Do Usps Shipping Labels Expire? (+ Other Common Faqs)

If you want to use the services of the United States Postal Service, you have to do some work. You must first print your own shipping labels.

Yes, shipping labels can expire. If for whatever reason you need to use an old label, you’re out of luck. It’s not a good idea to use one from years ago because there is no guarantee that it’s still valid.
You may also want to check with your own post office to make sure you’re okay with using the old label.

Do USPS Shipping Labels Expire In 2022?

You have up to a year from the time you ship or send the item to return or exchange the item to have the option to do so. If you don’t return or exchange the item, the shipping label will no longer be valid 28 days after you’re done with the transaction.

When you order shipping labels from our company, you can be sure they will be valid at the time of delivery. We take great care in providing you with accurate information so you will know exactly what you are ordering and when you can expect that they will be delivered.
If your labels will expire after you order them, do not worry.

How Long Does It Take For A USPS Shipping Label To Expire?

You should be careful about using USPS labels. You can only have one label at a time, and that label will expire after 28 days. So you would have to use a new label to use it again.

Although this is the general rule of thumb, with most post offices, they will still ship your package even if the label is expired, provided that it is shipped two to three days within the expiry date.

I’ve seen some post offices in Japan that accept packages with labels that have been expired for weeks, although that is a less common practice.

The reason why the package was stuck at the post office was because the shipping label was expired.

They should not take things with expired labels with them. So, this is a violation of the rules when they do this.

That said, you can check with your local post office to see if it got sent to them (in which case they could take care of it) or if the postman just threw it in the trash, in which case you will have to take care of it yourself.

However, when you get in, it’s important to remember that once you’re there, you’re in–and you’re still there–so you need to treat yourself like a guest for the duration of your stay.

If your local post office refuses to send your package even though the label is expired by days or months, you can always request to talk to the local postmaster.

If no package is available, make sure that the customer doesn’t have a long delay in getting it. If the customer says ‘no’ due to not being able to come by the store, make sure that they do get the package. Otherwise, you will keep losing money from that customer who won’t be able to get to the store.

The post office will be able to track packages and make sure everything is delivered on time.

How Can You Tell If A USPS Shipping Label Is Expired?

If you do not know your USPS label expiration date then you need to replace it. Also, you can check the USPS website for more information.

When shopping at a store, the “ship by” date is used as a guide for postal workers to ensure that they’re not sending the package too early or too late.

When you order from them, your package might arrive tomorrow or even the next day.

If you need something to arrive in under two weeks, you might want to choose a faster shipping option than Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

Since the USPS has always been a ‘drop off’ service, it never really had to worry about how long someone’s item would sit around on a truck, but the situation is different with shipments of less than 1,000 pieces.

Basically, if you’re unsure whether your local post office will accept your package with an expired shipping label, the best thing you can do is ask! You never know–one day, they might be open to new and exciting shipping methods.

What Do You Do If Your USPS Shipping Label Expires?

If you’re shipping your package with the USPS and your USPS shipping label expires before you are able to ship your package, don’t panic! The USPS will still put your package in the mail, just like they always do even with an expired label.

If your package is old, you can always try to contact your local post office and see if they can take it despite its being past the expiry date.

If the shipping label is expired, the parcel is too heavy or the shipping price is too high, check out UPS. They are a shipping company that does same day shipping.

You have up to ten days to make a refund request to the USPS. If you are going to send to the post office, you will want to do so with at least a week to get a response. It is good practice to send the package back to the post office immediately, to ensure that the label is scanned and sent back to you, as soon as possible, and to avoid any issues.

Once you click the request refund button, you can use that money to purchase a new shipping label!

Shipping labels can be purchased from an online shipping software provider for discounted prices.

The company’s customer service representatives will not say “no”. This is for a good reason. They want customers to like their products.

Finally, if you’re interested in a few great resources on cutting down on your shipping costs, check out this helpful, informative article with a list of resources!

How Do You Print A USPS Shipping Label?

If you want to save time and money by printing your own shipping labels, then here are the steps to do so.

There are several reasons you should make a USAPSC account. First, you can request a tracking number online when ordering your packages shipped. Second, you can request that certain packages be delivered to certain locations. Finally, you can add or subtract shipping charges from a shipping label.

Once you have established your account and uploaded your logo, you can click on the “Clink-N-Ship” section.

After you click the template, you are then taken to a page to complete the shipping label.

Finally, you can type the tracking number to view the shipment and view the tracking info.

You do not need to do anything, this process will continue to run until you are ready for the package to be shipped.

To get the best postage rate though, we’d suggest you try printing an extra copy of the label. Depending on the item, it’s possible to get the free shipping with the flat rate shipping from the USPS.

With all these things in mind, the best part about relying on a shipping label service is that you can purchase shipping labels and postage at the most discounted rate available.

Also you can see our posts on the USPS requirements about sending gifts, or if you have to use a USPS address to send a gift.


They can expire up to 28 days after they are created, but if no items are shipped yet, they never expire.

If you have a few days left and your package is going out of the country, most post offices will still ship it even if you don’t have a valid shipping label.

And you can’t expect that someone else would do anything either. It’s not a “we can pay the fine” case, it’s a “can we buy the thing, or someone else can” case.

If you’re having trouble printing out your label, there are a number of online sites where you can get a free shipping label printed at your local post office.

To print at home:

To export to a PDF, you may need to use another software.

You can also use an online shipping service, allowing you to purchase labels and postage at “Commercial Pricing”, the most discounted rate available.

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