Does Starbucks Hire At 14, 15, 16 & 17 Years Old? (full Guide)

Starbucks is a popular brand with a reputation for treating its customers and employees well, which means that a lot of job seekers are interested in finding a job there.

The age of hiring employees is actually based on the legal minimum wage in many states.
The legal minimum wage varies from state to state.
Some states (notably Florida) have no legal minimum wage.
Many Starbucks do hire employees who are under-the-age-of-18.

Does Starbucks Hire At 14, 15, 16 & 17 Years Old In 2022?

– Starbucks has an overall policy of not hiring people under the
age of 18, and in the US, there are state laws that make it illegal to
hire anyone under the age of 16.
– Starbucks’ legal team told the Montana Supreme Court that the State
has no reason to stop a company from hiring teenagers who are
– Montana’s law has been challenged, and Starbucks won the case.
– More states are considering similar laws.

The Starbucks that hires teens is a place where you can work as a barista, work at the register, and learn about management positions. The pay for teens is usually $11-$12 an hour, and the entry to management is a college degree.

Does Starbucks Hire Teens?

In 2015, there was a lawsuit filed because the young employee was hired as a barista at Starbucks, not at the age of 14, as Starbucks argued. They argued that the employee was too young.

These rules are meant to protect teenagers from working under dangerous conditions at factories, farms, and other workplaces.

I’m making it possible for teens to join the company at an age they are legally able to work, which is 16 in the great state of Indiana.

However, when you start working at Starbucks you are ineligible for an entry-level job. You can obtain an entry-level job after you complete one year of service.

Does Starbucks Hire At 14?

Starbucks hires 14-year-olds in one region only, and only in Montana.

Do Any Other Companies Hire At 14?

You can go for the regular jobs or get a job from a company that specializes in finding job for teens.

For example, lifeguarding and working as a library aide or camp counselor are the best jobs for teens.

You can also check for job openings at local attractions.

Besides not having to provide references and filling out an application through the company, another advantage for working off the books with a teen is that they are paid to do the work. Also, they don’t have to pay taxes.

Does Starbucks Hire At 15?

Starbucks in the UK does not hire 15-year-olds in the UK.

To search for a Starbucks job in Montana, you can click on the “careers” link on the website and choose a category.

Do Any Other Companies Hire At 15?

Teenagers and high school students have a number of choices and opportunities to work, study, or participate in the community.

The internet can easily be searched for the details of available jobs in these locations.

In addition they can work in a laboratory, or research company, or they can work in the food industry, in computer stores, or in service industries.

Does Starbucks Hire At 16?

The company is offering $12 an hour to workers at its Starbucks locations and $15 an hour as a manager.

What Other Companies Hire At 16?

Although Target, Walmart, CVS, and McDonald’s offer employment to 16 year-old jobs, only some of these companies hire teens.

The youth may even find a job at the mall or in a store or restaurant, such as a fast food restaurant, where they can earn money while learning valuable job skills.

Does Starbucks Hire At 17?

Yes, Starbucks hires 17-year-olds as baristas. Employees are also required to be at least 18 years old for shift supervisor jobs.

What Other Companies Hire At 17?

Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens hire workers who are 16 years and older for work that requires a high school diploma or GED.

How Do I Find A Job At Starbucks?

Starbucks has an entire careers page where you can apply and search for jobs by position type and location. On the careers page you can search for jobs by position type and location.

Also, the careers page has helpful advice and tips about applying for a job at Starbucks.

What Are The Job Duties For A Barista At Starbucks?

After an employee told a customer they would have to spend $5 more for a beverage if they wanted to add milk, the customer decided to share his frustration with the world on his Facebook page.

A lot of baristas are being asked to put their own personalities through the espresso machine.

How Much Does Starbucks Pay?

The minimum wage is just like the base rate. It’s the base that the commission rates are based on. Because the minimum wage is not tied to the commission rates, I think this is a good thing.

The company just increased all the minimum wage by 30%, so now all Starbucks employees get a higher salary than the federal minimum wage.

Starbucks doesn’t expect a specific salary, instead it gives raises and bonuses and also funds college tuition for eligible employees.

Is Starbucks A Good Place To Work?

You may have heard that Starbucks is a good employer;
[Text of article]: Starbucks is a company that is very good for your bottom line. And the Starbucks partners who have grown with this company have been the people to make this happen.

Starbucks’ eligible part-time and full-time employees get a compensation package including a basic salary, a bonus, an employer match on 401(k), stock, and other benefits.

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Employees may earn 15% of the sale price on qualifying sales transactions.
Employees may share in the company’s profits, even if not a shareholder.
Employees can be paid in shares of stock.

Starbucks partners can also take part in the Starbucks Caring Unites Partners (CUP) Fund, which assists employees in financial crises due to illness, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

What Perks Do Starbucks Employees Get?

In addition to the benefits, many people enjoy working at Starbucks because they get to become part of something bigger than themselves. Many people work at Starbucks because they enjoy being part of a team.

Starbucks is known for its loyalty program. They offer a discount at all their locations, and every Starbucks employee receives a 30% discount on in-store purchases of beverages, food, and merchandise.

If you are interested in being a barista, you can read our post about how to be a barista and also check out our list of the best tips for new baristas.


The minimum age to work at Starbuck is 16 years for an entry-level barista job, and 18 years for a shift supervisor job.

However, in the state of Montana, the minimum age to buy a firearm is 14 years.

Starbucks has a reputation for being a good employer that treats its workers well and provides them with a base pay above the minimum wage.

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