Does Fedex Print Labels? (all You Need To Know)

Whether your printer is broken or you don’t have time to run home, there are plenty of reasons why you might be looking for alternative printing options. Luckily, FedEx makes printing shipping labels a cinch.
All it takes is a FedEx account and a barcode reader to print and send shipping labels.
The FedEx shipping label printer features easy-to-use instructions and lets you print from your desktop or online.

This article will tell you how to find the FedEx location nearest to you, how to use their free shipping services, and how to order printing services. So make sure to read this if you need to get your printer labels fast.

Does FedEx Print Labels In 2022?

If you’re shipping an item and you want to print your shipping label, you can:

Print a label through the FedEx Store, which you can access by clicking “Shipping Labels” on the FedEx app.
Scan a shipping label using the FedEx app and add the label to your shipment.
Scan a shipping label using the FedEx app and add the label to your shipment.

For more comprehensive information about all of the products that FedEx has to offer, click here!

Can FedEx Print Shipping Labels?

You can print shipping labels in the store in order to ship packages.

Further, the store can send an email with a scanned copy of the shipping label or print an email to a QR code or barcode.

How Does Printing Shipping Labels At FedEx Work?

FedEx makes it easy for you to get your labels printed on the FedEx location nearest to you. So, follow these steps below to get started.

Let’s make a new component.

Find the FedEx store nearest you using our online store locator tool.

We have two groups x and y.

You can choose the most convenient location from the listed options.

Now, we are going to use the previous steps to create our own database.

To make the printing job more precise, click the “Copy and Print” button.

Next you will need to create two new accounts on your server.

Click on the location to be copied.

Click the green “Copy” button to save and return to your desktop.

The next step is to integrate the code into the application.

If you have a retail store email address ask an employee for the shipping label in the email.

In regards to the label, you will need to email the label to the address we provided. The fee varies depending on the number of labels you order.

If (the character is a vowel)
increment the character’s vowel counter by one.

There’s a barcode on this product. If you see one, take a picture of it on your phone. Then show it to the employee. They can scan it and have the label printed out for you.

Where Do I Go To Have FedEx Print Shipping Labels?

There are participating FedEx Offices, FedEx Ship Centers, and Walgreens stores you can use to print a shipping label for any package that you may send.

As a location, it’s going to give you information on whether or not they’re available in your area. You can choose to go to a FedEx store, a FedEx delivery center, or an official FedEx location to purchase the package.

How Much Does It Cost To Have FedEx Print A Shipping Label For You?

If you send your shipping label to FedEx’s email address to print your shipping label, a small fee applies.


Thank you, your shipping confirmation was successfully sent.

If you are using the mobile app to label your packages, you no longer need to pay shipping.

Can FedEx Create A Label For Me?

If you’re wondering if you can get a label from FedEx, you may be wondering if you need a label.

Of course, there are some limitations. No FedEx Express office is able to do your online express label. And, none of the retail locations can print or print/stamp the label in-store. But, that’s why you need a account and the FedEx Print & Ship app. The app is available in the app store on iOS or Android.

To do so, an employee will take the package to the shipping department, ask for the recipient’s address, and then have you select which service you’d like to use (e.g., Home Delivery, Ground, or Priority).

Once you receive a notification from the print station that your package is ready to be shipped, you’ll get a new notification in your inbox that asks you to pick a shipping method.

To learn more about FedEx shipping, you can read our posts on whether FedEx requires a tracking number, how to calculate the shipping cost, how long a package takes to arrive, and if FedEx ships internationally.


If you don’t have a printer or if you are busy and need to ship a label, FedEx has a printing service that can save the day.

But, the great thing about this whole situation is that you don’t have to be at all concerned about FedEx’s policies or what exactly happens when you submit your order and don’t have your label printed.

There are many services available to print from QR codes and e-mailed labels. It is also free or extremely cheap to print from a smartphone.

You can use FedEx to print labels for all of your shipment.

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