Does Walmart Install Car Stereos? (Everything To Know!)

Walmart is more than a grocery store. This means that you can also find services at affordable prices, including those related to your vehicle.

Walmart has an in-store Auto Care Center that can do repairs and installs. However, there are some restrictions. This raises the question: Do they install car stereos. Let’s find out!

Walmart installs car stereos

Although Walmart can install car stereos, they do not offer this service at their Auto Care Center. InstallerNet is the only way to pay for stereo installation. They are partners companies so that won’t pose any problems.

The service can still be purchased at Walmart, but it must be done through the official website once you’ve chosen the car stereo that you wish to install.

These are great news but you need to follow a few steps instead of just driving to the nearest Walmart. Let’s get into details about how to pay for car audio system installation and more!

How to Buy a Car Installation Service through Walmart

First, remember that you can’t order in-store. You will need to go online to place your order.

It is easy to use. Simply choose the installation that you wish from the available options and then add it to your shopping cart like a regular Walmart product.

Within three days of your purchase, you will receive confirmation with instructions on how to install the new stereo in your vehicle.

What is the Average Cost to Install a Car Stereo at Walmart?

A standard installation costs $60 and includes all the features a car stereo needs. You can also spend $100 to get a better stereo that has Bluetooth, built-in navigation, better sound quality, and more features.

Walmart sells car stereos and tool kits

Although Walmart does not offer installation service, they sell a wide range of car stereos. There are many brands and prices to fit your budget.

If you want to install stereo speakers yourself, you can buy stereo tool kits. However, it will be a lot more expensive and you must know how to do it.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing the kit for as low as $5-10. It’s a matter of following the instructions and allowing time for error.

What other services does Walmart offer for cars?

You can visit an Auto Care Center to learn more about what Walmart can do for you car. They can provide services like oil services, battery installation and balancing, as well as other maintenance services.

These are the top-rated services Walmart offers in its Auto Care Centers.

  • Tire Services
  • Battery Services
  • Oil and Lube Services
  • Fuel System Services
  • Engine Air Filter Repair
  • Headlight Services
  • Windshield wiper replacement
  • Cabin Air Filter Repair
  • Miniature Bulb Installation
  • Valve Stem Installation

You can either pay at the Walmart store where you shop or book an appointment online or by phone.

Walmart can take care of your car. They are reliable and you will get great prices.

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Walmart is renowned for its high quality and affordable grocery stores, but also the wide range of services it offers to customers such as car services like stereo installation.

You can now have a car stereo installed by Walmart thanks to InstallerNet’s partnership. Simply order the service online and follow the instructions.

You still have the option of buying the stereo and tools yourself. However, Walmart is a great option for getting your car serviced at the same time as you shop.

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