Purple Heart Forever Stamps (what They Mean, Prices + More)

Purple Hearts are given to soldiers who have been wounded. They’re the most prestigious of all military awards and come in three colors: white, blue and purple.

The first Purple Heart stamp is a commemorative issue, which means it is only part of a series of stamps with a specific theme. In this case, the theme was the 100th anniversary of the First World War. As well as the Purple Heart stamps, the series also included two Vietnam stamps and a handful of other stamps.

Purple Heart Forever Stamps In 2022

USPS used to issue stamps honoring soldiers who received the Purple Heart. In 1999, the first Purple Heart Forever Stamps were released. In 2003, the denomination was changed to the Purple Heart Forever denomination of $7, and the design was updated so the stamp had a purple border. Then in 2019, USPS once again updated the stamp.

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What Is The Forever Purple Heart Stamp For?

The United States Postal Service created the Purple Heart Forever stamp to honor all US soldiers who were awarded the Purple Heart but did not die in service.

This medal was given by President Washington as a badge in recognition for meritorious action.

The two countries have been at war for centuries and have been known to be rivals. They share the same blood but only because it was drawn by the first American and the last French.

The Purple Heart was created by Congress for the purpose of honoring members of the Armed Forces who were wounded or killed in combat.

According to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the award bestows the Purple Heart on those that have been seriously wounded in combat and who have contributed to the American war effort.

Common soldiers are the people who joined military service. They are not the ones who have reached the military rank of Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, or any higher rank.

The U.S. Postal Service’s Purple Heart stamp pays homage and respect to those who bravely sacrificed themselves for their country.

What Do Purple Heart Forever Stamps Look Like?

The 2019 Purple Heart Forever Stamp design was released in 2019, and this version features a purple heart, suspended from a purple and white ribbon, and surrounded by gold.

The profile bust of George Washington figures atop the medal, along with the coat of arms.

While a white border would create a more symmetrical appearance, it is also a very generic design that would not appeal to most people.

Before the 2019 Purple Heart stamp, USPS started selling the 2012 version of the stamp. That version of the stamp only had a border.

Are Purple Heart Stamps Still Good?

All USPS postage stamps never expire, so they are also never canceled.

If your stamp is non-adhesive (in other words, the adhesive has worn off), then you should probably not use it.

Even though the Purple Heart Forever stamps that were issued in 2012 or later, will cover the cost of postage, regardless of the current rate or how much you bought them for.

Forever stamps will forever be the same in value as the current first-class ounce rate.

Note that the $5.00 premium for the Purple Heart is a part of the Purple Heart Foundation’s administrative expenses, rather than a tax on each individual stamp.

How Much Is A Purple Heart Stamp Worth?

While we already have the purple versions of the Forever Stamp, the latest 2019 version are already out there.

It happened right after they announced Forever stamps that’s called Purple Heart stamps.

It is obvious that we need a stamp with a more permanent imprint, something that will last beyond one year.

Besides just the two versions of Forever stamps, the Postal Service made two new Purple Heart stamps with different monetary values.

The Purple Heart, the oldest of the branches of the U.S. military, was designed in 1882 during the Spanish-American War, when it was also awarded to Private Michael J. O’Rourke.

In 2010, the USPS introduced two stamps for $0.42 each. One had a water-activated adhesive and the other self-adhesive.

But in 2013, the USPS released a stamp that featured the number 1 for the first time in over 50 years.

Further, if you have a Purple Heart stamp, the more money you write on it, the more its worth.

The current First Class Mail rates will be applied to the postage if you’re mailing a letter.

Where Can I Buy Purple Heart Forever Stamps?

You can purchase the Purple Heart Forever stamp in a variety of ways.

Stamps are easy to find at your local Post Office and on the postal website. The website is www.usps.com. You can also purchase stamps at your local post office, through the mail or by telephone. To order, you can either call 800-STAMP-24. Or you can order through a web site such as www.usps.com.

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If you have a friend or family member who is serving in the military, you can show your support by purchasing a pack of the USPS’ Purple Heart Forever stamps.

Forever stamps are always going to hold their value no matter what.
And what’s fascinating about them is that they’re worth a lot more than their face value.
It’s because they come with an incredible collector’s bonus.

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