Does Grubhub Require Proof Of Insurance? (What To Know!)

Grubhub requires you to have separate car insurance if you plan on working as a delivery driver. Your car insurance does not cover business use. You could be held responsible for any damage caused by Grubhub drivers if you cause an accident. The company doesn’t have insurance. This is why the separate car insurance is necessary.

This article will answer the following question: “Does Grubhub require proof that you have insurance?” Continue reading to find out more.

Grubhub requires proof of insurance

Grubhub officials may require proof of insurance before you can work for them. Grubhub might request a copy your commercial insurance policy in order to verify that you are meeting your state’s insurance requirements.

Grubhub could contact your insurance company to verify your coverage. Grubhub could contact your insurance company to verify your coverage.

Our researchers compared the top car insurance providers to determine which Grubhub will accept. Here are the top insurance policies available for Grubhub drivers.

  • Business-Use Protection: This optional coverage can be added to a personal policy. This coverage can be used to protect your vehicle when it is being used for business purposes only. Grubhub drivers can purchase business-use insurance to protect their vehicle while delivering.
  • Commercial Insurance: This policy covers both businesses and their cars. Grubhub drivers may find commercial policies too expensive, but depending on your circumstances, this could be the best option.

Most insurers will allow you to add business-use coverage, but it may cost a little more each month.

Is it possible to deliver food without insurance?

Grubhub won’t hire you if you don’t have insurance. You can’t deliver food unless you have insurance.

Think about it. You don’t want to take on the risk of delivering food, even if you have a commercial auto insurance policy or endorsement for food delivery.

This is risky as drivers who deliver food to customers without commercial or business-use insurance can be considered uninsured.

Provincial health insurance, for example, will provide emergency care in the case of a collision. The driver is responsible for the cost of rehabilitation and long-term medical care.

Also, ensure your car insurance policy covers these items as well as liability protection. Settlement costs for at-fault drivers can easily exceed $200,000.

Keep in mind, however, that your insurance company may cancel your policy if they discover that your vehicle’s use has changed.

Grubhub Insurance Requirements

Grubhub may require “auto insurance.” Grubhub does not have an established minimum level of coverage. Grubhub may not need a particular level of insurance. It will depend on your car insurance company.

It’s important to know that Grubhub does not provide car insurance for its drivers. You can however choose the coverage you need to protect your vehicle and yourself.

Does Grubhub Offers Health Insurance

GrubHub and Stride have partnered to make it easy for drivers to get affordable health insurance. These are the requirements to be eligible for insurance:

Level 1 – Drivers with an active delivery time of 15 to 25 hours per week.

Level 2 – Drivers with an average active delivery time greater than 25 hours per week for the whole week

After you have met the requirements, you will be eligible for either one or two types of insurance based on your estimated delivery time. The Grubhub app for Drivers will provide the exact numbers.

DoorDash requires proof of insurance

DoorDash does require you to have insurance in order to work for them. DoorDash offers a commercial auto policy that covers you up to $1,000,000 for property damage or accident while you are active delivery.

DoorDash does not cover personal driving.

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Grubhub drivers may need commercial car insurance, as your existing car insurance policy does not cover you.

Grubhub may require you to pay out-of-pocket for any injuries or damages you sustain if you cause an accident while driving on Grubhub.

Ask your insurance provider for information about commercial vehicle insurance and business-use coverage.

You can usually add basic commercial coverage to your policy for a small amount.

You can also find the best Grubhub car insurance online and compare it to commercial car insurance policies online.

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