Who Owns Verizon Media? (Not What You Think)

Verizon media is owned by the largest telecommunications company in the world. It is owned by Time Warner.

Well, I have been researching who owns Verizon Media and have found out a lot of details that you will be interested to know so read on to find out what I have discovered.

Who Owns Verizon Media In 2022?

After the acquisition, Apollo Global Management changed the name of Verizon Media to Oath, and the name Oath changed to “Verizon Media”. Oath’s logo now features a V, a capital M, and a smaller O, which was formerly featured in the logo of Verizon Communications.

To learn more about who owns Verizon Media, continue reading below to get all of the facts and details!

Who Is the CEO Of Verizon Media?

At the time the Verizon Media was acquired by Apollo Global Management, Guru Gowrappan stayed in his role as the CEO and the only one who ran it.

Alike with other technology companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. When I worked at Alibaba, I focused on expanding, and now I am at Verizon.

Gowrappan started his career by taking part in start-ups and graduated from the University of Southern California with an M.S. in computer science.

Is Verizon Media Part of Yahoo?

AOL and Yahoo are still two of the biggest internet companies in the world, they just aren’t Verizon Media anymore.

Google has acquired a majority of the Motorola Mobility, and they’re planning to integrate the smartphone maker’s patent portfolio into Android.

What Is Verizon Media Used For?

* Cablevision’s Optimum TV (formerly known as Tele-Communications, Inc.)
* Cox Communications’ Cablevision Systems Corp. in the United States.
* Liberty Global’s cable services in Europe and Africa.
* UPC Germany.

Verizon Media failed because it was trying to get into the digital advertising world to compete with Facebook and Google, but it failed pretty quickly!

What Companies Does Apollo Global Own?

* Apollo Global Management has acquired and invested in several companies over the years including:

Bertelsmann. Apollo is a subsidiary of Bertelsmann.

Also, Apollo Investment Corporation is a large private equity fund that was founded by David M. Rubenstein, who is a billionaire venture capitalist.

Who Founded Apollo Global Management?

Apollo Global Management invests primarily in companies in healthcare, healthcare technology, and life sciences.

Does AT&T Own Verizon Media?

The Verizon Media app does not include services or products that were provided when the Verizon Wireless or Verizon Communications acquired Yahoo, and Verizon Media is not affiliated with Verizon Wireless or Verizon Communications, or with AT&T.

Does Microsoft Own Yahoo?

Microsoft might be trying to purchase Yahoo and not have to give up all the other good stuff that comes along with acquiring Yahoo.

The question mark at the end is correct.

Does Verizon Have An Interest in Buying Verizon Media?

When the telecom giant, which owns 49 percent of Vox Media, bought the company back in 2014, it was clear that the company was on its way up. It’s interesting to see how things have turned out.

We no longer see any future for Verizon Media taking back over Verizon because now Verizon has been acquired by Apollo Capital Management.

Verizon has moved away from the Internet world and is now focusing on the telecommunications world. It has no interest in returning to the Internet advertising world.

Therefore, we are not sure if they will try to invest more by increasing their stake. However, it is possible.

Whether you are looking for US Cellular coverage or the coverage of another carrier, Verizon might or might not have what you need.


The business unit of Verizon Media that was acquired by Apollo Global Management, was renamed Oath in a deal worth $5 billion which included $4.25 billion in cash. However, Verizon still owns 10% of Oath. However, Guru Gowrappan continues to be the CEO of Oath.

Apollo Global Management renamed companies that it owns to Yahoo. The companies include Yahoo, CareerBuilder, Shutterly, Redbox, and ADT.

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