Walmart Headphone Return Policy (used, No Receipt + More)

Whether you’re at work, the gym or relaxing on the couch, headphones are essential. So customers head to Walmart in search of high-quality, budget-friendly headphones that’ll help them on their quest for the perfect music.

While it can be very confusing to know the best style of coffee to buy, there are a few styles and brands that are known to produce coffee that is considered to be the best. The best espresso or coffee is not found in every Starbucks or other coffee store.

Walmart aims to satisfy every customer, but does the return policy cover a pair of headphones? I’ll tell you all you need to know!

Walmart Headphone Return Policy 2022

Customers can return items to Walmart (including AirPods) within 30 days of purchase. If items are eligible for a refund, a store credit or gift card will be issued. If items are not eligible for a refund, a store credit will be issued.

In the second part of the article, the author provides these details for the headphone category.

If you want to learn more about returning headphones with no packaging, no box, or online, keep on reading.

How Do I Return Headphones To Walmart Stores?

Before heading to a Walmart store, make sure the headphones are placed in their original packaging with any additional accessories.

It’s also important to note that a refund of the headphones will take a minimum of 10 business days, and a refund of the shipping fee will take a minimum of 20 business days.

If you are shopping online, it is a good idea to bring the order form along with you; in addition, you may be able to complete your return via the website.

If you are returning the headphones it has to be within the 30-day window and you have to have the receipt and proof of purchase.

You will get your payment by one of our payment methods, check, western union or money transfer.

If you purchased the headphones with a Walmart gift card, the money will be returned on a new in-store gift card (sometimes a receipt).

This means that I should be able to use my old gift card with Apple Music, right?


The same applies to the Apple Card.

And for the future, what is the status of the Apple Card?

The Apple Card is currently closed (but you can still use it).

Do You Need A Receipt To Return Headphones At Walmart?

Yes, customers will need to provide their receipt or online order number if they require a refund by email or text message.

You can check the receipt and return the item only if the item doesn’t fall into any of these exceptions.

Customers can also receive credit from the retailer if they need to replace their headphones or a headphone jack is damaged.

Headphones costing less than $25 are given a cash refund, whereas higher priced headphones are given a Walmart gift card.

For additional return help, please visit our Full Return Policy page.

For more information, please visit our Customer Service page.

Can You Return Used Or Opened Headphones?

To ensure the best customer experience, Walmart is limiting return to opened, unopened and returned headphones purchased from Marketplace sellers. Walmart says these returned items must be in returnable condition, with no damage or defect.

Customers can exchange their product for an alternative from the same manufacturer if the headphones are defective or damaged. If the headphones are defective or damaged, customers can also receive a refund for the original cost of the product if they use the product for 30 days.

Does Walmart Return All Headphone Types And Brands?

This means Walmart will return any headphones you purchased from Walmart regardless of the brand.

You can use this program whether you are buying your new smartphone online or in person at a store of Walmart.

Shall I Return Headphones To Walmart By Mail?

Walmart makes headphones available at a discounted price through its website and customers can return the merchandise under the order history tab.

Return and Replace Program. Choose either refund or replacement and pick ‘return by mail.’ Print and attach the free returns shipping label and drop it at your local USPS or FedEx location.

Please note that refunds are only available at the original point of purchase. You will not be able to request a refund for products you purchased elsewhere.

Can You Return Headphones Purchased From Walmart Marketplace?

Customers can return headphones purchased from Walmart Marketplace but should be aware that third-party merchants often operate different return policies.

To return headphones, you must follow the steps on the product page and include the original product packaging.

The seller can be found in the product description with sold and shipped. It’s also possible to determine the return policy in the product information.

Marketplace-bought headphones can be returned to stores, but it’s always a good idea to check before you buy.
This also applies for Amazon Music, because I don’t know what you can return on Marketplace.
And finally, if you buy something from Amazon Music, you can return that too.

Start a return by mail by logging into your Walmart account from mobile or computer; or contact Walmart’s Customer Care team.

What Do I Do If Walmart Denies My Headphone Return?

Walmart store managers determine whether a return is valid and whether it should be processed. In the case of a dispute over the return policy, Walmart sends an exchange or repair.

If there is no local store that can process your request, you will need to go to a store nearby.

If you’re returning a product purchased from Walmart, you can either use our return form or go to a Walmart store to return it.

Conclusion: What Is Walmart’s Headphone Return Policy?

Customers will have 30 days from purchase or delivery to return headphones bought directly from Walmart. Marketplace headphones are returnable for a minimum of 14 days. Bring headphones with their receipt, order number, original packaging, and accessories to receive a full refund. Returns of Marketplace products will be automatically processed.

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