Amazon Household Not Working (5 Potential Fixes + Faqs)

To be able to do this in one step and fix this, you need to go to your Amazon Household and add your family or relatives to your account. Once you’ve done that and all the members have been added in, simply go to your Amazon Household settings and click on ‘Amazon Household settings’. This will open up the housekeeping tab. From there you can see what your limits are and if you’ve exceeded any one of those limits, you can easily change and reset them.

So, if your Amazon Household is not working, you are in need to fix it. To fix it requires that you read through the links I provided and make sure you follow them all the way through. You will need to be a bit patient while reading through the article. Do not just read the first paragraph and call it a day.

Why Isn’t Amazon Household Working In 2022?

You have reached your household limits, which is limited to six people. Additionally, you must still be an adult to share Prime benefits. Additionally, if you recently left Amazon Household, you cannot join another household for six months.

If you are looking for even more fixes for Amazon Household not working, you can keep reading because I have more ideas to share!

1. Amazon Household Member Limit Reached & You Need to Delete a Member

One of the main reasons why Amazon Household isn’t working is because you have too many things added to your device.

You don’t have any teenagers in your household, and everyone in your household is an adult.

You have to remove a person from your household membership before you can add them to your prime account.

2. You Don’t Have 2 Adults Listed & Need to Add One

To get Amazon Household to work, you need to have two adults listed on the account to share benefits. So, you’ll need to add another adult onto your Household account first as a first step.

3. You’ve Recently Left a Household & Need to Wait

If you have recently left Amazon Household then you may not be able to join another Household for a period of time.

This is because it takes time for the email account to be verified. If you already were a member of Amazon’s Household, leave the Household and rejoin when you have reached the minimum 180-day requirement before you can join another.

4. Need to Enable Payment Sharing

To enable payment sharing with someone on your Household account, go to the Payment Settings page. On the Payment Settings page,
click Add a New Payee. Add the person who will be sharing the
account by providing their account number.

1. Open the website in your browser 2. Select the “My Account” tab at the top of the page 3. Click on “Settings” in the left navigation bar 4. From the payment preferences drop down menu, select “Share my payment information” 5. If you want to use a card that is owned by a different Amazon account, select “My household Amazon Payments account” for the payment option.

5. You Didn’t Setup Share Your Prime Benefits

Amazon Household may not be working because you have set it up incorrectly, or you don’t have it set up to share Prime benefits.

Therefore, it is important to ask yourself in the right questions so that you can set your site to automatically share Prime benefits to subscribers, or that you can opt out of automatic subscription by following the steps below.

Can You Remove Someone From Amazon Household?

Find the contact details of the person you desire to remove and click on the “Remove from Household” button.

Do You Need Amazon Prime to Use Amazon Household?

Amazon House holds all the benefits of the Prime service so if you are a Prime member, then you can invite others to be a member of this service.

And if you’re joining a Household, you are now able to view your other Household’s content as well.

What Does Amazon Household Cost?

Can I sign up for Amazon Household free with a Prime membership?

Yes. If you have an Amazon Prime account then you can sign up for Amazon Household here. When you sign up you should receive a free 30 day trial of Amazon Household.

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Amazon Household might not be working because you’ve reached the maximum of 6 people allowed on one Household account, which includes 2 adults, 2 teens, and 2 children. Your other children won’t be able to access your account if you add them to your Amazon Household account. If you add them as a separate account, you’ll have to create a separate account for your children on Amazon.

Household makes it easy to share your billing information with anyone else in your household, such as a significant other or roommate. This way you can pay bills together and split the cost without worrying about who is going to pay what. You can also choose to share your payment information with other Amazon Household members up to a maximum of three people, so you don’t have to create a separate Household account for everyone in your household. However, you’ll have to pay the monthly fee for everyone on your household, and you’ll have to wait until the end of your current billing cycle to join a new Household account.

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