Best Buy Headphones Return Policy (used, Open Box, No Receipt, + More)

Best Buy has an extensive collection of electronic products at the lowest prices. The company’s return policy helps it in remaining competitive.

 Headphones are a necessary part of any gadget. Consequently, your buy them fast since they are easily sold. Because of this, it might be time to ask the question. What is Best Buy’s  headphones return policy? Read on!

Best Buy Headphones Return Policy In 2022

Best Buy will allow customers to return headphones purchased from Best Buy stores and within 15 days of purchase as of 2022. The return policy dictates that headphones must be returned in a “new-like condition” and have all accessories included for a full refund.

If you buy all new, brand new, and new at Best Buy headphones are guaranteed to work and will always be covered by our 2 year warranty.

What Model/Brand Of Headphones Can Be Returned To Best Buy?

You can return any headphones purchased at Best Buy to the store when you aren’t happy with them.

I heard that Best Buy allows customers to return a pair of headphones for a refund, exchange, or replacement.

If you have purchased a pair of Over Ear On-Ear headphones, Sleepbuds, Wireless, True Wireless, or Earbuds In-ear, you can return it to Best Buy if you’re unsatisfied with it.

You can also return any headphones brands you purchase from any store, including Best Buy, and the company will pay for the return shipping.

There is no mention of return policy for Best Buy but you usually don’t have to return an item if you have received it in a timely manner and the item has been delivered correctly.

Can I Return Headphones Without A Receipt To Best Buy?

Customers can purchase an audio and video recorder together at Best Buy and return the recorder without a receipt. This is a great option if returning the device. The company requires an alternative proof of purchase to be provided to process the return without a receipt.

You can provide proof of purchase by showing the packaging slip or a credit card/details accompanied by a valid I.D. to be matched with your original purchase.

Is It Okay To Return Used Headphones To Best Buy?

Customer can exchange his/ her headphone for an equivalent headphone or for $25. Best Buy has a policy where they ask a 10/20/30-day return period for the customer to return the headphones. This policy also applies to the Best Buy warranty.

The company says that you can return these headphones in their original packaging at any Best Buy location within the US to get a refund.
For more information about the recall, check out this link from Samsung.

Will Best Buy Accept Open Box Headphone Returns?

In stores, if you exchange a product, including headphones, return it to the store, the store will exchange or give you a credit.

The reason is that the headphone socket is fixed to the charging port, and if the headphone is damaged, the headphones will not be able to charge.

What Is Best Buy’s Return Policy On Opened Headphones?

Customers at BestBuy can return opened headphones to receive a refund, replacement, or exchange. In addition, they can replace the original accessories and packaging of the headphones.

You can return it for a refund or exchange it with a different one.
It is not possible to return the original with the other.

If the price difference is more than $10, then Best Buy will charge you for the difference, and you do not have to pay the shipping charge.

Is It Possible To Return A Pair Of Headphones For A Different Colored One To Best Buy?

That is because Best Buy accepts a wide variety of customizations.

The ear pads are nice and soft and I don’t experience that much of the annoying “sticky” ear pad sensation. There is little or no noise isolation, which is unfortunate. I use the closed back version with noise cancellation, and it works ok, but the combination of ANC and noise isolation are what really make the S10s great for me.

When shopping in the Apple Stores:

Black and white models of the same headphones have the same model number and same product code regardless of the color they are in.

For example, both a Black and a White pair of the Beats Solo3 Wireless have the model number MP3: 3DJ3LL/A. They also have the same product code: 8155088.

In other stores however, Black and White headphones might have different model numbers and different product codes.

If the new color has the same price as the original one, you will pay the difference. (This is why the “Original” price is more than the “Original” color only).

Can I Return A Final Sale Headphone To Best Buy?

There’s no way to return the item. You can return the packaging and they will either give you a refund or exchange it.

“Final sale” means that the product is final sale and cannot be cancelled even after purchase.

Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee On Headphones?

The products sold at Best Buy are not eligible for the return policy.

If you want to cancel your membership for a full refund, the refund must be made within six months of the purchase.

Your money would be refunded if the packaging is found to have been damaged in the process of delivery.

Can Best Buy Deny My Headphone Return Request?

In the United States, you can return products that do not meet the standards of your return policy.

If you leave it too long, it will eventually be rejected and you can’t re-order the items in the cart.

Accessories and items that are missing may call for a denial of the Best Buy return service.

You may be asked to provide additional information, such as a letter of verification, proof of a prior purchase or a driver’s license, but this information is requested for verification purposes only.
Additionally, Best Buy may send you a follow-up email with additional information, instructions or a coupon that may be used at a later time.

You can also find more information regarding how to return Samsung Galaxy S7 or other products on Best Buy’s website.


Best Buy is an inclusive store that has a large assortment of headphones that fit any type of consumer. You will find return policies that are as flexible as the headphones themselves.

Customers can use the Best Buy store services based on their membership status.

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