Why Is My Amazon Employee Discount Not Working? (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

I got hired by Amazon and I was surprised to discover that the discount that I have been given is not working.

I’ve found out that this might happen because your computer is running on an old version of Windows. The issue can be fixed by upgrading your computer and software to the latest version.

Why Is My Amazon Employee Discount Not Working In 2022?

You can get your discount by entering your discount code during checkout, but it may take several days for it to be processed. It may also take several days for the discount to actually be applied, as there can be delays in the Amazon system.

To find even more fixes for the Amazon employee discount not working, check out below for even more fixes!

Why Isn’t My Amazon Employee Discount Working?

You may need to create a new AWS account.
Make sure the profile you are using to sign-in to the AWS console is the same as the account you are logging into.

Check to ensure all the security certificates have been renewed and are valid for your Amazon account.
See if this Amazon account has been added as a Trusted Advisor and make sure to use it to check your Amazon account.

So you got the wrong employee discount code.

If you have mistyped the Amazon employee discount code then go to the checkout and enter it again, it will then be activated for the purchase.

If it isn’t a typo, go back and check to see if you’ve entered the code correctly. Then go ahead and enter the next three digits.

The biggest challenge that most new entrepreneurs face is that they’re not in the system yet.
While you may not yet have many customers or any product,
you’re already competing in an environment of large corporations and established business.
You need to get your product out there and get your customers to trust you.
You need to get your product out there and get your customers to trust you.

It is because your new employee discount won’t apply. You need to log in into the computer system.

The employee discount works if you give it 30 days. This is because people are less likely to quit if they are still being paid. So if you pay your people and still let them go, that is a bad decision on your part.

3. If you are selling products for Amazon FBA, then they need to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon sellers should make sure their product listings are accurate and meet the requirements of Amazon, so that their promotions work with zero mistakes and get the discount.

You can find a list of Amazon products that accept employee discount codes at www.employeediscountcodes.com, but as of this posting, there is no list for products of third-party sellers. So, try searching Amazon, buying from Amazon and entering the code in the prompt that comes up. You might find that some third-party products will work.

Your code is considered outdated and the current version is considered safe.

If you notice that the Amazon employee discount code that you used is not working, it’s because it may have expired. Try to request a new discount code.

After your first year is up, you’re only allowed to do the basic course.

Amazon has a strict limit on the employee discount of 10% off $1,000 and so they only have the ability to apply it to $100 at a time.
Amazon is a company that has been in business for over 20 years, which means that the number one thing that sets them apart from an e-commerce competitor is their ability to create high quality products. They create quality products rather than trying to create the cheapest.

If you are using a discount code that is expired, you might have reached the cap, and you will need to wait for it to reset before you can use the code again.

How Do I Activate My Amazon Employee Discount?

After 30 days of your starting work you can get the code which will allow you to get an 8% discount on all your Amazon purchases.

If you have a free trial or an active Amazon Prime membership, you need to log in to your Amazon A to Z account, then click on the “Profile” to see the employee discount code below your photo.

Where Do I Enter My Amazon Employee Discount Code?

If you entered your code during checkout, your discount should appear under the “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” section.

The code must be entered exactly as it appears through the Hub, or else it won’t work and you’ll get an error.

For example, the input “you should not enter a space after the promotional code” is not the same as the input “enter a space between the promotional code and the code”.

Can I See My Remaining Amazon Employee Discount Balance?

You can log into your Amazon A to Z account first so you can see how much is remaining on your Amazon employee discount.

There you can see the balance for the year and you can change to the next year by selecting the month and year. When that box gets to the top, it will show that for the year you are on.

Can Someone Else Use My Amazon Employee Discount?

You cannot use this discount on anyone else’s Amazon account, and you cannot use another Amazon employee discount.

Even if you purchase the items through your Amazon account, you could not use your Amazon discount if you bought the item through your Amazon employee discount.

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The Amazon employee discount program is only applicable to eligible items. If the discount code has not been activated, be sure to check your account status and add it to your cart.

Another problem you may have with the Amazon employee discount is that it doesn’t stack with the Amazon credit card. The card has a cash back program called Amazon Cash, where you earn cash back on your Amazon purchases in the form of Amazon gift cards.
You can then use those Amazon gift cards to buy extra with your employees discount. If you’re not planning to use Amazon Cash in the future, be sure to sign that up in advance.

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