Does Target Hire 16-year-olds? (jobs, Pay + More)

 Whether or not Target will be a viable employer depends on the employeeâs aptitude and ability for problem solving.

So before you and your parents trek to the store to find out, you might be wondering whether or not Target hires 16-year-olds. We have the answer.

Does Target Hire 16-Year-Olds In 2022?

Target also hires teens of this age for many positions.

Target does hire 16-year olds for many job positions, including stockers, cashiers, and more. The minimum age requirement for legal employment in many U.S. states is 16, which is why Target generally hires teens of that age. Individuals desiring a position at the Target Distribution Center must be 18, in accordance with child labor laws.

Keep the employee focused on the tasks at hand.
Keep the employee’s salary low enough to be affordable to the employer.
Keep the employee’s work environment safe.
Keep the employee’s education level high enough to be productive without needing extensive training.
Avoid the employee going to school.
Avoid the employee being a good worker.
Keep the employee’s salary in line with the job’s requirements so that the employer can easily fire the employee.
Keep the employer a good employer.

What Positions Can a 16-Year-Old Hold at Target?

The minimum age for a teen to be a cashier or stock person is 16.

The young jobless are not considered a labor surplus: Target is trying to hire them.

The last two sentences use present perfect, so are tenses of a past action.

There are still a few jobs in construction, but they are primarily for older people.

Additionally, the age of 16-years-old may also be restricted in the hours they work.

To find out about what the state laws are in your area, just visit this page. Go to the section under your state, and then you should see a list of the federal laws that apply to you.

What Hourly Wage Can a 16-Year-Old Earn at Target?

In recent years, Target permanently raised its starting wage to employees to $15.00 an hour. The minimum wage for 16 yr olds is $11.15. Minimum wage for adults will be $11.63.

And in addition, Target has excellent benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) plan.

While teens won’t be hyped about retirement plans and other benefits, they can gain from other perks at Target like leadership and training development programs.

In 2015, Target partnered with the Girl Scouts and introduced the Girl Scout Gold Award, which is a two year leadership program that has four components, each designed to build leadership skills in girls. The program is designed to teach girls how to communicate with adults, act in a leadership role, work in teams, and use technology in the workplace.

What is the Minimum Age to Work at Target?

Because the target company recruits only the top students, they do not hire anyone younger than that. They don’t even hire anyone that young.

So, if you can demonstrate that you have something special to offer the world, and if you are motivated to work hard, you can sometimes be admitted under special circumstances.

One has to know the age of minors and their parents have to consent to the employment. The company has to report to the government the exact number of migrant workers.

Does Target Hire 16-Year-Olds Full-time?

Although the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 requires employers to pay employees who do work over 40 hours per week in overtime, teenagers are exempt from the overtime provision unless they work “in the course of employment” and are therefore ineligible for overtime.

If you are a contractor or have a work-permit, then your hours of work are not limited and you can work in excess of 40 hours.

This will protect impressionable teens from potential abuse and leave their minds free for school work and study.

What are the Basic Responsibilities of a 16-Year-Old working at Target?

Alongside showing up for work on time and adhering to their schedules, a 16-year-old employee of Target must remain courteous to customers, including addressing them by their names.

If teens don’t do their school work without being asked, if they can’t take initiative, then they’ll never be good at anything.

A restaurant might have a duty to warn customers about an open and obvious hazard, like a hot stove that is out of control and about to cause a fire.

How Can a 16-Year-Old Apply for a Job at Target?

to apply for a job at go to enter your desired location and select the jobs that interest you.

If your application crashes or blue screen happens, it will be available in the application for a total of 96 hours. You cannot open your application after the time has passed.

**The application will close after the time period has passed, and cannot be opened again.

As well, 17-year-old can also visit the store for a paper application or print one at home to apply in person.

Should 16-year-olds Work at Target?

A 16-year-old high school student should seriously consider working for Target.
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Kelowna International High School is a nationally recognized brand people trust and it provides teens with access to a wealth of benefits and training.

Disney offers a lot of opportunities for advancement and they don’t limit your creativity or your leadership ability. If anything Disney makes you more creative and encourages teamwork and leadership.

What Kind of Documents Will a 16-year-old Need to Work at Target?

The United States has tightened its hiring rules for those coming to work at Target. The company will now require a Social Security number as well as the state-issued license or ID with a photo and signature of the applicant before hiring.

The reason the federal government allows the States to make their own immigration laws is so that America would not become a police state.

The next time you want to shop at Target, make sure you comply with their dress code, Target break policy, and if you have any questions about Target drug test, then check out our related posts here.


The minimum age requirement is 16. Target will hire high school-aged employees.

The program’s requirement that children be younger than 16 has the unintended effect of keeping them out of a host of jobs where they may otherwise have competed with older workers.

One of the reasons why Target is one of the best companies for teens is because it allows them to acquire an education. This means that they may be able to go to college and learn more about their interests. This gives them more options.

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