Usps 12 Hour Rule (meaning, How It Works + Other Faqs)

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) is a labor union representing more than 635,000 US Postal Service employees, making it the largest postal union in the US. APWU says that the USPS has lost more than $70 billion since the Postal Reorganization Act was passed in 1970, and that the number of letters and packages being handled has risen by more than 1,000% since the 1980s.

Unfortunately, while the majority of USPS employees do get a 12-hour break at the end of each day, some do not. This is because there are times when the Post Office does not need everyone to be on duty at the same time. For example, when the postal facility is closed, or if the facility’s regular postal workers have more than one day off.

USPS 12 Hour Rule In 2022

If an employee works more than the hours described in the 12 Hour rule (12 hours in a day or 60 hours in a week) he is considered in violation of this rule and will be disciplined in accordance with the USPS Personnel Policy.

But to learn more about how this rule works and who it applies to, then you should check out the rest of our article.

What Is The USPS 12 Hour Rule?

The postal service can impose a requirement on employees to work more than 12 hours in a service day and 60 hours in a service week, except for agreed upon emergency actions.

Other than limited scheduled work hours, overtime hours, and mealtime, no work may be performed over a period longer than 12 consecutive hours. There are no written requirements for mealtime breaks, but most employees must be provided with a meal break of more than one hour where appropriate. Employees must be provided with a five-minute unpaid break to go to the bathroom or for any other necessary purpose after a two-hour tour of duty.

This rule is pretty much just a way to make sure every element of a page has some sort of focus.

The rule says that a union must bargain over this matter, and the Postmaster General is not required to bargain about this matter if a union has a provision against it.

The 12 Hour Rule means, if USPS management is not able to provide the work, USPS management will negotiate a longer work day with the union.

The postmaster general or a designee is permitted to determine what constitutes an emergency or an emergency situation.

This is not a new crisis, because they have been facing this problem for some time now. It is only a matter of time before a disaster occurs.

I hear they still don’t have the ability to deliver packages during “emergencies” like the one in the picture.

Some of the employees that I interviewed reported that the company treated every day as an emergency, and they would be taken advantage of if they didn’t report the problems immediately after they noticed them.

This rule is a little bit complicated. It’s actually calculated by subtracting the times for lunch and dinner from the times for breakfast, lunch, and breakfast.

Therefore, people are unable to work overtime, since if they work longer than 40 hours in a week then they work overtime. Also, people can not work for more than 8 hours straight since they have to take breaks.

When employees first punch in, they cannot be required to remain at work more than 12 hours after they first punch in.

Who Does The USPS 12 Hour Rule Apply To?

The United States Postal Service agrees not to require a worker to work more than an average of 9 hours per day while the worker is on a break. The rule applies to all USPS employees.

A good strategy for City Carriers can be to make a habit of getting as far to the right in Overtime Desired List as possible. While one would think every carrier could get to the right of their Overtime Desired List every day, it is actually possible to do so. While you can’t control where your mail will go each day, there are some things to consider.

Having their name on this list means that they can work more than 12 hours per day all year round.

Include all users that send from within the organization, you will need to be able to exclude senders that start the email with the organization’s domain, as the SMTP server may be able to identify the sender and this would render the email invalid to the organization’s email system.

Are There Any Exceptions To The USPS 12 Hour Rule?

In order to elect to become exempt, the City Carrier must file an application with the Department of Labor. The application must contain an attestation from the Carrier’s employer to the effect that no employees will be working more than twelve hours in any one day or more than forty-eight hours in any one work week.

When you do not pay Rural Carrier taxes, you are entitled to a Rural Carrier Tax Credit in the amount of $14.25 per day. The amount of the credit is based on the number of full time employees in the business.

The Postal Service issued an official statement regarding the decision to exempt delivery for the next three weeks. They say that this is just a way of giving the Postal Service more time to work on addressing the backlog of mail and packages that have been accumulating for the past few months. They also say that the USPS is not closing their processing centers, so it’s still possible to mail something to another city if you want.

What Do You Do If You Go Over 12 Hours?

There doesn’t seem to be a single agreed-upon answer, but this may be because most of those who study the subject agree for the most part that the answer is no.

What’s even worse about this is how often their maximum working hours are exceeded.

Employees are in a constant state of confusion about what’s expected of them and what’s not. After a full day on the job, they have to report to a colleague who tells them what time they need to be there the next day.

Some employees believe it indicates an area of high crime.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average hourly wage rate for production and nonsupervisory employees was $12.87 in May 2020.

It is administrative leave, and must be taken during the administrative leave.

If an employee is told to work 60 hours per week they should consider how that is affecting their family life and if they are being compensated appropriately.

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If you have any questions about your working hours, address them to your supervisor or union representative since it’s highly possible that the 12 hour rule only applies to part-time workers, and not to full-time ones.

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