Usps 228 Labels (meaning, Dimensions + How To Use)

The most well-known Priority Mail product is the so-called “Priority Mail Express” package. It combines USPS’ basic service with an expedited shipping label.

An important note about Priority Mail labels: they contain postage, so you’ll need somewhere to put them. They’re small and thin, so you can take them with you anywhere. They’re also waterproof, so you can stick them on mail in even the worst conditions.

USPS 228 Labels In 2022

The USPS Priority Mail labels are very similar to the regular mail labels and they can be purchased at your local Post Office or on the Internet. The Priority Mail labels measure 4-1/2” (H) x 5-3/4” (W) and are free of charge.

To learn more about printing labels, you’ll need to read the rest of the article.

Where Can I Get USPS 228 Labels?

If you go to the post office or online you can get a stack of USPS 228 labels or envelopes. The cost will be the same as for plain red envelopes.

You can get them printed to your specifications, or you can use our blank labels.

You can buy the stamps from the UPS store by clicking this link, or from your local post office by going to a regular post office location and ask an employee to print the stamp out for you.

This involves you entering the name of the sender and recipient, along with the amount you want to send to the recipient along with whether its a 1st or 3rd-day air letter.

A person can complete the certification and have it printed and posted to them in a very short amount of time.

You can obtain a blank set of labels with the USPS website. You can order a set of 10.

How Do I Print A USPS 228 Label?

You can either login to your USPS account or if you don’t have one you can create an account by going to and registering with your information.

On the left menu, select Settings.

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Head on to the USPS website and choose Click-N-Ship tab. Enter your username and password, then click continue.

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As you have filled the form, we have reviewed your application and will contact you soon.

Click “Continue” and you will see 3 fields to fill in the address and other items.

3- When the user navigates to the screen with the form, an alert is shown to confirm the confirmation.

Look at the bottom left corner of the website, you will see “United States” and “Go”.

When you receive and open the package from Amazon and check the return address, it should be the same as the return address of the shipping label.

This is the email address that your friend is using to send the link to the event.

You have to enter a package weight and a shipping date. Go back to
the top, where you can select a shipping method.

The next step is to turn the image into a vector using the Hough transform.

The website offers two methods for paying online; one is by using a credit card and the other is by paying directly to the Post Office. The cost of both options are displayed below the listing.

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The most important step to complete any project is the planning. To do this, firstly you should have a basic plan. Then you can go from there.

Review the shipping label before moving onto the checkout page.

You will be asked to enter your payment information, including your credit card and billing information (e.g. your name, address, and credit card number).

When you click “Print” on your label, you will be shown the print options, where you can print a single label or multiple labels. You can also edit the options and choose to print using either your home printer or your FedEx Office printer.

If you’re using the online version of this tutorial, you’ll be asked if you want to print the label on standard paper. If you want to print the label on actual paper, you’ll need to change this setting in the printer.

What Do USPS 228 Labels Look Like?

USA Postal Service 228 labels have a white rectangle in the middle of it, with a thin black stripe around the top and bottom edges.

The priority mail label looks like it belongs to a company that is very serious about its business.

When you use a label, you can make it easier for the recipient and keep all of the important information in one place.

What Size Is USPS Label 228?

These labels are made to measure to fit your custom containers.

How Much Do USPS 228 Labels Cost?

The label is made with a premium grade self-adhesive. Many of its competitors’ price theirs at a high cost and at times, they are out of stock.

If you want to buy a label that costs $0.00, you’ll need to find a Post Office that will sell you the stamp you need to attach it to an envelope.

To learn how to do a USPS domestic return, please go to our post on USPS domestic returns.


The online ordering system for USPS’ Priority Mail, which can be found at the above link, asks for what is called the “mail piece type and quantity.” To order blank labels, you should select the “Blank L.P.” option.

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