Safeway Pharmacy (who Can Pick Up, Delivery, Products, Hours + More)

Safeway Stores can have pharmacies in their grocery stores for many years. They have proven to be preferable to pharmacies such as Shoppers Drug Mart and similar companies.

Whether you’re a Safeway customer and are considering getting prescriptions through their pharmacy or if you’re a customer of any pharmacy, you may wonder how they work. If so, keep reading to learn what I’ve learned!

How Does The Safeway Pharmacy Operate In 2022?

The Safeway Pharmacy is a great place that has a number of well-trained pharmacy assistants and pharmacists. They provide prescriptions and fill them on a daily basis, give immunizations, book appointments, check blood pressure, and many other services. They also provide prescription deliveries to their patients.

If you want to learn more about how to get prescriptions through Safeway pharmacy, what products they sell, how to refill prescriptions, and more, go to this webpage.

How Do I Get Presciptions Through the Safeway Pharmacy?

We will be happy to refill your prescription over the phone. However, the pharmacist who will fill your prescription is different than the pharmacist who will do an initial prescription refill. To refill your prescription over the phone, you will need to contact your local Safeway pharmacy directly using the phone number provided below.

When using the form located at, the customer can enter in their prescription information and receive a notification once it is approved.

If a customer needs to refill a prescription at a local pharmacy, he or she can do so by visiting a local Safeway Pharmacy and speaking to a pharmacy assistant.

Who Can Pick Up my Safeway Prescriptions?

If you have a medical emergency, you may ask someone to pick up your prescription for you. But it’s a good idea to keep a record or have a family member keep a record of the prescriptions you have on-hand, so you’ll never forget to pick up a prescription.

Customers are generally allowed to have family members pick up their prescription, as long as they have the relevant information. And if someone else in the family has a valid prescription, they can generally be trusted to pick up their own medication.

You may use your own judgment if a non-family member like a non-medical worker comes in to get a prescription.

Does Safeway Pharmacy Deliver?

You can usually get delivery at your Safeway pharmacy.
There is a delivery fee of $7.99 for courier service and $3.99 for mail service.

There is a prescription delivery program where customers can leave their prescription drug orders at the door, and Safeway will have them delivered through a contactless program.

Safeway pharmacy wants to offer patients, who are in urgent need of prescription medications, same-day delivery to patients if they are requested and ordered before 10:30 am if they select courier delivery.

The mail order pharmacy is not open on national holidays. If you know you will be away on holiday, please place your order at least 7 days in advance.

What Products Does Safeway Pharmacy Sell?

McKesson pharmacies in the United States are operated by the McKesson Corporation. They receive their products from other companies, including drug manufacturers. The McKesson Corporation offers this information on its Web site.

If US patients want to find out where they can get more information about where their antibiotics are coming from, they can call their local pharmacy and ask for help.

In Safeway stores, the pharmacy takes up the space between the check out lines. They sell over-the-counter pills and vitamins.

In addition, the pharmacy is designed to provide medical and hygienic needs, such as a variety of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

What are the Operational Hours for Safeway Pharmacy?

Safeway pharmacy hours vary from store-to-store. Some stores may vary their hours. However, Safeway pharmacies are generally open 7 am to 7 pm Monday-Saturday.

Customers can come into our stores and pick up prescriptions at any time during their normal business hours. There may be a limited time window available for each appointment, depending on the store.

If customers would like more clarification on store hours, customers can phone their local pharmacy and ask for their schedule, or, customers can find their pharmacy location on the Safeway website at

Can I Refill a Prescription Through the Safeway App?

There are now over 600 Safeway pharmacies, most of which are in California and New York.

Fill out a form on the back of the prescription. We will then call the pharmacist to pick up the medications.

So if you ever move to the USA, you can go buy these products directly from them.

Patients in Canada can buy their medications through the website, on the phone, and in person.

Can I Sign Up Multiple Family Members for Prescriptions on One Account?

When Safeway adds patients to their pharmacy log, they can add multiple people on the same phone number. However, each patient will have to be separately registered. The number of times the patient’s number is used will show in the activity log, which is helpful for billing and quality assurance.

A pharmacy assistant can help people to fill out a prescription registration if they are asking for the prescription to be filled in the pharmacy.

How Do Safeway Pharmacy Text Alerts Work?

Safeway is giving doctors the ability to send text messages alerting their patients to when a prescription has been filled. The prescription can also be picked up at the pharmacy.

Patients have 10 days to respond to a reminder text. If 10 days have passed, patients need to refill a manual request for their prescription.

Can I Change my Prescription Pick-up Time?

In some cases, the pharmacy can not provide the requested medication due to the inability of the pharmacy staff (e.g., pharmacists) or the facility. The pharmacist is advised to consult with the prescribing provider’s office and to have the prescribing provider contact the pharmacy to expedite the request.
Some pharmacies will not accept refills of prescription medication.

If they really want to save a bit of money, they can make a request to the Safeway pharmacy.

If a customer has made a confirmation for their pickup time and changes it later, they are allowed to do so by contacting the store directly.

Finally, if a customer accidentally types STOP into their text alerts, they can add the alert back to their list of text alerts by calling the store and informing them of the mistake.

Does Every Safeway have a Pharmacy?

Many Safeway stores have a pharmacy department that has medicines and other products to be picked up. They are located in a different room from the grocery department and the cashier will ask you to go there when you check-out. To buy medicine or anything else, you still need a prescription and your driver’s license.

Some smaller Safeway locations may not have a pharmacy. Some of these locations may have shut down the service.

If customers want to find out if their local store offers the pharmacy, they can call the store and ask if they have a pharmacy.

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Safeways have pharmacists and pharmacy assistants all the time to help you.

They fill prescriptions, give immunizations, book appointments and other services. Patients call the pharmacy to request a refill.

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