Usps Rural Carrier Associate (job Description, Duties, Hours, Pay, Is It A Good Job + More)

When you work for the United States Postal Service there aren’t many perks, especially for carriers. Although the postal system is the most efficient and accurate way to send packages and make money, it’s not the most ideal working environment for employees.

One of the more intriguing opportunities in government service is the Rural Carrier Associate. What does this position entail? Do you want to find out more? Keep reading!

What Is The USPS Rural Carrier Associate Job In 2022?

United States Postal Service Rural Carrier Associates work only when a Regular Rural Carrier is temporarily absent. Rural Carrier Associates are not eligible for vacation leave, sick leave, health benefits, holidays or other benefits that are based on hours worked. They are paid a minimum of $1.25 an hour. They are not eligible for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

To find out more about what Rural Carrier Associate Job Duties are, what the pay and benefits the company offers are, and if they’re a good position to get, keep reading for all the details and more!

What Is The USPS Rural Carrier Associate Job Description?

Rural Carrier Associates work a similar schedule to regular rural carriers, and the only difference is the hours worked. They are not eligible for overtime.

Rural Carrier Associates must be employees registered with the USPS, not independent contractors.

RCAs should expect to be driving either USPS-owned or self-owned vehicles to deliver mail in rural and suburban areas.

Unlike City Carriers, who tend to drive around a residential neighborhood and hand out mail, RCs and RCAs stay in the vehicle (a specially outfitted one, where they can sit on the right).

The USPS has decided that since they can’t make money delivering mail to rural and suburban buildings, they’ll start delivering through the mailboxes, instead.

They can drive up to 100 miles per shift and they usually make $13.31 per hour.

The difference between the RCA and the RC job is the nine hour day. It is also true that most RCA’s don’t have to have as much experience as they do for RC’s.

Postal workers have been told they must work a Saturday, or other time when the regular RC is unavailable, to make up for their reduced pay. This would be the same thing that is done if there was a temporary reduction in the regular route carrier staff.

When the regular RC goes on leave, or is about to go, or is on vacation; the RCA steps in and does the work.

When a RCA takes over, everyone else does nothing.

They have to have good communication skills and a good customer service attitude. They can handle the general public as well as the customers in the stores.

You’re essentially “on call” for the entire duration of your employment, which means that if there’s a sudden need for you to come in, the company expects you to be there for the duration.

What Are The Duties Of A USPS Rural Carrier Associate?

The role of an RCA involves the coordination and implementation of activities required to achieve the organization’s objectives.

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What Are The Hours Of A USPS Rural Carrier Associate?

The weekend hours are generally 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but may extend to 6:00 PM on Saturdays.

For any other details, please check with your local Post offices.

Q. Can I change my mailing address?
A. Generally, you may change your mailing address online at any time.

This is where we really see how RCA has benefited from some of the on-going evolution of the company. The RCA is now expected to be an integral part of the company’s day to day operations. So, the company no longer has a job for someone who simply stands around.

Being on call is a part of your job. Missing enough calls makes you look bad and it can cause some people to be let go.

How Much Do USPS Rural Carrier Associates Make?

USPS employees make $17.54 USD per hour, which is above the federal minimum wage.

Average wages for RCAs in Washington DC is $18-20/hour. For new hires, they’re probably starting in the $16-17/hour range, but long term, they can go to $38/ hour.

Do USPS Rural Carrier Associates Get Benefits?

While USPS jobs are not as good as federal job, they are still good. It is not as good as federal job, but they still allow their employees to live off of them and are not as tough as federal job.

In addition to their very competitive wage, RCAs receive sick leave and vacation. They also get overtime pay (for weeks of more than 40 hours) and paid training. Their health insurance will be covered by the company.

[5]: We are able to have [5] full-time associates because customers love our work, and they love us, and we love them.

All employees have a right to bid for the regular RC positions after one year of employment if there are any available positions.

For people who want to do part-time work to pay the bills, getting the job means that they can do that work while continuing to receive the benefits of working for the Federal government.

Is A USPS Rural Carrier Associate A Good Job?

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Commenters suggested that since the carrier is carrying the mail, the carrier should be paid what the USPS thinks is appropriate, rather than what the state law says.

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USPS mail handlers
This is the job of the mail handlers, they will handle each letter and package that is going into the sorting facility, the mail handlers are usually hired by the USPS and they are contract workers, they are not employed by the USPS directly. The mail handlers are paid per letter (or postcard or any other piece of mail) that is processed and sorted. The mail handlers work in the sorting facility in shifts.


As a USPS Rural Carrier Associate, you work part-time and on-call, filling in on rural routes where your service needs aren’t being met.

People who are employed by the RCA get paid to stand on the side of a bus or a train and wave at passengers.
Most of them are women, with a good number of trans women, and they work in teams of two or three.
They’re usually part of a large family and they’ll work for years, if not decades, before they retire.

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