How To Use A Usps Qr Code (all You Need To Know)

If you have a printer, you’ll find it much easier to print, copy, scan, and fax your documents, but if you don’t, you’ll be stuck with your old-school paper.

Label Broker is a free app that’s available for the iPhone and Android. Once downloaded, you simply scan the QR code provided by USPS. You then select the correct label size and paper, and voilà!

How to Use a USPS QR Code in 2022

You and the clerk will take your package to the counter, where the clerk will scan the code into the system. If you pay first class postage, they will then weigh, count, and charge the item for shipping.

To read about how QRCode works here in a nutshell, go ahead and download and install the QR Code app from any app store. You can then scan the QR code for your product to view the product in the app. Then you can add a QR Code to your website to have the customer add it to their phone.

What Is USPS Label Broker?

If you don’t have access to a printer, you can print your labels on the USPS website by going to and then typing in the zip codes of your destination and city.

Whether you’re returning something or sending something out for the first time, Label Broker can come to your rescue if you don’t have a printer.

If you already have your QR code for the return or return shipping label, do so first.

If you’re using Click-N-Ship, you’ll be able to see the QR code for your Label Broker order here.

Label Actions allows you to change the label type and if you want to insert a field, you can do that as well.

The printer will say, “Printing will be faster if you use the Post Office.” Instead of telling the printer to print something, click OK.

The postal service, if you’ll allow me to use the verb, will, by an act of sheer will, be able to read the encoded message on the tag.

Put your code in the shipping label for your parcel, add your tracking number and go to the Post Office.

You can perform a search here for Mailing Services. Press Show Filters and select Label Broker from the list of Mailing Services.

You’ll show them your QR code and they’ll print the label, affix it to the outside of the package, and hand it to you.

Once you have the source code, you’re very clear that you’re developing on Java 8 and you’re not developing on Java 7.

A few things to note: If you need to print out multiple labels at the Post Office, you can use the same QR code multiple times (you are not limited to one).

You can request a label broker QR code at any point after you select the Label Broker QR option.

Will USPS Print Your Label With a QR Code?

A QR code is a way to link a website or app to a specific spot on a physical object. The problem here is that you’ll need another software to scan the QR code and get a URL.

To find out which Post Offices in your Area will accept a Label Broker(r) Printer, start at USPS Locations, select Show Filters, and click on the box next to Label Broker.

When you open the search, it’ll tell you where your QR code can be scanned.

However, if you do use a PPL Labeler, and you want to use the same labeler for both your Parcel Drop and for mailing labels, I can’t see that working.

How Do You Scan a USPS QR Code?

Another way that you can get your own address is by using a postal mail service.

If you receive PS form 3849, the most common reason is that your package was undeliverable. A QR code can be found on the form.

You must add a variable called “reschedule_delivery” in the script and change the value to 1 to reschedule the delivery and if you have 1 for that, it means you can reschedule it.

iphone 8/8+/8s users: if you have an iPhone 8/8s/8+, you can open the camera and point it at the QR code; a box should appear around the code, reading it automatically.

The QR code is a special kind of barcode and can be scanned by many mobile devices and computers. This allows content to be downloaded on to your computer or mobile device.

This is a web based address that will make your package go through a second scan after it leaves USPS.

Can You Print a Shipping Label From a QR Code?

You cannot print a USPS shipping label from a QR code; that’s the sole domain of the Post Office in the United States.

If you want to access your shipping label for printing, simply sign in to your account, navigate to Click-N-Ship, then click the button that says View Label, and open the PDF.

Can You Use a QR Code at a USPS Kiosk?

The kiosks are set up with a different QR code reader than the ones that ship and receive packages from Amazon. So your QR code won’t work.

Once you have paid your purchase, go the the front desk and ask the clerk to print the required label.

Read our new posts on what to do if USPS label is already on a package, where the package will be delivered, and what happens if USPS package is stolen.


Label Broker is the only company who enables you to print QR and other barcode labels on your own printers. Unlike those other websites, we don’t ask you to spend hours trying to figure out how to print your own label. Simply enter a URL or QR code to get started, and we’ll set up everything else for you.

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