Usps Complaints (how To Make One, Common Complaints + Contact)

USPS has over 160 million addresses and over 430 million pieces of mail to process every single day. That’s a lot of paper, and a lot of mail to sort through. Occasionally, an address gets misplaced, and the mail gets stuck in a pile somewhere.

If you’re getting frustrated with your mail service, make sure to address it before it gets out of control. USPS handles a number of common complaints, and you should be able to find the solution you need right here!

How to File a Complaint to USPS In 2022

“In general, someone who has a mail matter sent to him by the Postal Service can file a complaint with the USPS OIG. The OIG is located in the Government Accountability Office (GAO) building in Washington, D.C. The address is 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20548. ”

If the OIG concludes the complaint warrants an investigation, the agency will contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which is the USPS’ investigative and law enforcement arm within the Postal Service.

If you’re having problems shipping an Amazon package with the United States Postal Service, keep reading this article until you have the answer.

What Are Common Complaints About USPS?

US Postal Service is the part of the federal government that deals with all sorts of complaints: ranging from minor annoyances to mail fraud. Take a closer look at what types of complaints the US Postal Service deals with.

How Do I File a Complaint with USPS?

First, you should figure out the person or people you need to speak with about your postal issues.

You can also save you the frustration, and get your complaint addressed quickly, by filling out this online form.

We’ll respond to you within 5 business days or less.

You have to decide how to address your complaint, depending on what exactly it is.

This is a real-life example. When you call your carrier, ask them if they are aware of the issue, and if they are, you will need to talk to them about it, and the first thing they will do is to tell you to send in your device for repair or replacement.

Some problems can be fixed if you talk to your carrier. It’s possible that they can fix any problem for you, or at least find out what the problem is. Other times, problems are not fixable or they can only be fixed at significant cost. In those cases, you should consider having a look around for other companies, if possible.

A carrier, on the other hand, has multiple routes, and most schedules change regularly so it’s difficult to get an accurate idea of your preferences without being connected.

To make these kinds of requests, you can just show them your credit cards or phone bills.

As long as your request doesn’t interfere with the Postal Service carrier’s duties and it does not violate the postal code requirements, postal carriers might be able to make your request.

There are 3 different kinds of mail: Standard, Express, and Priority.

If you are still having problems after sending a customer service inquiry, please contact us by email and we will get back to you.

If you get sick, file your insurance claim and request reimbursement for shipping. If you get injured, do that, too.

If you are having problems with your package, or you don’t receive the items you expected, you can start a complaint by visiting the USPS website.

You’ll be given a list of questions and asked various questions about your complaint.

In one instance, the applicant is asked to provide a description of the incident, the date of the incident, and a description of the person with whom s/he had the incident.

I’m currently waiting for the UPS man to come pick up the package.

If you are calling from outside the United States, you can also go to the website

You may also contact the company by mail. Letters should be sent to the address shown below.

Address to which correspondence should be addressed.

You can mail letters and packages to any address in the world from your local post office.

Calling the customer service department of the bank is a great way to speak with a supervisor. This individual will either be able to help you directly, or they can point you in the right direction.

In a smaller post office, you may be able to speak directly to the postmaster. In a larger post office, the supervisor will relay your complaint to the postmaster.

Whether you are calling or visiting, explain your complaint clearly, succinctly. Ask the supervisor to help you find a solution.

Let’s see if this is a bug or if it’s a configuration issue. If it is the former, please do submit a bug.

This is the United States Postal Service’s consumer affairs department. If you are having any problems with your mail, call or email them. They can help you.

You can also escalate your complaint to the U.S. Postal Service’s Headquarters Consumer Advocate if your complaint has not been resolved at the local level.

This agency is responsible for resolving complaints concerning postal service services.

The original USPS was created by the federal government in 1971, replacing a system of private postal service.

The people that are going to make sure that the products of your competitors are safe and have the right safety record and quality.

I can’t believe there are other stores that sell these cute little onesies, but I’m so happy to find this one. I love the adorable pink polka dotted onesie with a “Baby” logo on the chest.

An Inspector General checks for fraud and the inspector general will also inspect the mail to make sure it is properly stored and delivered.

If you are filing a complaint with the USPS OIG, you are required to file the complaint in writing, and give it the name of the OIG office, along with the date, time and place of the alleged violation.

[*] The above list is an illustration only and
does not include every violation that may be prohibited.

You may contact the US Postal Service OIG if you have complaints about mail theft, fraud, or waste by USPS or by a postal service employee.

You can file a complaint with the USPS OIG online or by calling 1-888-877-7644.

For more information about how to file a complaint with the OIG, visit their website.

> Contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. A crime doesn’t have to be committed to be investigated.

The post office is responsible for delivering mail to its recipients.
However, this is often not the case.

Mail fraud or theft by people or companies that are not part of the Postal Service may be prosecuted in any U.S. district court.

The US Postal Service is trying to file a mail fraud complaint against you. The complaint will explain that you violated federal law by pretending to work for the US Postal Service, while using its mails and other services in an attempt to defraud the agency. If the complaint is accurate, then the case will be investigated. If the investigation is successful, you will be put in prison.

A “Problem” is similar to a “Suggestion” in that a customer has identified a problem or issue with your service. You should take the problem seriously and investigate it.

Under “Customer Service”, select “Support” and “Mail Theft” from the dropdown, where you can explain why your complaint is related to mail theft.

The PRC provides a service to help people submit complaints
for a product or service. You may ask for relief from an unfair or deceptive trade act or practice.

To lodge a complaint if you have a problem with a USPS policy, such as you believe the rates are too high for certain items, you should contact the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).

Does the Post Office Take Complaints Seriously?

While it is possible that some individual consumers may experience issues with regard to the time in which they hear back from USPS customer service, my review of the data indicates that the vast majority of consumers hear back from USPS customer service in a timely manner.

After the postal service cut off the branch, she had to handle issues like these personally instead of forwarding them on to higher authorities.

She would call people and try to take a resolution by phone.

A customer has filed a claim against the US post office for a valuable package that received damages so severe that the package was unusable.

ÂHe submitted some pictures and a claim online and he received a check a few weeks later.

Don’t let yourself get so frustrated that you lash out at people. There’s a good chance that there’s nothing they can do to help you, but they just want to help you.

If you want to learn more about the biggest USPS competitors, see our previous post about the top three competitors of the United States Postal Service.


The United States Postal Service has implemented a number of services and technologies in order to provide better customer service.

Anyway, like I said, if you decide to go this route you will likely need to buy a bunch of stamps if you are going through the online process. You will also need to pay a small fee to file your complaint.

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