Do Fedex Labels Expire? (all You Need To Know)

So, you decide to grab your handy-dandy stopwatch and take a quick peek at the time. Sure enough, the clock reads 11:59:59. So, you head on over to your package and leave it there. You’ve got plenty of time and you don’t want anything to impede your delivery of your package so you don’t think twice about leaving it there until your package arrives on its way.

In Part I of this article, we’re going to tell you about the basics of FedEx shipping labels. From start to finish, we’ll explain everything that you need to know about FedEx shipping labels, including the different types, the difference between the regular and the express shipping labels, and what each of them cost. But before we get started, let’s make sure you’ve got the information you need.

Do FedEx Labels Expire In 2022?

After the 2-week expiration period, a label expires. This can cause trouble with the delivery of packages, as labels are one of the only reliable ways of tracking packages through FedEx. To prevent such problems, FedEx requires that labels be used within 2 weeks of printing.

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Do FedEx Shipping Labels Expire?

Some FedEx labels expire after a period of time, but they might differ depending on the products you ship.

Labels that are sent by email can be printed and used for up to 2 weeks, even if they are not opened. Once they are opened, they must be used within 2 weeks. If not, they expire.

Do Prepaid FedEx Return Labels Expire?

If you use a third-party provider to print your FedEx shipping labels, do not worry too much about it.

The good news is that you can create a return address for an email that will expire after 2 years, allowing you to get messages out quickly.

When businesses receive orders, they can print these labels and attach them to the packaging along with the products.

There are no additional costs to customers when using labels. Companies aren’t charged for postage unless the customer uses the label.

What If I Create a FedEx Label But Don’t Ship Before It Expires?

If a FedEx shipping label expires before you have the chance to send your package (i.e. if it’s been more than 2 weeks since printing), you should discard it and create a new one.

There’s no need to do anything if you want to cancel a label. You will not be charged anything. Your money will be returned to you in the bank within three to five days.

Does FedEx Offer Refunds for Shipping Labels That Weren’t Used?

If there’s never been a transaction, you can’t refund the cost of the shipping label.

If you purchased your label on the App Store, you can contact the App Store using the support page on Apple’s website.
If you purchased your label on Amazon, you can go to Amazon’s contact page and contact Amazon.

If you are just an average consumer who only buys labels now and then, you are probably not going to have to do anything special to get a refund.

… you could just use their online form to print out the label now, and not worry about wasting your ink.

In the case that you purchased the label from a third-party vendor, you may be able to get a refund by contacting the customer service center.

If you know that you’re not going to use a label, it’s not going to cause you any harm if you void it, regardless of whether you’re being charged or not.

The billing process for those with business accounts is different.

But if a label is not used for shipping, FedEx only charges for the shipping and handling costs.

So, if the label you created never gets used by the customer, you won’t be charged for it.

Do FedEx Tracking Numbers Expire?

To track a FedEx shipment, you must enter the tracking number in the FedEx website.
The tracking number must be for a FedEx Express, FedEx Express Freight, FedEx Ground, FedEx SmartPost, or FedEx Custom critical shipment.

FedEx Freight shipment information is available for two years after the shipment was delivered.

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It’s recommended to print a shipping label on your own when it comes to shipping a package to FedEx. It’s just a bit of an extra step to take, especially if you haven’t done it before. You want to make sure to have at least 2 weeks to use your shipping label.

If you want to cancel your shipment, the process is really straightforward. Just call the FedEx Office to cancel the shipment, and they’ll take care of it from there.

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