Does Ups Deliver To Hawaii? (all You Need To Know)

UPS is a national carrier, so they deliver to all 50 states. They usually require you to sign for your packages which is not a big deal, it’s only like $1.49!

Being a large shipper, UPS is a top choice for many companies. They offer a diverse range of services and are constantly evolving to stay on top of new trends.

Does UPS Deliver To Hawaii In 2022?

The service starts for UPS Next Day Air in the most parts of Hawaii. Also, the carrier will do its best to deliver on weekends but some of the UPS delivery options are not available on weekends and also some restrictions might apply.

Read about how to use UPS to ship to Hawaii to learn all you need to know about using UPS to ship to Hawaii, including how long it takes, how much it costs, and more.

How Much Is Shipping To Hawaii Via UPS?

Even if you do really well in school and you are selected to perform in a state competition in Hawaii and you have to travel there will almost certainly be extra expenses.

There are also different rates depending on which shipping services you choose. For example, using UPS Next Day Air service will cost more than using UPS Ground service.

If you are writing many letters, using the official rate will save you money. If you have a few letters to send it is much cheaper to use the cheaper service and still have a lot of choice as to where you send them.

You can also use the online estimator to get an estimate of how much your shipping cost will be. This estimator lets you enter the items that you have, the shipping service you need, and your location. The estimated shipping cost will be computed and displayed immediately, so you can compare the cost with the other items in your shopping cart.

How Long Does UPS Take To Ship To Hawaii?

UPS will take between 1-5 days to ship to Hawaii with a standard Ground shipping method once your order ships to UPS’s local ground facility.

For this exercise, we checked how long it would take to send a package from different US states and territories to Hawaii via Ground. The results show that it’s possible to send a package to Hawaii from various US states and territories within the US mainland via the Ground service in less than a week in all cases, except for the District of Columbia.

Hawaii seems to be the most distant point from Puerto Rico, and it will take the longest to reach.

Additionally, you may be given faster service by using UPS Next Day Air, which costs more but is done within the next business day.

Does UPS Ship From Hawaii?

Hawaii, California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, California and Arizona.

Does UPS Freight Ship To Hawaii?

Hawaii is a “remote” port for UPS Freight so it can take up to 45 days plus for a package to be delivered.

If you have a job with UPS, you must sign-up for one of the following options.

Can UPS Ground Deliver To Hawaii?

Hawaii is not a very big market, so the UPS Ground would usually be the default shipping option.

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Does UPS Deliver On Weekends To Hawaii?

UPS will now have Saturday delivery to Hawaii, but not to all locations, but at a higher fee than usual.

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How Do UPS Packages Get To Hawaii?

The fastest way to get a package to Hawaii is probably to use UPS.
If you get USPS Priority Shipping which is the recommended shipping method, your package will get delivered in three to five days.
A better way to get a package to Hawaii is to get FedEx Ground Shipping.

A quick example: you order something from the US and it arrives to your home country through a carrier company. But then that company drops that package into a plane that flies over the Atlantic and then the Pacific until it’s delivered to Hawaii.

The next day delivery option means that your package will be delivered the next day, so it gets to its destination as fast as possible.

Depending on how far your package has to travel (and where it’s going — Hawaii isn’t much closer than any other state), it’s going to cost more to ship to Hawaii than to another state.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on what UPS is, how to file a complaint for UPS customer service, and UPS complaints.


UPS can deliver to and from Hawaii within 1 to 5 days but also has the option of Next Day Air to bring your packages to you within the next business day. Freight can ship large packages to Hawaii within the normal delivery window.

Hawaii is a very popular area when it comes to vacationing. Most travelers can easily find a flight to the Big Island, which is the most popular and cheapest area to vacation.

You might already have heard of other ways travelers can spend less on transportation. Here are some resources for you to get more information about it.

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