Fedex Return Label (how To Print One, What Are They + More)

Most eCommerce companies find that they can cut shipping costs by more than half and, more importantly, increase the rate of customer retention by up to 30% by offering this service.

Return labels are what make the process of returning something really simple and efficient. Customers can now just give their item back at the store they bought from and the company will be able to find and confirm where the item was purchased from.

What Is a FedEx Return Label?

As a business, using Return Label Service (RLS) is an easy way to provide a customer with a seamless returns process. Return labels can be printed to provide customers with a faster and more efficient returns process. Pricing is calculated automatically and is based on the shipping service, package weight, and distance.

You can learn all about shipping labels when you read this article at this link! You should also consider reading about the other facts about shipping.

How Do FedEx Return Labels Work?

(1) receive advance payment for the goods sold; and
(2) maintain a minimum inventory of those goods, from which the prepaid return labels are printed; and
(3) deliver the prepaid return labels to the customers.

What Types of FedEx Return Labels Are There?

There are different types of FedEx return labels depending on how the package needs to be returned to the shipping company.

It’s not an expense, it’s a benefit. By paying for shipping, you can track the shipment, and if the product is lost or damaged in transit, you have proof of what happened. In many cases it will be easy to trace the package to the customer and issue a full refund.

You can either print out the label or present your barcode at a FedEx Office

The barcode on the right of the label contains information about the order.

Why Should I Include a FedEx Return Label With Orders?

A tight budded merchant might be wondering why he or she should include return labels with incoming orders that include a return label.

I don’t think it’s necessary to say there are many reasons.

Return processing is made easier than ever because we can use Return Express to process returns. It saves us precious time and effort.

Sellers can control the price of a shipment by selecting the cheapest shipping option offered.

How Do I Create a Return Label for FedEx?

Now that you’ve selected what you would like to write on the FedEx return label, you need to decide if you will print your own label or you will print and apply yours.

How Much Is a FedEx Return Label?

FedEx pricing for their return labels vary based on the weight of the package, the shipping service they selected, and the distance the package will travel.

For example, heavier packages travel on heavier trucks which cost more, are transported with greater speed, and have more distance to travel.

The more labels you request, the more you’ll have to pay, depending on their width. In our sample, the labels are only five inches wide, but you can request different labels with a higher-resolution inkjet printer.

A little more about FedEx UK shipping is available in our post on when you should use a FedEx shipping label.


Return labels enable businesses to ensure they are getting more out of shipping, and also allow customers to have a hassle-free returns process.

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