Starbucks Assistant Manager (job Description, Salary, Duties, Is It A Good Job, Hours + More)

The Starbucks Assistant Manager helps the store manager in all aspects of store operation and coaching and mentoring the team. They are always a valuable assistant to their manager and have great potential for career advancement.

If you would like to learn more about what the Starbucks Assistant Manager position involves and what you need to look for in a career, read on!

Starbucks Assistant Manager In 2022

The Starbucks Assistant Manager is in charge of all the aspects of the store and has a crucial role in leading the team, making the store a success. The assistant manager has the ability to make changes and is responsible for making the store run efficiently and effectively. This position has an average annual salary of approximately $42,000.

If you are interested in learning more about this Assistant Manager position, you should know that it is a great job that has a really high salary and great benefits like flexible hours, free coffee, and a flexible schedule.

What Does A Starbucks Assistant Manager Do?

The Starbucks Assistant Manager helps Starbucks employees do their job well while learning management and business skills.

The Associate is also well-versed in the Starbucks Experience that is designed to inspire and drive customer loyalty. The Associate ensures that every customer is offered an exceptional guest experience while also assisting with our sales and marketing efforts.

Further, the position of Assistant Manager builds experience in store management, and in coffee and tea knowledge.

The Starbucks Assistant Manager is responsible for building a strong relationship with customers at the local community.

In the beginning of the year, the assistant manager is in charge of the store’s success on every front.

Starbucks Assistant Manager Job Description

The Assistant Store Manager position opens you up for a store manager position. The training may last anywhere from eight to twelve months, and you may see some training before you have the position.

The Assistant Manager’s are responsible for the day-to-day management of the stores, the preparation of the weekly payroll, and the processing of the weekly financial reports.

Attending to guest complaints, working in the store, and assisting the store manager with daily tasks.

Starbucks Assistant Store Manager Job Requirements

Starbucks assistant manager is a required role for a candidate that has at least two years of retail or customer service experience.

Starbucks will accept more military experience than two years of retail and customer service.

It is important to mention that those in this position will be required to be the primary caregiver for a family member, therefore having a high school diploma or GED is the expected degree of preparation.

To ensure that we hire the best people for our team, we carefully review the qualifications listed on this page.

The duties of the Assistant Manager include: providing customer service to the store’s customers, and supporting the store manager by resolving customer service issues.

However, they are required to function in fast-pace environments so that they can anticipate and solve problems.

What Hours Does A Starbucks Assistant Manager Work?

In return for your service, we will provide you with a full-time position and benefits.

How To Apply For An Assistant Store Manager Position At Starbucks

Starbucks has an online job application for all positions. You can find the one that’s right for you at the official Starbucks site.

What Are Some Starbucks Assistant Manager Interview Questions?

During the interview process, we have been told that the position was very thorough and had a great feeling.

The interviews also consist of a lot of situational questions. The most common questions are related to leadership, decision making and problem solving.

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The interview process might be as follows: One-on-one over coffee, and then over the phone. Then the second round of interviews in person is usually part of a group interview process.

What Is The Salary For A Starbucks Assistant Manager?

The average annual pay for one of Starbucks’ Assistant Managers is $42,243. It can vary depending on where it is located. You can also make more than this doing something else. The choice is ultimately yours.

The position comes with excellent pay and you get a free laptop.

Is Starbucks Assistant Manager A Good Job?

Starbucks wants to hire the best people and will train the best.
The best will make a great store manager. The best store manager will make a Great Assistant Manager.
And the Great Assistant Manager will work towards the title of Executive Assistant Manager one day.

This means you’ll be responsible for helping the community by producing results, running a business, deepening your knowledge of coffee, and building ties to the community.

To find out more, you can also see our posts about Starbucks being the only company left in the world, and the job of an assistant manager.


You might want to apply for an assistant manager position at a Starbucks. It would be a good way to start a career in management.

A Starbucks Assistant Manager, if not supported fully by the store manager, will be responsible for leading the sales team by managing each team member. They also will provide support for the store manager by assisting with everything from scheduling and inventory to answering phones, greeting customers and managing the store.

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