Does Target Use Telecheck Or Certegy? (your Full Guide)

Checks are very valuable for those who use them to buy checks. However, they are becoming less important. The trend of online and mobile payment is growing very fast as a replacement.

If you want the answer to the question on how to pay with Target through Certegy or Telecheck, I’d like to clear your doubt. I have a quick answer to your question on the subject. Just read the next article to find the solution.

Does Target Use Telecheck Or Certegy In 2022?

Target uses Certegy for processing check payments and if the information provided by the customer is not sufficient, or their check has a negative history; Target can be held liable for the returned check.

If you want to learn more about the way Certegy processes checks at Target, why your check may have been declined by Certegy, and what should you do in that case, keep on reading!

Why Does Target Use Certegy?

When you decide to pay for your purchase with a personal check at Target, they will process it and notify you when it has been processed.

Target uses a third-party risk management company to determine if the check is safe. If the check is found to be fraudulent, the company is supposed to notify the bank.

Target is also saving themselves from the burden of supporting checks that might bounce (like, for example, when a check bounces because the author got robbed, or the bank has a bad record at that account, or the bank is bankrupt, or the check is cashed by a fraudulent party), because it can just refuse to accept checks from those banks.

How Does Certegy Work At Target?

When you present a personal check at the sales register at Target, the Certegy risk assessment technology gives you an ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ recommendation.

The risk assessment uses statistical analyses to look for patterns in past transactions and patterns of check writing, and compares these with other checks that have already been processed by the system.

Instead, Certegy will take a look at the usage of your current card in combination with its payment history to identify suspicious activity.

The transaction was successful and the money was transferred out of the customer’s account by the next business day.

Certegy monitors the financial sector and market trends to see what they recommend for each of your accounts.

Why Would Certegy Decline Your Check At Target?

Certegy’s Risk Assessment Model uses a proprietary algorithm that is designed to identify those cards with risks that have been historically associated with fraud.

What Happens If Certegy Declines Your Check At Target?

If your check is declined for any reason, the check is returned to you at the time of processing. You will have to check the reason on your check when it is returned. Certegy will then notify you if you are declined. Certegy will not notify you if the check is accepted.

You can call Certegy’s customer care number at 1-(800) 237-3826 to get the answers you seek and find out why your check was rejected by Certegy.

Certegy also offers a free check lookup service. You can give them the reference number (or the transaction date) and check number of the check you got in the mail and it will tell you whether the check was written to you or not.

A Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to view your credit reports to ensure that they are free of errors.

If your payment method has failed to pay for your file, please contact Certegy and request another method of payment. You can also email this information to yourself.

Target’s policy with regard to shoplifting is pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to discuss it here. If Target monitors its cameras, and the Target Lost and Found policy is, and if Target has a good reputation with regard to merchandise returned.


Target used Certegy as third-party risk assessment service during checkout process.

If you are not satisfied with the product, simply contact the merchant within 60 days of purchase and they will send you a full refund.

If your check doesn’t arrive or you believe Certegy has made a mistake, you can either contact them at 1-(800) 237-3826 or visit their website at

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