What Credit Bureau Does Lowe’s Use? (all You Need To Know)

Lowe’s is a brand that offers fantastic products at great prices. They also offer a store credit card that allows customers to save money on their purchases.

Credit Bureaus are financial institutions that collect information on your credit, then report to other institutions.

What Credit Bureau Does Lowe’s Use In 2022?

The company states that its three-credit-bureau system automatically selects a credit union to check your application for a store credit card as of 2022. If you have a credit score of 640 or higher, you will be considered eligible for a Lowe’s credit card.

If you are hoping to get a store credit card from Lowe’s, you should know about the credit check process and the types of credit cards available.

Does Lowe’s Offer A Store Credit Card?

And, for the most part, these cards are a good way for customers to save money on home improvement projects.

In addition to the rewards cards, Lowe’s also allows you to buy gift cards at the same time.

Lowe’s is offering credit cards that are accepted at their stores.

To be successful in your application, you need to provide your Social Security number, contact information, and other personal details.

What Credit Bureaus Does Lowe’s Use For Its Store Credit Card?

Automated System of Lowe’s will take your credit card application and hand it to the three major credit bureaus. They will then check your credit history, and if all three match, they will approve you for a loan.

And from there the credit card system will randomly choose one of the three credit reporting agencies.

However, the credit bureau you are being credited with is entirely random, and there is no way to choose one of the three bureaus specifically.

As further proof of the importance of these three credit bureaus, they are included in the Federal Trade Commission’s list of top 50 credit reporting agencies, the company says.

Do Lowe’s Do A Hard Credit Check?

In addition, Lowe’s also conducts a soft pull on certain credit reports in order to verify that all applicants are in fact eligible for a store card.

A hard credit check is when you request your credit report directly, and the bureau will determine your credit worthiness based on the information you provide. You must pay a fee for one of these.

A soft credit check involves only your Social Security number, and will not include information such as your name or address.

With all this being said, I pre-qualified for a Lowe’s credit card and received a response from their credit card department on June 25th 2016.

What Credit Score Do You Need For A Lowe’s Credit Card?

Lowe’s offers a store with a wide a selection of products and services. This is really convenient, because customers can walk in and buy what they need, without having to visit the mall.

With the purchase of a new home, the homebuyer will usually be asked to provide a loan application form that shows how much you can afford to borrow. Some lenders will also ask you to provide financial statements, or a credit report, which will help you apply for a loan.

Because of Lowe’s credit checking, your score can be negatively affected by your application failing.

How Difficult Is It To Take Out A Lowe’s Credit Card?

While the Lowe’s credit card is definitely obtainable, given that you have the necessary info and a good credit score, it can still affect your credit score negatively.

That is why completing to hard credit check to determine your eligibility for the Lowe’s store credit card can cause some applicants’ credit scores to subsequently decrease by around five to ten points.

Additionally, if interested customers are not confident in their eligibility, they should contact their bank for further information.

Applicants should ensure that any freezing or blockages to their credit are removed, to avoid having their application denied.

What Benefits Can You Get With A Lowe’s Credit Card?

Lowe’s credit cards have many benefits. For instance, you can receive a reward on every purchase with the Lowe’s Cash & Carry card.

There are free offers that you can use with the Lowe’s Business Advantage card, Lowe’s Commercial Account, Lowes’s Business Rewards Card, Lowe’s PreLoad Discover card, and the Lowe’s Lease-To-Own card, and there are also some other benefits like cash back and special discounts on other products at Lowe’s.

To learn more, you might also want to read up on what bank does Lowe’s use, if Lowe’s accepts American Express, and if Lowe’s accepts PayPal.


Lowe’s says it will randomly select one of three credit bureaus to determine the eligibility of its store credit card applicants.

One of the drawbacks of using a consumer credit reporting agency is that it is not able to determine their creditworthiness.

 To help customers use Lowe credit cards safely, some of the cards have restrictions.  In some cases, your credit score must be at least 640 to get the Lowe’s card, or the card may be denied.

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