Does Petco Take Apple Pay? (all You Need To Know)

Apple Pay has evolved to become one of the most popular forms of payment in the country, because it’s conveniently tied to the customer’s phone.

If you use Petco products frequently, read this article to learn about the company’s current relationship with Petco Pets.

Does Petco Accept Apple Pay In 2022?

This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about Petco. On one hand, when Walmart announced its intention to stop using its own proprietary technology, instead using Apple Pay, it was a huge blow to the industry. But on the other, it was something good for businesses to experiment with different kinds of payment systems. Many people see Apple Pay as a standard on mobile devices and other electronic systems and therefore it has a higher value than competitors like Google Pay.

You will also learn how to use Apple Pay if you are buying things at Petco and other stores. Just remember a few important facts about using the service, including how it works.

Does Petco Accept Apple Pay In-Store?

 Petco accepts Apple Pay in its stores. Since 2014, the company has incorporated the technology at the main stores and at Petco Unleashed.

Apple Pay started out with four banks: American Express, Chase, Capital One and Wells Fargo. But that list has grown to 23 with the addition of AT&T, Bank of America, Citi, USAA and U.S. Bank.

Apple Pay was one of the first companies to accept Apple Pay payments in their stores.

The company wanted to allow it to concentrate on its core business, and it is doing that by using mobile apps and cloud technology.

Petco had already had a fairly similar system in place for wireless payment, where customers could scan their cards without entering their card credentials.

Near Field Communication allows the card to communicate directly with the cash register. This results in faster checkout.

Does Petco Accept Apple Pay Online?

The reason Petco do not accept Apple Pay is because the company is not yet certified, but the company is working on it.

Petco itself has not made any mention of Apple Pay’s availability online and you can read the fine print which says that you must be a member of in order to use Apple Pay.

Well you can, but you have to use a much more complex method.

Luckily there is a workaround that lets you use Apple Pay on Petco’s website via a third party app called Zip (formerly known as Quadpay). If you don’t have a physical Apple Pay card, you can use a virtual one (aka a debit card or credit card linked to your Apple ID).

A temporary Visa credit card is provided to the guest, that is only used for purchases.

It’s meant to keep your credit card number safe, but we’ve found a way to make it do more than that.

1. Go to and follow the online store link, then log in.
2. Find and select the Petco option.
3. Select the Apple Pay option.
4. Select the payment method you’d like to use and follow the prompts.

 When you use the Petco Card, you can add cash from your virtual Apple Pay account and use it to pay for items you order at the company’s website.

Does Petco Accept Apple Pay for Curbside Pickup?

Petco doesn’t accept Apple Pay for curb side pickup.

Curbside pickup is a service that we can only access if you place an order online. It’s not possible to use Apple Pay at Curbside at this time.

What Forms of Payment Does Petco Accept?

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

Petco is working with Klarna to offer customers a more flexible way to pay for purchases.

How Do I Add My Petco Card to the Apple Wallet?

To add a payment method to Apple Wallet, make sure you have a payment method you can add to Apple Wallet, and then download the Wallet app on your device and visit the Edit Payment Method page on the Payment tab within the app.

The only way you can add a credit card is to use a third-party service.

The Pass2U Wallet app allow you to add any card that has a barcode to your Apple Wallet. Whether or not the card is officially supported.

You have to log into the account in Petco’s website with your email and password, then add a card.

At this point, you should have a Wallet card that you can use at any of the stores of your choice that support Apple Pay, including Walgreens and Starbucks.

Pass2U does not require you to create an account to use the app, so you can set up your cards as soon as you’re done downloading and installing.

To create a card, choose **+ New** from the bottom of your cards list and create a new one, then give it a name and description.

To learn more, you can also read about whether or not Petco offers military discounts, Petco price matches, and when does Petco restock.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to most stores that sell Petsafe within the first 30 days of your purchase. For more details, see Petco’s Return Policy.


The pet store chain is only accepting Apple Pay at its physical stores, not online. This means that you cannot use Apple Pay for curbside pickup at Petco. You can also pay through credit or debit cards, gift cards, or rewards points.

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