What Is Amazon Instant Video? (all You Need To Know)

You can already stream HD quality movies from Amazon via its Fire TV Sticks or Fire TV Stick Pro or other devices.

Amazon Instant Video is a service that lets you watch streaming shows from Amazon on your TV without the need to download anything. It’s also super easy to set up!

What Is Amazon Instant Video In 2022?

Amazon also offers a service called Amazon Prime Video, similar to Netflix, that has a large selection of new content and is also available for free to Amazon Prime members (who pay a subscription fee).

And if you’re willing to watch free instant video, keep reading for our full guide, including how to find free instant videos and what you can watch.

How Does Amazon Instant Video Work?

An Amazon Instant Video customer can rent or buy a movie or TV show instantly while streaming on the console or download it later. You can watch your video purchase on multiple TVs simultaneously, as long as they are linked to your Amazon account or share a login.

To enjoy Amazon Instant Video service, users need to be signed in to Amazon.

Movie rental costs vary depending on the title, with some titles being available for a one-time rental fee ranging between $2-$10. Some titles are available exclusively through Amazon Prime Instant Video at this time, however most rentals are available to non-Prime members at a lower cost.

If you type into the general Amazon search bar, you could get instant video or Instant Video, depending on whether the page you are on allows it.

Once you’ve purchased the title, it will be available directly in the Amazon app or through the browser.

Similar to Vudu, which is also a subscription-based service, the library is always being updated and new movies can be added, so that users can watch what they want at anytime.

Of course, instant video is limited to the movies and shows, Amazon has licensed for in this country, so you may not find all your favorite movies on there.

When you’re a consumer of any service, you expect it to be available all the time.

You can get all the information about a movie from IMDb, and it’s really accurate.

When a new movie or TV show is released, Amazon makes it available for Instant Video access so that you can watch it right away.

Prime members can watch video clips, download content, and save movies to watch later on the Amazon Fire TV.

Where Can You Watch Amazon Instant Video?

Amazon Instant Video is easy to use. It is available on over 650 different devices, including mobiles, PCs, consoles, and smart TVs.

Google also said it was not available on Google Cast, the Google-made HDMI switcher that makes it easy to share content on a TV over the internet.

The good news is that the Amazon Kindles, Roku and Alexa enable devices are the only devices that can stream, or download, movies from Amazon’s digital streaming service.

Head to the Amazon Video section and you’ll see a lot of new shows and older series that you can watch for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

The most successful streaming on Amazon Instant Video is by maintaining a reliable internet connection and to click the title of the chosen show to start watching.

Even if you have to wait for a day for titles to download, at least you’ll have the option to store them for offline, which could be useful later.

Is Amazon Instant Video Worth It?

If you want to get access to your favorite shows and movies and don’t have them all, you should invest in Amazon Instant Video.

If you look at all the ways you can consume media, streaming is in a whole other category altogether.

If you want to learn more, you can also see the posts about the Amazon Prime video channels and the Amazon Prime subscriptions.


Amazon instant video is available on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktop/notebook computers and smart televisions.

There’s a wide range of new movies and classic movies you should check out. Plus, you can download some titles straight to your computer or phone if you want to watch them later.

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