Amazon Flex Vs. Doordash: Which Is Right For You?

You can make extra money by riding-sharing and using delivery apps. There are many options available today such as Amazon Flex and DoorDash. Uber is another option. It can be hard to choose the right one for your side gig with so many options.

This article will discuss the differences between Amazon Flex & DoorDash and compare the pros and cons. This article should help you choose the right one for your side hustle if you want to earn extra money as a courier partner.

Amazon Flex: How much can you make?

Let’s get to the brass tax. What Amazon Flex actually pays is the meat of this matter. The payment structure of the app is simple and centered around the concept “time blocks”.


If you are lucky enough to secure a timeslot, the Amazon Flex app will show you the expected payout and delivery time. For example, a 2-hour block of time would pay $36 dollars. The hourly base pay is $18.

You still get paid for the entire block of time even if you complete your deliveries in a shorter time frame. This means that even if you do two hours worth of deliveries in an hour, you still get paid ($36).

Amazon Flex doesn’t cover expenses like fuel or vehicle maintenance. However, you may be able to claim them as business expenses in your tax return. has more information.

It’s also important to fill out tax forms accurately and honestly to avoid getting in trouble.

Differences between Amazon Flex and DoorDash

DoorDash, a popular food delivery service that allows drivers to sign-up and deliver food from restaurants to their customers, is well-known. Although the service works in a similar way to UberEats and SkipTheDishes’s ride-sharing app, there are key differences that make it stand out.

Similar to Amazon Flex, DoorDash drivers will need a valid SSN as well as a driver’s license to sign up. Proof of insurance will be required for any vehicle you plan to use for deliveries. There is no requirement for a vehicle, unlike Amazon Flex. DoorDash drivers can use scooters, motorbikes, or any other vehicle that you have.

DoorDash drivers are known as “dashers”. The Dashers pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to customers. Because the food must be delivered quickly to preserve freshness, these deliveries will take longer and be more time-sensitive than Amazon Flex deliveries.

The following metrics are important for delivery drivers and dashers:

  • Customer rating. After you have completed your delivery, customers will rate your performance. You may lose your job or be disqualified from receiving bonuses if you have low customer ratings.
  • Completion rating. Your completion rating is the number of deliveries you have completed after accepting them. DoorDash is very important in order to keep your job.
  • Acceptance rating. Acceptance rating is the percentage of offers that you accept. While you don’t have to accept every offer, you may need to accept less profitable deliveries from time-to-time if you want DoorDash to be happy.

DoorDash drivers, like Amazon Flex, are responsible for their own expenses when delivering food. You are responsible for all expenses related to fuel, vehicle costs, cell phones, and other costs while delivering food.

These expenses, like Amazon Flex may be deductible business expenses. To ensure that you are paying the correct amount, always fill out your tax forms accurately and honestly.

DoorDash drivers receive 100% of all delivery fees, bonuses and tips. DoorDash retains the service fee paid by the restaurant.

Sign up drivers to receive up to $750 in bonus money, depending on where they work. To qualify for this bonus, you will need to make a minimum number of deliveries.

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DoorDash pays more than Amazon Flex

The area where you live and the demand for the services are key factors in determining the payment for each delivery app. You might earn more if you deliver for Amazon Flex in certain cities than if you drive for DoorDash. It all depends on the availability of goods and services in your area. reports that Amazon Flex pays more than other delivery apps in 5/10 of the US markets it has surveyed. Amazon Flex is a 27% better than its nest competitor in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

This will vary greatly depending on where you live and what state it is. Amazon Flex, Uber, and GrubHub are generally the three highest-earning apps in the US. These apps are the most popular delivery apps in 7/10 of the major US cities.

Learn more about Amazon Flex and DoorDash This article will tell you if Amazon Flex allows taxes.


There are many factors that will affect the outcome of the contest between Amazon Flex & DoorDash. The first and most important factor that will affect the amount you can make is where you live.

Amazon Flex is more expensive than DoorDash in large US cities. However, DoorDash may be more affordable if you live in an area with less local restaurants.

Both platforms offer similar benefits and bonuses, but Amazon Flex has more stringent requirements than DoorDash. It really comes down to personal preference.

Feel free to ask questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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