Does Instacart Deliver Prescriptions? (all You Need To Know)

With drugs stores on almost every corner, getting prescriptions filled is the easiest it has ever been, but when you’re sick, it can be exhausting and inconvenient.

The grocery shopping app for your smartphone has built its reputation on providing convenience for its customers, giving them back hundreds of hours previously spent grocery shopping. But does Instacart deliver prescriptions along with your tea, soup, and Kleenex? Keep reading to find out!

Does Instacart Deliver Prescriptions In 2022?

A few years’ back, the people behind Instacart started delivering prescriptions to its customers. The Instacart service is available in more than 200 cities and in more than 500 cities in the United States. Users can pay a fee to have their prescriptions delivered and they can also get their groceries delivered. In this article, we will discuss the process of how the Instacart app works and what you can expect with this grocery delivery service.

You can expect to receive your prescription on your doorstep within 24 hours.
The charge is $9.99. If you don’t want to get your medication on your doorstep, there will be an additional cost depending on the pharmacy.
For a full list of which pharmacy partners use which courier, check out Instacart’s official pharmacy page.

How Does Instacart Prescription Delivery Work?

Instacart doesn’t allow their customers to directly purchase their prescription drugs through their website.

If you live in a market that has the new Instacart delivery, you will start seeing this option the first week of December. If you live in a market that does not have Instacart, you will see the option on the first week of Instacart’s delivery season.

If you’re not planning to use home delivery, simply fill up the order at the pharmacy. If the pharmacy doesn’t offer prescription pickup, the pharmacy staff should be able to help you find a local pharmacy that does offer it.

1. Go to the pharmacy’s website, which will help you build a personal profile.

If you are using Google Wallet on your phone, you should continue to regularly check your account for any messages that might need to be replied to.

There is one very important thing you should know about Instacart prescription delivery: you must be 18, you must be able to show a valid ID at the time of delivery, and you must be able to sign for the package on delivery.

It also means that when you sign the contract you need to make sure you know what delivery method you are using. I have used several ways of delivery and I like to use a carrier because I can give it a handoff from the driver. For me it means a little bit more money but it is also safer for me and my daughter.

When customers come to our store to get prescriptions from our doctors, we can either fill the prescription or we can send it back to the store with them.

How Much Is Instacart Prescription Delivery?

You can purchase a prescription through Instacart and have it delivered to you. It may be cheaper, but delivery is not as reliable as a traditional route.

Well, the first thing that we need to know is that the brain is very complex.

If you are a member, and if you’ve not logged into your account to start getting deliveries, just sign in and start getting your groceries!

The service will allow customers to shop for their groceries from their Amazon account and have grocery delivery to their homes.

Express Members can order prescription items on their website and have them delivered FREE with a Grocery Add-on.

I’m just going to say yes because I’m not going to answer that question.

If you get your shopping done at the same time as the prescription delivery, you can save a lot of money.

For those of you who may be new to crypto, fees are the small amount of money a miner gets paid by users of the blockchain to confirm transactions. The difference between the total value of the transactions and fees collected will go to the miners.

Your order total includes a service fee of less than a third of a percent. There is a tip for your shopper/driver.

How Fast Is Instacart Prescription Delivery?

With Instacart delivery, you can get your prescription in as fast as one to two hours at a fraction of the cost.

You should be able to schedule a time that fits your schedule, the store’s own hours.

You can also schedule the following day delivery if you know you aren’t going to be home the day before.

Now that we have all the information that we need, we can update our schedule.

What Prescriptions Can’t Instacart Deliver?

So, I can’t deliver every prescription, and I’m not going to be able to do that.

In a report of a different kind, one patient with a rare heart defect died because of a prescription problem.

When you order groceries through Instacart, they scan the barcode of the items in your order and then scan the barcode of the item being delivered.

Another category of drugs that is important, because many of you might have heard about it, is opioids, and some of the opioids include oxycodone and other controlled substances that are in pill form.

Instacart says it chooses not to put its shoppers in potential danger because they fear being sued by someone who was injured while shopping.

Does Instacart Deliver Prescriptions From CVS?

Instacart does not deliver prescriptions, but CVS does, so you can still get your medicine delivered by them.

Does Instacart Pick up Prescriptions From Walgreens?

Instacart does not pick up and deliver prescriptions from Walgreens. Walgreens has its own delivery service, as well as its own service for picking up and delivering prescriptions from Walgreens.

If you are looking to learn more about Instacart in Arizona, you can also read our posts on whether or not Instacart delivers to apartments, Walmart Instacart, and Walgreens Instacart.


Instacart connects with Costco, Rite Aid, and Wegmans to bring your prescription to your house, and you will schedule an appointment with the doctor.

While you can save as much as 75 percent on your prescriptions with Instacart Express, delivery fees are the highest of any of the services offered.

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