15 Things To Know Before Visiting Costco Pharmacy

Costco has pharmacies too, and they offer a wide variety of bulk-sized items such as sheet cakes and t-shirts. They even sell prescription medication, such as cough syrup and pain killers.

Want to know how Costco’s pharmacy works? Wondering about the prices of your prescription drugs? Read the following 15 things to know before visiting the Costco pharmacy!

15 Things to Know Before Visiting Costco Pharmacy In 2022

1. Membership Is Not Required at the Costco Pharmacy

Costco has so many items that shoppers can’t buy from the club, they make their own deals in which you don’t need to be a customer of Costco, you just need to be a customer of Costco.


These are not paraphrases, they are direct translations.

Fortunately, non-members can benefit from Costco’s competitive price on prescriptions.

Costco customers can bring their children into the pharmacy area and it doesn’t mean they have to be a member. The stores have multiple entrances, so you can go in through the main doors, or the back doors, or sometimes even the loading dock. Some people can get in and out easier than others.

2. It’s Pretty Hard to Beat Costco Pharmacy Prices

Costco is known for selling low-priced products, especially food items, but the prices are still higher than that of other stores, especially Target which is considered a cheap retailer.

Because of the above, there is no reason for the government to regulate businesses that are not in the business of storing prescription drugs.

Costco is the number two pharmacy. They lost hundreds of dollars to the competitors because people want the lowest prices.

There wasn’t any competition for CVS and Rite Aid because they were the only drug stores at the time.

Now, let your mind travel back to the days of the 90’s. There were a lot fewer things available and you needed to do everything on your own. However, there was still a vast variety of products available.

A group of medications that cost only $105 at Costco were worth $815 and $850 at the big-name drug stores.

3. Prices Are Even Better if You’re a Member of the Costco Membership Prescription Program

If you are a Costco member, you might also be eligible for a Costco Membership Prescription Program Discount Card, or PPDC.

This campaign is looking to benefit the health and well-being of Americans, with discounted prescription drugs. Costco has a lot of affordable prescription drug prices, and this program is looking to assist with further discounts on those prices.

I want to provide my customers with an affordable way to get health insurance.

One of my coworkers had a baby with triplets. Since she has the same type of health insurance that I do, she got the same amount of money. But, I knew that she had a lot of additional expenses like diapers, nappies, formula, and so on.

4. You Can Get Immunizations at the Costco Pharmacy

With immunizations being a staple in every drugstore, Costco pharmacy also offers the same, including the flu shot, Hepatitis A and B, HPV, Meningitis (important for college students starting their freshman year), Shingles, Tdap and more.

Costco has pharmacies that offer vaccinations for certain viruses.

And if you’re traveling abroad and need to make sure your immunizations are up to date, you can get them at Costco.

5. Are You Curious if Costco Pharmacy Accepts Your Insurance? Give Your Local Store a Call!

After Costco decided to accept the state health insurance, First Quarter Finance stopped talking to employees.

Costco could not elaborate on the statement made by the company as a result of its vendor confidentiality.

And it seems to me that all of this discussion about whether or not Costco accepts insurance is really a red herring. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had an insurance issue with Costco. I’ve always been welcome there, and they’ve always been willing to work with us to make sure we have something the insurance company can approve.

6. Most or All Costco Pharmacy Locations Don’t Accept Medicaid

Since most Costco pharmacies are not able to accept Medicaid, it is not surprising that they do not accept Medicaid.

While it may be true that Costco prices are low, other factors are at play as well.

This means they cannot get a prescription at a lower cost if they participate in Medicaid and Medicare. Medicaid (and Medicare) is the government subsidized health plan for seniors that is not part of the Medicare-for-all program.

7. Costco Pharmacy Performs Medication Compounding

This practice can be done at Costco, which means there will probably be a lot of people who are unhappy that the price of the medications may vary from store to store.

Compounded medications can be customized depending on your specific diet. They also can be made to taste however you prefer.

8. Costco Pharmacy Also Fills Prescriptions Online

If you want to order your prescription for your Costco account, you should go to the Costco website.

You can submit a prescription request via the Costco mobile app and manage your Rx account from the palm of your hand.

9. You Can Even Get Medication Delivered Rather Than Visit the Costco Pharmacy In-Store

The best of all is the Costco pharmacy which has a lot of products made from natural ingredients which does not have any side effects on your body.

Costco has been selling items at discounted prices through Instacart for over three years and now includes prescription drugs sold by Instacart to its membership-free warehouses.

There are many possible types of delivery of prescription drugs. There are a lot of types of containers, ways to deliver, storage requirements, and they are all different.
Prescription drug delivery is actually a really difficult area of pharmacy. There are lots of variables involved, including how you plan to use your medications, and what your insurance will allow. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Costco Pharmacy Consultant at 1-888-922-2266.

10. Be Prepared for Potential Long Waits Via the Costco Pharmacy

Costco Pharmacy will be closed from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. for maintenance, according to a Costco spokesperson. These maintenance closures will be announced in stores.

The pharmacy doesn’t have the necessary contacts within the doctor’s office, and often, the pharmacy needs to get the physician’s authorization before filling a new prescription.

If you’re going to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, you can be sure you’ll find a line. In fact, it’s much likely to be much longer than an online purchase.

11. You Can Transfer Your Costco Pharmacy Prescription to Another Store – Even Mid-Refill

You don’t need to worry about whether you will be using your Costco membership card at the pharmacy or in the store since with the Costco mobile app, you can view your order and make sure that your medication is still available when you arrive.

If you want a refill, you can always call it in so it can be picked up at the pharmacy you would like it transferred to.

12. It’s Easy To Cancel Auto Refills At Costco Pharmacy

Auto refills are made so that users do not need to search for the medication that they need, but you can cancel it.

While buying refills at Costco pharmacy is easy, you have to call and ask the pharmacist instead of being spoken to by an assistant.

This rule is in place to protect people’s privacy so law enforcement and medical companies can’t access the information.

So the request for autofill cancel was added in the version 26 update to address the issue. We believe that would have prevented the issue had it been implemented earlier.

13. Sign up for Costco Pharmacy Text Reminders

You can sign up for text reminders so that people can remind you of an important task at Costco.

The Costco pharmacy uses words but also text.

In the end, the text could be the solution, not the problem.

For example, they might ask you a yes/no question, to which
you might respond with either a simple Y or N.

If you accidentally delete your text reminders and can’t retrieve them, you can reactivate them by simply responding to the text conversation with your Rx number.

14. You Have Two Weeks to Pick up Your Costco Pharmacy Prescription

We won’t give your doctor one of our own medicine to give to you and we will not give you a prescription on our own pharmacy’s grounds.

Do not trust the pharmacy. They do not have your best interests in mind. Make sure you have your prescription refill.

15. Costco Pharmacy Fills More Than Human Medications

If the pharmacy has a certain prescription form, then the pharmacy will fill the prescription for humans, but if it’s not the exact same prescription form, then the pharmacy will fill it for animals.

 But Costco does not include the pharmacy portion of the service in its medical health savings plan, so prescription medications for pets are not covered.

You can get more information and a list of pet medications that Costco carries, including the most popular medications, at www.costco.com.

If you want to learn more about what prescriptions are and what they can do for you, check out our posts on whether Costco delivers prescriptions, Costco filling pet prescriptions, and the Costco pharmacist job.


Costco pharmacy is one of the best places to refill your prescriptions because it has a convenient membership program that saves you money when you need it. Costco pharmacy also carries a wide variety of pet medications.

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