Starbucks Shift Supervisor (job Description, Salary, Duties, Is It A Good Job, Hours + More)

With a big network of stores, Starbucks has a variety of jobs that fit a variety of different lifestyles. This means there is an opportunity for a job seeker with all different kinds of experience.

If you know about the coffee industry, there’s a good possibility that you are an excellent Shift Supervisor. But, if you’re unsure, here is a breakdown of all of the factors that can affect the job, so you are prepared to be successful.

Starbucks Shift Supervisor In 2022

A Starbucks Shift Supervisor is a leader position that is responsible for the smooth running of the stores during their shifts. You need to have at least one year of customer service experience in a retail or restaurant setting. This is a full-time position that usually pays between $14 and $18 an hour with an excellent benefits package.

The ideal candidate will have strong customer interaction skills and the ability to communicate effectively with both internal and external customers.

What Does A Starbucks Shift Supervisor Do?

Starbucks employees get help managing the store and managing the team at the Starbucks store.

While the role requires extensive communication skills, the leader does not have to be able to come up with answers on the spot.

The Shift Supervisor also encourages the baristas to develop their skills, and teach the new trainees what they need to know in an effort to help them excel in their careers.

Shift Supervisors are responsible for serving their customers on a daily basis.

This position also has to be responsible for security, quality control, and following the safety guidelines.

What Is The Starbucks Shift Supervisor Job Description?

The job duties involve working with a team to provide a great customer experience and also supervising work by other team members.

(1) ensure that the safety of employees, supervisors, and other employees who may be affected by the work is a primary consideration; and
(2) supervise the safety of employees and other employees who may be affected by his or her work, including, but not limited to safety of his or her own work space, and the safety of equipment and machinery within his or her area of responsibility.

What Are The Requirements For A Shift Supervisor Position?

An ideal candidate for a Shift Supervisor should have excellent communication, organizational, and management skills.

To ensure a complete customer experience, we offer a unique job opportunity that may require one year or more of customer service experience.

A skillset that will require a diverse workforce.

What Hours Does A Starbucks Shift Supervisor Work?

Shift Supervisors usually work 40 hours a week and they are considered full-time.

How To Apply For A Shift Supervisor Position At Starbucks

Coffee shops have been popular since the 1950s. Starbucks was one of the first to come into the industry. Coffee shops have been popular since the 1950s and Starbucks was one of the first to come into the business.

Starbucks has listed all of its Shift Supervisor positions on their website to help you apply.

What Questions Will They Ask At A Starbucks Shift Supervisor Job Interview?

Starbucks will give you a job interview and expect you to show your knowledge of the work and how and what you can do better in the future.

With that the person interviewing you will ask you about your skills and about your leadership style and then ask you about your supervisory skills. They will also ask you about your favorite drink at Starbucks.

What is your interest in joining Starbucks?
Describe a time when you had to make a decision quickly and the outcome was successful.
Were you able to learn anything important about yourself while working at Starbucks?
Tell me about a time when you worked with different people or were given a new task.
Tell me about a time you had to make a quick decision.

What I am looking for is an understanding of how you manage to juggle the many commitments that come your way during your day, and how you have done this without any major incidents.

If they’re only asking you about your skills I recommend telling them you are interested if they ask. It can’t hurt to try and get the job.

Make sure to give Starbucks a copy of your resume and also stress how well you complement Starbucks’ core values and mission.

People who have gone through this interview process report that it’s a friendly and comfortable setting, so you don’t have to stress while preparing.

As for the second reason, this question is a great example of ‘why not?’ which you can ask to a hiring manager if you ever feel like you’re being set up for failure.

What Is The Salary Of A Shift Supervisor At Starbucks?

The average Shift Supervisor salary at Starbucks is $14 an hour or $29,099 per year for a full-time position.


The following represents the average of the weekly averages for shift supervisors in your area.

It also offers very good benefits like health coverage, paid leave, savings plans, and stock options.

Is Starbucks Shift Supervisor A Good Job?

This job will give you a management position and make you more important than a barista.

The shift supervisor position pay a decent salary, and also provide some excellent benefits. Also, Starbucks does not promote from within, so this could be a good place to start your management career.

Also you can find this page on our website, it explains the differences between all the different areas that are available to work and what kind of skills are needed to work in each area. So, for example, if you’re looking for a career in baristas, you might want to have a look at our page on working at Starbucks.


The Starbucks Shift Supervisor is responsible for the smooth running of their scheduled shifts or are employed to provide excellent customer service to their customers.

A Shift Supervisor, or Shift Leader, coaches and leads the team.

Starbucks is the first step in a career in managerial roles. The company hires young people who are smart and have a drive for success.

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