart Pharmacy.

4. What if You Don’t Have a Written Prescription?

If you are without a written prescription, you may ask your physician to send in your prescription to the nearest Walmart Pharmacy. In this case, you or your caregiver or guardian will have to pick the prescription at the pharmacy.

 Keep in mind that there is a maximum number of refills allowed per order. You may submit up to 7 refills from each other, but you will have to place multiple prescription orders in case you need to refill more than the maximum.

5. Refilling Your Expired Prescriptions

When you attempt to refill a prescription out of refills or the refill has expired, a Walmart pharmacist will contact your doctor for authorization. This step is a standard procedure we must follow to extend the prescription. In this situation, you should allow one business day to process the order.

If you need your prescription sooner, you may have to call your doctor and request the refill authorization directly to your Walmart Pharmacy. Keep in mind that expired prescriptions cannot be transferred to another branch of Walmart Pharmacy. Be sure to contact your doctor to contact the last pharmacy your orders were filled.

If you opt to receive prescription expiration notifications, Walmart Pharmacy will send you an email when the expiry date is approaching. This arrangement only applies to prescription expiration and not the medication. Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Walmart Pharmacy to learn more about getting notified for prescription expiration.

How To Fill In New Prescriptions

Filling a new prescription should not be a difficult thing if you follow the primary procedures. The following guidelines apply;

1. How to Fill New Prescriptions

You may want to bring a paper prescription to Walmart Pharmacy if this is the ideal option. New prescriptions are typically filled the same day if there are no issues. The total time to fill your paper prescription will depend mainly on how busy your Walmart Pharmacy is.

Alternatively, you can mail your paper prescription to the Walmart Home Delivery Pharmacy service provider. Tell your doctor to call your prescription in or send an e-script to your nearest Walmart Pharmacy.

Once you have filled that first prescription at any Walmart Pharmacy, you can complete subsequent refilling online.

2. The Mail-In Paper Prescription

If you prefer the home delivery prescription option, download the prescription order form online at the Walmart Pharmacy website, then fill it out and mail it to the appropriate address alongside your paper prescription. The address to send your mail-in paper prescription is; Walmart Home Delivery, P.O.Box 1115112, Carrolton, Texas, TX 75011-5112, United States of America.

Make sure the original prescription written for you by your doctor is sent to the mail-in address. Federal regulations prohibit the mail-in of photocopies or any other prescription paper reproductions.

3. What If You Don’t Have a Written Prescription?

If you don’t have a written prescription to mail in, you may call your doctor to call in the prescription or send it by email. You may use the Store Finder feature on the Walmart Pharmacy site to locate the phone numbers of the nearest Walmart Pharmacies to hand over to your doctor.

Once the prescription is filled, you or your guardian or caregiver must pick it up at the Walmart Pharmacy address you used.

4. How to Fill a New Prescription on Behalf of Someone

If you are a parent, guardian, or caregiver for someone or pet, you may fill in new prescriptions on their behalf as long as you know their names, date of birth, and address.

Other Information You Must Have as Regards Walmart Pharmacy Prescription

The more you know about prescription management, the easier it becomes to handle complications. The following are essential things you should also know;

5. Transferring Your Prescriptions

You can transfer prescriptions to Walmart Pharmacy from other pharmacies for yourself or your family members. You can do this through the online Pharmacy system.

Once you log into the online pharmacy system, enter the name and date of birth of the prescription holder, and you can also enter up to seven prescriptions from the other pharmacy. If you have to make additional transfers for other people, you need to create another order.

Once you have entered the required information, click on “Continue,” then click on shipping or pick up. Enter your payment information and shipping address as needed. Select “Place order.”

6. Accessing Your Prescriptions Online

To access your prescriptions online, you must sign in to your Walmart account or create one if you don’t have one. Make sure the last name on the Walmart account matches the name on your prescriptions; otherwise, you wouldn’t be allowed to access the prescription.

Once you signed in to your Walmart account, click on “Pharmacy” from the menu. If you haven’t created an online account, you will find detailed steps to complete such. If you have signed in to your existing account, enter your date of birth to proceed.

You will see your most recent prescription orders when you sign in to your Walmart account. You will also know any prescriptions that need refills. The dates indicated in green are those that have been ordered recently; they may also be in transit or ready for pickup. The dates that are noted in black color are those that represent the date the prescriptions were last filled.

To get a piece of detailed information on each prescription, you must click on the blue prescription number. Once you click the prescription number, the details of the doctor and the date medication was prescribed will show up. You will also see the last refill date and much other information on the blue link.


Learning how to edit your pharmacy account information is also essential, and you can find a guide on this on the Walmart Pharmacy page. You can also use tools like a pharmacy locator to discover the closest pharmacy to your address.

Several third-party service providers give Walmart pharmacy gift cards, and these can help you save money.

Since most prescriptions can be time-sensitive, Walmart doesn’t waste time holding them to avoid any form of complication or abuse of such prescriptions.

For clarity purposes, you should constantly stay in touch with your physician for information on prescription renewal dates and avoid holding your prescription.

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