Lowe’s Business Account (how It Works, Who Can Sign Up, Discounts + More)

Lowe’s has a special Credit Center, where customers can find various financing options, including installment loans, low-interest loans and low-interest credit cards.

Lowe’s business account is a Lowe’s coupon that you can use at Lowe’s. You can also use your coupon to get Lowe’s discounts on any other products that you buy at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s Business Account In 2022

It’s possible to obtain a Lowe’s Business Account through the application form. Also, the Lowe’s Business Account can be applied for online and requires a credit check. You can also apply for the Lowe’s Business Account with some credit and debit cards.

Lowe’s Business Account is for employees who have a Lowe’s Advantage card. There are different types of Lowe’s Business Account cards, with the different types including the Lowe’s Advantage card, the Lowe’s Business PLUS card, and Lowe’s Business Premier card.

What Is A Lowe’s Business Account?

A Lowe’s Business Account is an account you may use to accept purchases that you make in-store, online, or by phone.

One of the most important accounts is the Lowe’s Business Account. On top of being able to pay in full or on a monthly basis, the Lowe’s Business Account has a low annual fee of $1.50 per month regardless of the amount you pay monthly. There is no interest charged for payments made with the Lowe’s Business Account.

When you create your account with Lowe’s Business Account, you can use several different credit cards.

For example, with an Apple Card, you are able to take advantage of Apple’s customer service, and you can check your balance on your devices.

When you have a Lowe’s Business Rewards Card, it is possible to use it at the store and other stores where American Express is accepted.

Also, Lowe’s allows for rewards of 5% cashback on purchases at Lowe’s for the first six months, and then 2% cashback after this (if you happen to buy at Lowe’s in the first six months).

So, at Lowe’s, you earn cashback in the form of Lowe’s Business Rewards points that can be exchanged for statement credits and/or Lowe’s gift cards.

The low-interest credit card is a good option for someone who wants to make an investment in their business and take advantage of the Lowe’s Rewards program but doesn’t want to pay any annual fees.

By using the Discover Check, you can avoid the inconvenience of a credit check.

The final type of product card can be either a Lowe’s, Home Depot, or a Lowe’s Commercial account card. This card is used for charging delivery fees or billing upon delivery.

Who Can Have a Lowe’s Business Account?

Lowe’s Business Account is great for businesses who regularly purchase at Lowe’s because it helps businesses save money on bulk purchases and offer flexible financing and repayment options.

In addition, a Lowe’s Business Account requires that you own and operate a business.

After applying for a job, employers require potential candidates to fill out a basic application form that asks basic questions on job skills and experience.

On the other hand, if you do not possess the necessary requirements for a Lowe’s Business Account, you can still apply to Lowe’s for Pros or a Lowe’s Commercial Account.

What Discounts Do I Get With A Lowe’s Business Account?

Lowe’s Business is a low-cost option, which gives you access to products, discounts, and a personal account that’s linked with your Lowe’s account.

Lowe’s Business Account holders got 5% discount for their shopping at Lowe’s or Lowe’s web store.

If you want to do more than one or two things with your Lowe’s Business Account, or if you want to do things like buy building materials, then you’ll probably want to open a Lowe’s Business card or a Lowe’s Mastercard, which is a card to be used for your business or organization.

Lowe’s Business Account holders can now get free in home delivery on eligible purchases.

What Benefits Do I Get With A Lowe’s Business Account?

When using your Lowe’s Business Account, be sure to take advantage of all of the promotional offers and discounts at Lowe’s.

The offer of extended return periods, which apply to Business Account members, not to Lowe’s products that are return exceptions.

What Credit Score Do I Need For A Lowe’s Business Account?

If you have a poor credit history, you are probably not eligible for a Lowe’s Business Account. You will need a 620 or above credit score to qualify for the Business Account.

However, check your score when applying for a Business Account to prevent a lower score.

How Do I Get A Lowe’s Business Account?

Lowe’s, an Atlanta-based home improvement chain, offers its in-store ProServices division as a platform for customers to manage their credit and receive financing for large purchases.

To apply for the Lowe’s Credit Card, select the card you desire and click the ‘Apply Now’ button.

With The Lowe’s Advantage Card, you can apply for a Lowe’s Credit Card online. You can also pay your balance online, order online, check your card balance, and much more.

In case you are looking for more on Lowe’s, you can also check out our posts on Lowe’s Pro Desk, if Lowe’s accepts PayPal, and if Lowe’s accepts Klarna, Quadpay, and Afterpay.


You can log in to your Lowe’s Business Account both in-store and online in a few easy steps.

To verify that I have a business, Lowe’s asks for certain information, and also my credit score.

There are different cards at Lowe’s you can apply for depending on your personal needs.

There are so many different options at Lowe’s for people.

It’s not one size fits all.

Lowe’s offers a variety of rewards for Business customers. One of the rewards is a 5% cashback rewards. As for payment options, Lowe’s allows for flexibility, which includes extended return policy.

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