Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistant (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

If you have experience working in a Costco pharmacy sales assistant job, you will help shoppers purchase quality medications and health supplements.

If you want to work with Costco as a pharmacy sales assistant, read on to learn more about the job duties, the qualifications you’ll need, and what you can expect on the job.

What is the Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistant Job In 2022?

As a pharmacist, I can help clients with their prescription needs. As a pharmacy student, I can gain experience that will help me in my future career. I can also counsel my clients on the products they use. I make good pay for the hours I work and the experience I gain.

If you want to learn more about the Costco pharmacy sales assistant job, check out job descriptions at Costco. In addition to the above job duties and pay information, Costco also offers a training program and a chance to earn overtime.

What is a Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistant? 

There are two types of pharmacists at Costco stores, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy managers. Pharmacy technicians help consumers find and purchase prescriptions and other medications in the pharmacy department. Pharmacy managers oversee pharmacy technicians and oversee the entire pharmacy department.

The pharmacist assists in purchasing medications for the hospital, assisting with customer service, and stocking shelves.

What are the Requirements for Being a Pharmacy Sales Assistant at Costco?

The position also includes warehouse duties for stocking inventory and packaging goods for shipment.

You will also need to display a positive attitude and be able to work flexible hours.

While working at this pharmacy, it is expected that pharmacy sales assistants take care of their customers. Customers may need assistance and should not have to wait to talk to the pharmacist. As much as possible, sales assistants should answer questions and provide assistance so that customers feel comfortable and confident when buying prescriptions. When the pharmacist is not available, assistants should provide the information that customers need to obtain the proper information from a pharmacist as soon as possible.

A valid prescription or valid medical order is required, as well as a completed Costco membership application.

People in this industry should have these characteristics.

What Are Some Duties of a Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistant?

Pharmacy assistants help customers at Costco’s retail stores, helping them find products and answer their questions about medications.

We are excited to have you work in the pharmacy! As a pharmacist, you will ensure the safe delivery of prescription medications to the customers. You will be responsible for overseeing the medication distribution, ensuring customer safety by monitoring and processing prescriptions, and providing patients with the necessary counseling to ensure the best possible care.

In addition to assisting customers in the pharmacies you will also assist with inventorying of drugs and other supplies.

When customers are in the store, they’re the ones that are in charge. The staff are supporting them and not doing the purchasing.

You are responsible for making sure that your customers understand how to use the pharmacy products.

Since customers may not be familiar with the store layout, pharmacy sales assistants must also help customers find what they are looking for by directing them to the item.

You will make sales calls to customers in the store and take orders over the phone, entering those orders into the company’s computer system to be processed, and ring them up.

You’ll also need to know how to deal with insurance companies. For example, you’ll need to know how to provide the customer with a receipt of all their costs in exchange for a signature, how to ask customers for their insurance ID and their prescription ID, and how to enter their information in a computer system.

While filling prescriptions at the pharmacy, pharmacy sales assistants work under the strict guidance of a licensed pharmacist.

* Assist with the organization of program review teams.
* Research and/or write program standards.
* Assist with program evaluation.
* Assist with program improvement projects.
* Assist with departmental and program budget development.

How Much Money Does a Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistant Make?

For a Costco pharmacy sales assistant, the average hourly wage is from $24 to $26 per hour.

Additionally, all employees can take part in one of the world-class benefits programs. Those benefits include: health insurance, life insurance, and a prescription-drug plan.

Because we are a fast-growing company, we provide the tools and opportunities that enable employees to succeed. Our employees enjoy a rich benefits package and have access to retirement plans and special programs.

What Hours Do Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistants Work?

If you want to be on the fast track and start earning income as soon as you start, Costco is an excellent option.

How Do I Apply to the Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistant Job?

Once you’re ready to apply for the job of pharmacy sales assistant, you can find the open position by accessing the job description on the Costco Career website.

If you are applying for a store opening you can select from a drop-down menu. You can also click on the link for each store location and apply for an opening.

The applicant needs to log in to their Costco applicant profile to prepare their application for submission. The applicant will access the Costco applicant profile via the application link provided at the end of this task.

You can set up a profile for the application by selecting the “Add Personal Information” in step 1, or “Add Company Information” in step 2.

Fill in the information for the application, don’t omit any certifications or experience you have related to pharmacy sales.

In this example, the person applied for a position as an entry level sales associate. The HR team will first review the application.

Is the Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistant Job a Good Job? 

Pharmacists are in high demand and are well-paid. A Costco pharmacy sales assistant will help you learn how to sell prescription medicines.

Many people find that education training programs are a great way to increase their earning potential upon graduation.

Costco pays a competitive salary and benefits for its workers.

To get more details related to Costco prescriptions, you can check our posts about Costco prescription refill request, Costco mail order prescription, and Costco mail order medication.


Costco Pharmacy Sales Assistants have a lot of responsibilities, as they are expected to answer questions, help customers find what they are looking for, and sell products.

This job requires an individual who is able to multitask in a fast-paced environment. For an employer who has the right people, the job is a great experience.

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