Does Popeyes Hire At 12, 13, 14, Or 15? (all You Need To Know)

The fast food industry has become one of the major employers in the world, especially in the United States, and even more specifically in Louisiana. Thousands of individuals have obtained employment opportunities at Popeyes restaurants.

There’s also a difference in using the correct form when the adjective comes at the beginning of the sentence and after the noun.

The following example illustrates this.

As an incentive to get more teenagers to work at Popeyes, the Louisiana-based fast-food restaurant chain might let teenagers work at the eatery.

Does Popeyes Hire At 12, 13, 14, Or 15 In 2022?

If you want to know more about the youngest age allowed to work in restaurants, other restaurants that allow younger employees, and so much more, keep reading!

What Is The Youngest You Can Be To Work At Popeyes?

The minimum hiring age is at 16 years, but a few positions may require a minimum age that is 18 years or older.

Some restaurants in the US do not hire individuals under the age of 16 because of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which says that minors must be compensated for working more than 40 hours per week.

What Alternative Restaurants Hire Individuals Aged 12, 13, 14, Or 15?

The U.S. Federal Department of Labor’s guidelines also state that youth may be employed between the ages of 14 and 16, and those aged 17 and 18, but only after the completion of their high school education or general educational development.

They also have an age verification system in place for their employees to ensure that individuals who are under the legal working age are at least 16 years of age.

So, even though the positions available for teens are pretty limited, the teens are legally allowed to take part in the work force.

People are working here, you can clean the dishes or clean the floors, I can do the prep work and I can even use my own blender and coffee grinder. The only thing I can’t do is work cash registers.

However, minors cannot play significant roles in baking, including removing food from the oven, mixing ingredients, and pouring and mixing recipes.

In addition to this, minors who have not reached the age of 18 cannot work in meat coolers or freezers.

Children can work during school hours, but not up to three hours on school days. And they cannot work during school holidays, but they can work up to 18 hours at the end of the school week. And they must pay attention in their classrooms, and cannot work for more than five minutes at a time.

The age limits set by the Act are 13 to 17 with the exception of those working at businesses who have been granted an exception to the age limit.

McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant.

McDonald’s hired individuals of 14 and 15 to work in the front and back-of-house positions.

This is a bit of a gray area. It is hard to say whether all of those employees are “under the age of 16 years”. McDonald’s should probably make a rule for them if they want to make sure minors are not serving food.

Some states require that employees or contractors who want to work have a work permit or permission from a parent before they can be hired.

I can’t even open the box.

Burger King hires 14-year-olds in select states to work in the restaurant.

After cleaning the restaurant, the workers start fixing dishes. They also take care of customers.

Also, McDonald’s is a chain of restaurants that limits the duties of individuals under 16 years to avoid exposure to potential hazards within the restaurant.

The brand that was formerly known as Taco Bell was rebranded to “CBE Brands”.

Taco Bell is famous for tacos and burritos. It generally hires individuals aged 16 years or older.

Taco Bell hires individuals at the age of 14. These jobs are not only limited to Taco Bells. Taco Bell also hires individuals at the college level.

Starbucks will now be your new home.

Starbucks is not necessarily a good place to work.. Many of their stores hire teenagers who can do work, and most of them do not pay the minimum wage.

The United States has the highest incidence of child labor in the world.
In 2010, the year when the study was conducted, about 6.4% of children aged were involved in non-agricultural employment.

Butters are a type of confection, consisting of a wafer covered with a layer of caramel, then powdered sugar.

 An employment center opened its doors in January 2018.  The organization is accepting applications for the center that offers employment to youth between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.

When the teens are not working, they are usually playing video games, surfing the net, watching movies, and using Instagram.

But they can also get promotions to become cake decorator and shift leader.

To be fair, people who are trying to save money always have expensive food.

One of the few restaurants in the US will likely hire individuals under the age of fourteen.

As a result of this, these young people are hired to clean stores, operate in fast food restaurants, and cook food for customers.

What Are The Jobs Available For Teens At Popeyes?

Popeyes does not hire children under the age of 18. It is very important to keep in mind that there is a difference in the American legal age and the age considered to be adulthood in the eyes of the United States government.

Therefore, if you are seeking entry-level work at Popeyes as a team member, be at least sixteen when applying.

You can work for the team and get customer service duties, cleaning duties, unloading of inventory items, checking of accuracy of orders, and operating cash registers.

It is a very good sign if you want to be an hourly shift coordinator at a restaurant that you are at least 18 years of age.

The position includes leadership in addition to several other characteristics.

For example, you might be required to take responsibility for operations during your assigned shifts, depositing bank deposits, providing directions for team members, and delegating tasks.

How Can Teens Apply For A Job At Popeyes?

If you are looking for a teen job at Popeyes, you can apply for that by clicking this link.

Since there are a lot of companies and locations out there with different application processes, it’s important to contact the location you’re interested in and find out more about the application process.

I am not exactly sure what the intent of the original was. The sentence is probably incomplete. It should probably read:

That said, some locally-owned franchises may prefer filling out the application in person at the store.

To learn more about Popeyes, you can check out everything we have about Popeyes on our Popeyes page.


The minimum employment age for a Popeyes employee is 16 years and no child under the age of 16 has ever been employed by Popeyes.

The government is actually encouraging these restaurants to hire individuals as young as 14.

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