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What is the Costco Pharmacist Job in 2022? 

Costco pharmacists are an important part of the nationally recognized retailer’s pharmacy department. They help members choose medications and supplements, administer vaccines, and fill prescriptions. Based on an individual’s experience, starting salaries can range from $63 per hour to $87 per hour, and include Costco’s generous benefits.

To learn more about Costco pharmacy jobs, pay, hours, and more, keep reading for useful information and recommendations!

What are the Duties of a Costco Pharmacist?

The Pharmacists provide care and advice to their patients while educating other pharmacy professionals.

The healthcare professionals that work at Costco work in a number of different roles. They may work in retail or wholesale stores, or they may work in the warehouse or supply chain.

With over 480 pharmacies on its shelves, Costco ranks as one of the top ten drug chains nationally.

Costco is looking for all kinds of staff members to help them out now and in the future.

What Type of Education is Required for a Costco Pharmacist Job?

As a Costco pharmacy associate, you will prepare, label, and dispense prescription medicines to customers. You will verify prescriptions and label prescriptions accurately, and provide customers with information about prescription medicine.

While they might go through the same amount of training as doctors, they might have a more specialized knowledge base.

They have to know that their supplements are not substitutes for medications.

Aspiring pharmacists are advised to have good grades in high school to get a college scholarship.

Candidates for the position of judge should meet the state licensing requirements for the position of judge in their state of residence.

Some pharmacies specialize in delivering health care and may require a doctorate for the right to deliver healthcare services.

What are the Requirements for a Costco Pharmacist Job? 

Pharmacy students must be graduates of a recognized pharmacy school accredited by the Accreditation Board of Pharmacy Education. This includes accredited community colleges, junior colleges, and universities in the United States.

Costco does not allow any person to enter the premises who is a registered medical marijuana patient. The person must have a physician who is a DEA registered marijuana doctor and the physician will be the only person who can provide the marijuana for the medical patient.

What are the Daily Responsibilities of a Costco Pharmacist?

Serve as a member of a team in a large-scale pharmacy
Learn and apply a range of pharmaceutical-related skills and practices
Learn about medication safety, pharmacy regulations, and best pharmacy practices
Learn about the unique features of Costco Pharmacy services

Costco Pharmacy is an equal opportunity employer.

You can also attend conferences and seminars, collaborate with other healthcare professionals, and keep up to date on advancements in medicine, so you can stay abreast of advancements in the field.

What Hours Do Pharmacists Work at Costco? 

Most Costco pharmacists can work 40 hours a weekend but the hours don’t fluctuate that much.

There’s no specific requirement for part-time or relief/floating pharmacist positions (and these are open any time, not just during the holidays); however, experience with pharmacists or their working conditions is much appreciated.

What Pay and Benefits are Available for Pharmacists Working at Costco?

Pharmacists at Costco make on average $75 per hour. According to Glassdoor, the range of salaries for pharmacists at Costco is from $63 per hour to $87 per hour.

This job also comes with a lot of benefits. The employer covers the premiums for health insurance, a retirement plan, and professional support services.

Costco is a great place to work and a great place to do business.

You are responsible for making your own decisions and always do your own due diligence before making any decisions.

How Do I Apply for a Costco Pharmacist Job? 

Whether you’re looking for a job that offers more opportunities for upward mobility or are interested in joining a company with a strong reputation, the Costco website is the place to start.

For Pharmacy Technician career opportunities, you can visit and click on the link, or you can call 1-800-887-8447.

Applicants can find openings for pharmacists in their areas on the webpage.

If they don’t have openings nearby retail locations, the careers website will allow them to see open positions in other zip codes.

An alternative way to search for jobs is by job title. You can find the job description as highlighted here.

Job seekers find a small amount of information about the job and its duties on the job description page.

The Apply page is next to the Map and there is a link for the location where you would like to apply.

To fill in the pharmacy job application, you’ll need to go to the Costco portal.

You can log in to your applicant profile to view the most recent change to your applicant information, including uploads.

If you have already applied to other Costco jobs, you can access your profile with the same signin information.

The new system will make it easier for job seekers to manage their online presence by allowing them to choose and update their personal information as well as their employment history.

Besides this requirement, Costco pharmacists must complete an application form where they will be asked questions about their education, their experience, and their license.

Is the Costco Pharmacist Position a Good Job?

All employees working in Costco and Costco pharmacy are members of the union which is the United Food & Commercial Workers and are required by law to be represented by their local union.

The company itself has been included in the Forbes 10 Best Companies to Work For multiple times.

I used a Costco’s website to find the closest one around my new apartment.

Besides these recognitions and rewards, the position is well paid, provides opportunities for career advancement, and has excellent benefits.

If you need to ask if a store delivers or fills prescriptions, you can check this article. If a store does not deliver or fill prescriptions, you can ask the online pharmacy that is listed in the article.


We need pharmacists to work at the front of the store to help customers at the register.

The pharmacist must also verify certain information, such as the patient’s age, and verify that the patient has the necessary prescriptions to fill.

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