How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions? (guide)

Walmart Pharmacy is a brilliant way of managing your prescriptions in a familiar and trustworthy setting. But, there may be times when you have forgotten to pick up your prescription. If you ever have any questions about ordering your medication on-line or are unable to pick up your prescription at the local Walmart Pharmacy, call 1-800-925-8475.

The amount of time you can hold a prescription at Walmart Pharmacy depends on the type of prescriber you are, and if the prescription is valid or not.

How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions In 2022?

Prescription medication that is not expired or expired and is still in a Walmart Pharmacy that has not been transferred to another store (such as or a Warehouse location (typically a store where prescriptions are repackaged or where a large quantity of medications are held for resale).

* You can view available times for refills and renewals online.
* You can check the status of your prescription on the Walmart Community Portal.

Once you receive your prescription, you can return it to your local Walmart Pharmacy for you to pick up, have it refilled at your local location, or have it mailed to you.

Sometimes you forget important things, and there’s a way to remind you to get your prescriptions from the pharmacy. Just keep reading to find out!

Can I Get Prescription Refill Reminders At Walmart Pharmacy? 

You must manually opt in to receiving e-mail reminders. This can be done online at your Walmart Pharmacy account.

You only need to log in and select the drug as it is added to your Pill Box. We will then send you a daily SMS reminder when the last pill of that drug is due. At that time you can either take the pill yourself or have a repeat reminder sent to you.

You must remember to click ‘Save Reminder’ when you are finished to confirm the changes to your notification set up. Once it is complete, you will receive reminders in line with the frequency you have selected.

You can change the reminders for your prescriptions and refills on the Medication Reminders page. If you click ‘Cancel’ to delete them, the system will no longer remind you when to take your medicine or refill your prescriptions. But if you want to edit them, you can click either ‘Edit’ or ‘Cancel’ depending on what’s needed.

How Can I Access My Walmart Prescriptions Online? 

Once you have created your account, you can log in to your Prescriptions section on Walmart in addition to your Walmart Pharmacy and Walmart Store, so you can keep track of prescriptions or order refills easily.

Once you have logged in, select the “Pharmacy” option from the menu. Your most recent orders and upcoming prescription refill reminders will be on the homepage of your account.

Select ‘My Account’ and you will be taken to the homepage of your account, where you can manage your account settings, view your orders history (including your most recent orders), check your available credit balance, view upcoming prescription refill reminders, view your available coupons, and more.

These tables indicate that your prescriptions haven’t been checked for a few days. The first one says “Last Checked” and is set to be checked today. The second is the most recently filled prescription.

To view more details about the medications you are taking, click on the blue prescription number. This will show you the prescribing doctor, the date that the medication was prescribed, as well as the last date the prescription was filled.

Can You Refill A Prescription For Someone Else At Walmart Pharmacy?

If you need to refill a prescription on someone else’s behalf, you will need to pick up a prescription from your pharmacy when you pick up or drop off your prescription at Walmart.

The other major pharmacies don’t use any of these methods, so you should not even try calling around to find a pharmacy that is not a Walmart pharmacy.

In a nutshell, the above examples show that not all Wal-Mart are identical, and that some can be more expensive than others.
That information is vital to helping people avoid getting ripped off.


A typical Walmart Pharmacy holds prescriptions for only a week to two weeks, though this can vary depending on the medication and individual stores.

You can check the status of your prescription refills, prescription availability, and even get a list of any available prescriptions. This can be done by logging in to your Walmart Pharmacy account. This is located in My Account on Walmart Pharmacy.

Check the status of your prescription refills, order prescriptions, and access prescription information by clicking the “My Account” link.

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