What Age Does Tj Maxx Hire? (all You Need To Know)

TJ Maxx is a popular chain of discount stores that also offer many home décor items, fashion goods, and household items.

However, teens may be wondering at the age range for job applications. Carry on reading for all the information you need!

What Age Does TJ Maxx Hire In 2022?

Minimum age to work at a TJ Maxx will be raised to 18 in 2022. Typically, you would start out as an Merchandising Associate. For management positions, you must be at least 18 years old and have three years of retail experience. During the school year, 16-year-olds can only work part-time and must finish their shifts by 9 p.m.

Do you have any other questions about the job or working at TJ Maxx? Get the answers you need by reading on for more useful information!

What Is the Age Requirement to Work at TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx requires a valid driver’s license, a Social Security Card and a valid credit card to apply for employment.

There’s no minimum age for management positions. You need three years of retail experience, but you don’t need to be 18 years old.

How Long Can a 16-year-old Work on a School Day?

The Labor Standards Act is the law that governs hours for teens in different occupations in all states.

Even after school, a 16-year-old is required to end work at 9 pm. Additionally, after school, the young people can only be employed in jobs that are not sensitive or are not dangerous.

This would indicate that you work an 8 hour day and have a 4 hour commute, which is pretty standard.

There must also be a 10 minute break off the clock every shift of a shift leader.

What Job Can a 16-Year-Old Be Hired for at TJ Maxx?

If you start working at TJ Maxx at 16, you will start working as a Merchandise Associate and you do not have to complete any educational requirements.

You may be asked to work at the cash register, which is a simple job.

You’re not allowed to modify your original question. You are allowed to edit your paraphrase.

I think this one is pretty nice, although I’ve heard my professors talking about it a few times. This might be one of those times.

How Do I Get a Job at TJ Maxx?

The most common way to get a job at TJ Maxx is by filling out an application and having a conversation with a recruiter.

Application forms can be completed online. However, they can also be completed and handed to a representative.

If you don’t have experience with the company you are applying, in person is an easier way to get hired.

If you want to work at TJ Maxx, you can apply online. The application is located on the company website.

You can search for jobs by employer, location, or job type.

You can also narrow down your search by location by choosing the area code and zip code.

Is TJ Maxx a Good Job for Teens?

There are many benefits of working at TJ Maxx besides the paycheck.

One of the reasons why the company is always hiring is because it has a lot of stores, and therefore there are a lot of jobs available.

It’s definitely interesting and anyone interested in learning about fashion and retail will do well here.

There is another thing that makes TJ Maxx stand out as a great place to work, because it offers employees 10% discount on all purchases in its stores.

Besides the discount that comes with their new hire, their employees also get a 20% discount every few months, for a limited time.

For many TJ Maxx employees, being the first to get the delivery from the truck is another benefit of the job.

At TJ Maxx, you can easily schedule your shifts when it’s most convenient for you. This can help you manage your time on a daily basis.

Read more about the company’s ethical policies, and about its dress code policy in our post on what is TJ Maxx.


You do not have to apply in person at JMaxx. You can apply online or through the mail. You can not apply if you are not a legal resident of the United States. They do not hire children unless it is a seasonal position.

Looking for a career in fashion, retail, home design or related fields? A job at TJ Maxx or Marshalls can be the beginning of your career.

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