Does Trader Joe’s Hire At 14, 15, Or 16 Years Old? (full Guide)

The legal working age is usually around 14 and a lot of places will hire you the moment you are old enough to work. There are definitely food places and other places that will hire you when you are old enough to work.

If you are looking to get a job at Trader Joe’s, be sure to read the entire article and know what is required to become an employee!

Does Trader Joe’s Hire at 14, 15, or 16 Years Old In 2022?

Trader Joe’s employees have to deal with a lot of customer problems. They need to watch for any illegal drug sales, to make sure that everyone is having fun, and to sell them the highest quality product available.

To learn more about working at Trader Joe’s, and the minimum age to apply there, check here for information on other stores that hire teens!

At What Age Does Trader Joe’s Hire?

Trader Joe’s entry-level jobs require the applicant to be at least 16 years old.

Some countries require that you apply for a high school diploma to apply for a visa, and many companies don’t hire those who don’t have one.

What Position Can Teens Apply for at Trader Joe’s?

So, when you apply you will be put into the Store Crew, which is where you can work in the store. You’ll have to work from 10am till 6pm, Monday to Saturday to ensure that the store stays open for customers.

The Store’s employees work to provide excellent customer service. They share information about products, suggest items, answer questions, and make sure that customers are satisfied.

As a Mate, you will be on the management team and are responsible for making sure the products and services for our customers are great.

This position is a part of our Trader Joe’s team, so we can’t have you work in a hostile and uncomfortable environment.

How Much Do Trader Joe’s Employees Make?

Trader Joe’s is a grocery chain that has stores all over the United States, but they do have a corporate office in San Francisco.

The gap between those who are working in the management position and those who are working in the entry-level position is very significant. The average monthly salary for those who are working in the management position is $7,869 compared to the $5,077 average monthly salary for someone who is working in the entry-level position. Those who are working in the management position make an average of $10,817 per month compared to the $4,922 average monthly salary for those who are working in the entry-level position.

To get into a higher position at Trader Joe’s, you’re going to need to learn every position and work your way up.

How Do You Apply for a Job at Trader Joe’s?

Looking for full time work at a fast paced, dynamic and high-tech company and want to be part of a team who are constantly developing, innovating and creating the next great solutions for our customers.

When you get told that you’ve been sent for an interview, you will be sent to an email address that will send the interview to you. Here you need to make sure you read through the job posting that you may have already received.

If you apply online, you will be waiting for at about 3 weeks to have a decision.

Trader Joe’s will require its employees to do 2 in-person interviews before they will be hired.

What Questions Might You Be Asked at an Interview at Trader Joe’s?

I would also check the questions that other companies ask the people that they hire for their job, to make sure they ask the same questions.

Your strengths? You should know what they are; and you should have examples of your work in these areas. Your weaknesses? You should be willing to discuss them. You should know what resolution is, and how you’d resolve conflicts. Previous employers? You should have something ready to talk about. Why Trader Joe’s? This job has become the most important thing in your life, and you need to show that you’re willing to give up everything to be the best employee.

If you want to make yourself more interesting, talk about your food, talk about your sense of humor.

What Should You Wear to an Interview at Trader Joe’s?

When looking for potential workers, applicants should be dressed on the more appropriate side. For example if you are applying for construction, you want to wear a hard hat, safety vest, construction boots, and other similar attire.

If you want to stand out, try to make sure that you are wearing something that is very bright, or something that will be easily seen by the viewer.

You should have your best impression going for you and try your best to make sure that you do your best.

Which Other Places Hire Before 16?

It’s true that some of these stores don’t have a hiring age but the reality is that even the smaller grocery stores and fast food restaurants are hiring more and more teenagers. They’re hiring them to make up for the lack of employees overall.

New York, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin.

At least get a part-time job; preferably one that you enjoy, because it will force you to learn responsibility and discipline. Many employers are willing to allow teenagers to hold jobs (especially retail jobs) even if they aren’t officially adults. It may be difficult to get the job, since many employers are only looking to hire adults, so it may be best to look for a job that is just legal enough, but not too much.

There are lots of other freelance jobs that you can take on as well.

We talk about whether or not Trader Joe’s is a scam, and whether or not you should buy Trader Joe’s food.


Trader Joe’s does not hire a 16 year old as a minimum age requirement because they don’t want to. Many companies are ok with hiring 14 years olds as a minimum age requirement, because they aren’t ready to work full time.

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