Safeway Employee Discount (all You Need To Know)

Retail and grocery stores provide many benefits for their staff. Some of the benefits include holiday pay, employee discounts, medical benefits, and gym memberships.

If you’re thinking about joining Safeway, then you may be wondering if they offer a discount to their employees. This can be a great way to save on your grocery store shopping, and is something you can do every week. So, whether you’re a full-time employee or a new part-time employee, you may want to consider applying to work at Safeway.

Safeway Employee Discount In 2022

As of 2022, Safeway will be giving staff members 10% off on store brands, and 5% off on other brands. In order to qualify for an employee discount, Safeway staff members must be past their probation period, and must hold an AirMiles card to be swiped at the cash checkout.

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If you’d like to learn more about how our Safeway staff can use their $10 Safeway Discount, what they’re able to purchase with the discount, and more, please continue reading!

What Do Safeway Employees Need in Order to Use Their Discount?

Safeway has two requirements before they will be eligible for the employee discount.

Next, Safeway will have to meet certain quality requirements and pay us up to $250,000 in quality improvement funds for the probation period.

As part of your probation you will need to earn Air Miles in order to purchase items.

This “card” acts like a discount card, and it can be swiped at checkout to get a discount. The item will be automatically discounted if the discount price is applied.

The Safeway staff cannot access their discount without an Air Miles card.

To be able to use their Air Miles card in our store, we will have to register their card number into Employee Self Service.

Can Safeway Employees Share Their Discount?

The employees of Safeway are allowed to share their discounts with their family members.

When Sobeys offers the employee or family member an incentive they can use their Air Miles card from the Sobeys portal as long as the card is registered through the Sobeys portal.

Can Safeway Employees Use Their Discount in Every Department?

Safeway gives its employees discounts on all products that are available.

If your order includes products that are ineligible for a discount, you will be charged in accordance with our standard pricing, as noted on the order page.

Certain non-discount items and third-party seller items (e.g. Marketplace sellers) might vary from store to store.

Store managers will need to talk with workers for details about which products are considered minimum price regulation items in their stores.

Where Can Safeway Staff Use Their Discount?

Safeway is owned Albertson’s/Sobeys and they allow you to use your Safeway card at Safeway stores under the Albertsons Companies umbrella.

The following stores qualify for the Safeway employee discount: Safeway, Winco, and Shaw’s.

Safeway employees will receive their discount in the form of an Air Miles card that can be used at any of the above stores.

While employees cannot earn Air Miles on FreshCo purchases, they can use this card to get their discount only.

Where Can Safeway Staff Not Use Their Discount?

The discounts are available at the first time the customer shops in those stores. The discounts aren’t available all year, but all stores offer them at the same time of year, usually just before the end of the year.

It is unclear to me why the Albertsons Company is allowed to offer discounts to their customers but the Safeway company is not.

What Are The Other Employee Benefits at Safeway?

Once on the job, Safeway gives its employees the privilege to earn up to five weeks fully paid vacation, one week of fully paid sick leave, paid holidays, healthcare benefits, tuition benefits for employees who are pursuing a college degree and much, much more!

 PTO is available for all employees after one year of employment. Additionally, regular staff receive two weeks of paid time, and store managers receive five weeks of paid time. However, store managers are still the lowest paid employee group.

There are many ways to get Safeway’s discount. First and foremost, you can get the Safeway discount if you are an employee of Safeway. You may also be eligible for a Safeway discount if you are a Safeway customer.
So, if you want to save money in the grocery store, it is time to save your Safeway discount coupons.


Safeway will give an employee $0.10 for store brand products, and zero dollars for other name brand products.

Employees need to work for at least three month to be eligible for the promotion.

Not sure how many Safeway stores there are, but if you see a Sobeys store in your area it will have Safeway inside it.

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