How Much Does A Shift Supervisor Make At Starbucks? (Compared To Amazon!)

As a shift manager in large companies, you will be responsible for supervising the operation of the business and providing guidance to staff. You also have to act as a mentor, coach and “central hub”, for customer service activities.

We take a look at the shift supervisor role for Amazon and Starbucks.

What is the Average Salary of a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks?

Starbucks shift supervisors in the United States make an average of $14.09 an hour. It varies depending on where you live. Certain Starbucks franchises pay more than the national average. Amazon offers a similar opportunity. You can expect to make around $14.84 an hour as a shift supervisor.

Other benefits include paid time off, employee discounts and retirement plans.

What does an Amazon Shift Supervisor do?

Amazon’s shift supervisor role involves being present on the ground and helping to coordinate the activities of the team.

The following are the responsibilities for a warehouse supervisor/operations shift supervisor:

  • Demonstrating safety and occupational health knowledge/skills
  • Supervise team members: mentoring, conflict resolution, coaching, and emotional support
  • Liaising with the line manager
  • When the manager is not available, you can act as a manager.
  • Analyzing and implementing performance goals
  • Attending meetings

Amazon often describes their shifts as “non-traditional shift patterns” and may also include weekends. They emphasize the importance of being able to “multitask” in order to be successful.

What happens if my applications to work as a supervisor are unsuccessful?

Each company will confirm receipt of your application and will contact you again regardless of whether or not you have been selected for the job.

After they confirm that you have been unsuccessful, you can apply for any other job they offer.

There are many reasons why delays in processing applications can happen. These can be caused by incorrect or missing information on your application and delays in government background checks.

It may take a while to hear back if there are many applications.

What does a Starbucks Shift Supervisor do?

The supervisor role at Starbucks is hands-on, interactive, and multi-skilled. In a typical day, a supervisor might have to supervise staff, manage customers, order stock and act as a barista.

Starbucks’ shift supervisor is accountable to the store manager. Supervisors must be problem solvers who can think quickly and be quick to make decisions.

The supervisor is the one who leads each shift. It is important to be able to help customers and solve customer problems, especially in times of staff shortages when supervisors might have to step back into a service role.

How do I become an Amazon Shift Supervisor

Amazon has a page called Amazon Jobs, which lists all current jobs in multiple countries.

Click on any one of these links to see the complete job description, including job location, duties, responsibilities, hours required, and the company’s goals.

Each job title has an “apply now” button. Next, you will be asked to carefully read the job description and confirm that it has been completed.

To continue, you will need to log in to (or create) an Amazon account. The job application is completed from your account.

Each job description includes valuable experience and skills as well as a description of the tasks and duties required for the position.

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How do I become a Starbucks Shift Supervisor

The “careers” tab is located at the bottom on the Starbucks homepage. Click on “US careers” to go to the “search for jobs” bar. You can search here for the type and location of the job you are interested in.

This page also offers information about career options.

Starbucks provides basic qualifications for a shift job and lists the required skills, knowledge, and abilities. Starbucks also outlines what it takes for a good shift supervisor.

You can apply for multiple positions at once and reapply for a different position if you are not successful with your first one.

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Supervisors are an active, dynamic and valuable position in any career. Amazon and Starbucks both regularly recruit for hard-working supervisors.

You can find feedback from employees directly on these positions through a variety of online review boards. You can apply for supervisor work directly from the company’s homepage.

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