How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime? (being Shared, Different Address, How To Share + More)

Amazon Prime allows customers to choose their preferred content including movies, TV shows, music, and games for their devices, thus helping them to be entertained while traveling and enjoying their preferred movies, TV shows, music, and games.

As many as you want! There is no limit to how many you can have on your Amazon Prime account at the same time, as it’s not counted by number of devices.

How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022?

Amazon was looking for a way to keep people logged into their account so that they can get notifications from different devices, even if they’re offline.
Because people have already been logging in and out of their accounts on Amazon, they needed a way to stay logged in. Amazon created Amazon Sign-In for Fire devices and Apple devices. And, of course, people could log into Amazon on a mobile device.

If you’d like to learn more about how many people can watch Amazon Prime at one time, if you can share your Amazon Prime account with others outside your household, and more, keep reading for more information!

Can Amazon Prime Accounts be Shared?

Amazon is a place you can share your account with the family and trusted friends.

You can share your login information with family or friends.
And you can create a profile to create a watch list of shows and movies you’re interested in.

However, it is recommended that you only share your Amazon account with a person you can trust with your personal information, such as your account password.

We do not recommend sharing your account with anyone, including your significant other or best friend, as they might use your passwords to log into your account and do something malicious.

Can You Have Multiple Users on Amazon Prime?

Currently, as long as you know the password for your account, you can log in to any of your accounts and set aside those who you have pre-authorized to login to your account. So, if someone has access to your password, they can also access your Prime Video account. If you use the same password for both, then you can have as many Prime Video accounts as you like.

However, if a Prime Video member in your household is watching a specific video on their account, only one other person in your household can stream that video at the exact same time.

Well, the cable company has to make money somehow so the cable company wants to make you pay for premium packages or for the extra channels you want.

Additionally, Amazon Prime allows users to create up to six profiles for one account which is preferable for families who have more than one device.

Can You Watch the Same Video on Prime on Two Devices Simultaneously?

If you want to watch movies on all three devices at the same time, you need to download them to your tablet and smartphone or computer and then launch them on your television.

Considering that the device has been locked in standby mode for months on end before it is even unlocked and turned on, it is reasonable to assume that either there is not a sufficient amount of battery charged or the device has gone into standby mode when the battery is low even though the device is not actually turned off.

The recommended option is to do it with your own account to avoid issues with video quality, as the service does not want to interfere with other people’s Netflix experience.

Can You Share Amazon Prime With Different Addresses?

If a friend or family member wants to share his/her Amazon Prime account with you, they must give you their username and password.

However, it’s strongly recommended that Prime Video members keep their login information private so that they don’t get into issues with fraudulent charges, identity theft, and other serious concerns.

If you feel a friend or family member should not have access to your Prime account, you can also request they never receive an email, text, or phone call about your account.

In addition, it’s wise for Prime’s members to put conditions on sharing their Prime account, such as requiring their friend/ family member to log out of the account every time they use it, and not to save the login info to their Prime app. Not only do they risk losing some of the rewards if their account is shared, but they run the risk of also losing their security and privacy if their login info is stolen or shared.

How Do You Add Someone to Your Amazon Prime Account?

There are two ways that a Prime member can add other members to their Prime account.

Another method is to login to their account in a browser. Then simply close out of the browser. You can also set up a Chrome extension that automatically logs you into that account.

Another way to do this would be to create a family Amazon account, which then allows for all of the members to share a single Prime account.

Amazon Household allows you to add multiple accounts to the system from multiple devices. You can login to the Amazon Household system from multiple devices.

Customers should note that Amazon Household is primarily meant for parents and their children, although the option of adding users is for adding a child and adding a teen to the member list.

If members allow other people to sign up to their account, they give access to their Prime account.
Therefore, if members are sharing their accounts, they must give other people access, too.

Is it Safe to Share an Amazon Prime Video Account?

Sharing Prime Video login details comes with a lot of risk. You have to share your login details with the person you are sharing it with.

Having access to the Prime account of someone else can open up your account to the risk of fraudulent charges on your bill, identity theft, other users deleting your account, giving unauthorized access to their prime account, and more.

Customers are strictly prohibited from sharing their Amazon Prime account with people outside of your household.

A friend’s or family member’s password is not the same as the password of their own account and a new password is created, and sent to the account holder.

Which Devices Support Amazon Prime?

On a desktop or laptop computer, customers can access Prime Video via the Amazon website or the Amazon Alexa app.
On a smartphone, customers can view Prime Video via the Amazon website or the Prime Video app available for download from the App or Google Stores.

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In other words, if you have a Roku or an Apple TV set up in your house and an Amazon Fire TV set up, you can’t watch both shows and movies at the same time.

To use the Netflix app you need to be subscribed to the Netflix service and you can’t use the Netflix app if you only use one device for viewing or playing movies.

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